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Arista 7280r vs 7050 Switches

Arista 7280r vs 7050 Switches

The Arista 7280R and 7050 series are both popular choices for data center and cloud networking solutions. They belong to the Arista family of switches that are designed to meet high performance and scale requirements. Here's how the two series compare:

Arista 7280R Series:

The 7280R series is designed to be a part of Arista’s Universal Spine and Leaf network switches. These switches have a high-density and multi-layered design, making them suitable for a broad array of environments.

  1. Performance and Scale: The 7280R series switches are generally considered higher-end due to their increased performance capabilities. They come with higher port densities and can support up to 100G Ethernet, making them well suited to larger and more demanding networking environments.

  2. FlexRoute Engine: The 7280R series features Arista's FlexRoute Engine, which provides the wire-speed routing capacity to support full internet routing tables. This makes the 7280R series a preferred choice for internet exchange points and service providers.

  3. VOQ (Virtual Output Queue) technology: The 7280R series also supports VOQ technology, which helps to prevent head-of-line blocking and packet drops.

Arista 7050 Series:

The 7050 series is ideal for top-of-rack or leaf networking in both traditional and fully virtualized data centers.

  1. Performance: The 7050 series is a workhorse switch that offers solid performance and is usually more affordable than the 7280R series. It's typically available in configurations supporting 1/10/40GbE.

  2. Power Efficiency: The 7050 series is known for its power efficiency and robustness, making it a cost-effective choice for many data centers.

  3. LANZ (Latency Analyzer) Capabilities: The 7050 series includes Arista's LANZ capabilities, which can monitor congestion and switch latency in real-time.

Overall, the choice between the Arista 7280R and 7050 series depends on the specific requirements of your networking environment. The 7280R series might be a better fit for larger, more demanding environments, such as internet exchange points or large-scale cloud networks. On the other hand, the 7050 series might be more suitable for smaller data centers or for use as top-of-rack or leaf switches in a variety of environments.

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