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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco CE Series Series
Product Type: Ethernet Card
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Product Description

The 15454-CE-1000-4 Cisco module features four Gigabit Ethernet ports and supports packet-over-SONET/SDH (POS) encapsulation for efficient Ethernet frame mapping into SONET/SDH payloads. It allows for daisy chaining of Ethernet ports and ensures the forwarding of unmodified valid Ethernet frames over the SONET/SDH network, with support for jumbo frames up to 10004 bytes. This module adheres to IEEE 802.3x flow control standards, supporting both symmetric and asymmetric flow control, and offers advanced features like remote monitoring, flexible VCAT group support, and compatibility with Cisco ONS 15454 SONET and SDH ML-Series Cards.

FAQs for the 15454-CE-1000-4

  • How many Gigabit Ethernet ports are available?
    There are 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports available.
  • What technology is used for mapping Ethernet frames into the SONET/SDH payload?
    Packet-over-SONET/SDH (POS) encapsulation is used for mapping Ethernet frames.
  • Is daisy chaining of Ethernet ports supported?
    Yes, daisy chaining of Ethernet ports is supported.
  • What is the maximum size for Jumbo Frames?
    Jumbo Frames can be up to 10004 Bytes.
  • Which flow control standards are supported?
    IEEE 802.3x flow control standards are supported.
  • What types of flow control are available?
    Both symmetric and asymmetric flow control types are available.
  • What protocol layer does the device operate at?
    The device operates at Layer 3 of the protocol stack.
  • What are the default Watermark settings for high and low thresholds?
    The default high threshold is 485, and the low threshold is 25.
  • Does the device support remote monitoring?
    Yes, the device supports remote monitoring.
  • How many POS ports are included?
    There are 4 POS ports included.

Product Review

The CISCO 15454-CE-1000-4 excels in offering four Gigabit Ethernet ports with the capability for daisy chaining, enhancing connectivity flexibility for network expansion. However, its reliance on packet-over-SONET/SDH encapsulation, while beneficial for integrating Ethernet and SONET/SDH networks, might limit throughput compared to more modern protocols. The device supports a wide range of features including flow control, jumbo frames up to 10004 bytes, and customizable buffer watermark settings, ensuring efficient traffic management and reduced latency for diverse network demands.


The CISCO 15454-CE-1000-4 is a networking module designed for integration with Cisco ONS 15454 SONET and Cisco ONS 15454 SDH ML-Series Cards, offering a seamless solution for extending Ethernet services over SONET/SDH networks. This module is equipped with four Gigabit Ethernet ports, facilitating high-speed data transmission and enabling efficient mapping of Ethernet frames into the SONET/SDH payload through packet-over-SONET/SDH (POS) encapsulation. One of the key features of the CISCO 15454-CE-1000-4 is its support for daisy chaining Ethernet ports, allowing for the straightforward expansion of network connectivity. The device ensures the forwarding of unmodified valid Ethernet frames over the SONET/SDH network, ensuring data integrity and reliability. It supports jumbo frames up to 10004 bytes, catering to the needs of networks that require the transmission of large data packets without fragmentation. Flow control is managed via IEEE 802.3x standards, with both symmetric and asymmetric types supported, ensuring smooth data transmission by preventing packet loss and network congestion. The protocol type supported is Layer 3, allowing for intelligent routing of data packets across the network. Buffer management is a critical aspect of the CISCO 15454-CE-1000-4, with watermark (buffer size) settings available in default, low latency, and custom configurations. These settings help in optimizing the performance of the network by managing the threshold levels for high and low watermarks, which are set at 485 and 25 units respectively for the default configuration, and at 10 and 5 units for the low latency configuration. The module also offers robust remote monitoring support, ensuring network administrators can efficiently manage and troubleshoot the network. It includes four POS ports, adhering to ITU-T G.707 and Telcordia GR-253 standards, which further enhances its capability in delivering high-quality Ethernet over SONET/SDH services. Additional features of the CISCO 15454-CE-1000-4 include: - Support for flexible Virtual Concatenation Groups (VCAT) and fixed Virtual Concatenation Groups (VCGs), enabling optimized bandwidth utilization. - Fiber routing options for VCAT include common fiber and split fiber, with a maximum tolerable VCAT split fiber routing differential delay of 120 ms (Approx), ensuring high tolerance for network delays. - Comprehensive split fiber routing protection types, including path protection, Two-Fiber Bidirectional Line Switched Ring (BLSR), Four-Fiber BLSR, and Linear Switching (1+1), guaranteeing network resilience and reliability. - The module supports a maximum frame size in CTC of 1548 bytes, accommodating the needs of networks that handle large amounts of data. Loopback capabilities, both terminal and facility types, are integrated into the device, facilitating easy diagnostics and network troubleshooting. The CISCO 15454-CE-1000-4 is an advanced solution for networks requiring reliable, high-speed Ethernet connectivity over SONET/SDH infrastructures, offering scalability, efficient data management, and robust protection features to meet the demands of modern networking environments.


Part NumberCISCO 15454-CE-1000-4
ManufacturerCisco Systems, Inc.
Gigabit Ethernet Port Count4
Encapsulation MethodPacket-over-SONET/SDH (POS)
Capability for Ethernet Port LinkingSupported
Ethernet Frame Transmission Over SONET/SDHUnaltered
Max Ethernet Frame Size10004 Bytes
Flow Management ProtocolsIEEE 802.3x
Flow Control MechanismBoth Symmetric and Asymmetric
Networking Layer3
Buffer Configuration OptionsDefault, Low Latency, User Defined
High Threshold for Default Buffer485
Low Threshold for Default Buffer25
High Threshold for Low Latency Buffer10
Low Threshold for Low Latency Buffer5
Flow Control Threshold Range1 to 511
Remote ManagementSupported
POS Port Quantity4
Compliance StandardsITU-T G.707, Telcordia GR-253
CompatibilityCisco ONS 15454 SONET/SDH ML-Series Cards
Virtual Concatenation Groups AdaptabilitySupported
Predefined VCG SupportYes
VCAT Fiber ConfigurationShared and Dedicated Fiber Options
Loopback OptionsTerminal, Facility
VCAT Fiber Route Latency LimitUp to 120 ms
Fiber Route Redundancy MethodsPath, Two-Fiber BLSR, Four-Fiber BLSR, 1+1 Linear
CTC Frame Size Capacity1548 Bytes

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