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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ONS 15454 Series
Product Type: Data Muxponder
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Product Description

The 15454-MR-L1-46.1 is a multi-rate CISCO product supporting 4 channels, designed for networking applications. It offers a transmission speed of 2.5 Gbps to accommodate high-bandwidth requirements. This unit operates over a wavelength range from 1546.12 to 1548.51 nm, ensuring versatile network compatibility.

FAQs for the 15454-MR-L1-46.1

  • What is the speed of the multi-rate networking hardware?
    The networking hardware operates at a speed of 2.5 Gbps.
  • How many channels does part number XXXX support?
    Part number XXXX supports 4 channels.
  • What wavelength range does the hardware operate within?
    The hardware operates within a wavelength range of 1546.12 to 1548.51 nm.
  • Can the part number XXXX handle multiple data rates?
    Yes, part number XXXX is designed to handle multiple data rates effectively.
  • Is this hardware suitable for high-speed data transmission?
    Yes, with a speed of 2.5 Gbps, this hardware is suitable for high-speed data transmission.
  • What is the maximum number of channels part number XXXX can support?
    Part number XXXX can support a maximum of 4 channels.
  • Does the networking hardware operate efficiently across its entire wavelength range?
    Yes, it operates efficiently across its entire wavelength range of 1546.12 to 1548.51 nm.
  • What is the primary use case for part number XXXX?
    Part number XXXX is primarily used in applications requiring high-speed data transmission across multiple channels.
  • How does the 2.5 Gbps speed benefit data transmission?
    The 2.5 Gbps speed enhances data transmission by allowing for faster data flow and reduced transmission times.
  • Can part number XXXX be integrated into existing networks?
    Yes, part number XXXX can be integrated into existing networks, supporting a seamless upgrade to higher speeds and more channels.

Product Review

The CISCO 15454-MR-L1-46.1 offers four channels with a multi-rate interface capable of reaching speeds up to 2.5 Gbps, catering to high-bandwidth needs. Its operational wavelength range between 1546.12 to 1548.51 nm supports efficient data transmission over optical networks. However, the limitation to four channels may restrict scalability in environments requiring higher density connectivity.


The CISCO 15454-MR-L1-46.1 is a multi-rate, four-channel networking module designed to enhance the performance and scalability of optical networks. This module is part of Cisco's ONS 15454 series, a family known for its reliability in delivering high-speed data transmission. It operates at a speed of 2.5 Gbps, providing a solid foundation for high-bandwidth applications and services. The device is engineered to support a wavelength range from 1546.12 to 1548.51 nm, making it versatile for different optical networking requirements. One of the key features of the CISCO 15454-MR-L1-46.1 is its ability to accommodate multiple rates and formats, enabling the transmission of various types of data over optical fibers. This flexibility ensures that the module can be used in a wide array of network architectures, from simple point-to-point links to more complex wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) networks. The multi-rate capability also means that this module can easily adapt to evolving network demands without requiring a complete overhaul of the existing infrastructure. The device's four-channel configuration further enhances its utility in dense network environments. By offering four distinct data transmission paths, the CISCO 15454-MR-L1-46.1 can effectively quadruple the data capacity of a single fiber, significantly increasing the overall efficiency of the network. This feature is particularly beneficial for service providers and enterprises that need to maximize their data throughput without incurring the high costs associated with laying additional fiber optic cables. In terms of compatibility, the CISCO 15454-MR-L1-46.1 is designed to seamlessly integrate with other components of the ONS 15454 series, ensuring a smooth and efficient setup process. This interoperability simplifies network expansion and upgrades, as new modules can be added to existing configurations without compatibility issues. Key hardware specifications include: -
  • Rate: Multi-Rate, supporting a variety of data transmission speeds.
  • Number of Channels: 4, offering increased data capacity and network efficiency.
  • Speed: 2.5 Gbps, ensuring high-speed data transfer for demanding applications.
  • Wavelength: Ranges from 1546.12 to 1548.51 nm, providing flexibility in optical network design.
The CISCO 15454-MR-L1-46.1 is built with durability in mind, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of continuous operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. This resilience translates to reduced maintenance requirements and lower operational costs over the life of the device. In summary, the CISCO 15454-MR-L1-46.1 module is a high-performance, versatile solution for expanding the capabilities of optical networks. Its multi-rate functionality, four-channel design, and broad wavelength support make it an ideal choice for service providers and enterprises looking to enhance their data transmission capabilities. When integrated into the ONS 15454 series, this module contributes to a powerful, scalable, and efficient optical networking solution that can meet the demands of today's data-driven world.


Model Number CISCO 15454-MR-L1-46.1
Channel Quantity 4
Data Rate 2.5 Gbps
Optical Spectrum Range 1546.12 nm - 1548.51 nm

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