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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ONS 15454 Series
Product Type: Data Muxponder
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Product Description

The 15454-MR-L1-50.1 is a Cisco optical transceiver designed to support multi-rate data transmission across four channels. It operates at a speed of 2.5 Gbps, suitable for high-capacity networking needs. This model features a wavelength range from 1550.12 to 1552.52 nm, ensuring compatibility with a broad spectrum of optical networking equipment.

FAQs for the 15454-MR-L1-50.1

  • What is the speed of the 2.5 Gbps networking hardware?
    The networking hardware operates at a speed of 2.5 Gbps.
  • How many channels does the device with part number 4 support?
    The device supports 4 channels.
  • Can the networking hardware operate on multiple wavelengths?
    Yes, it can operate on wavelengths ranging from 1550.12 to 1552.52 nm.
  • What is the wavelength range for part number 4?
    The wavelength range is 1550.12 to 1552.52 nm.
  • Is the device with 2.5 Gbps speed multi-rate?
    Yes, the device supports multi-rate functionality.
  • What are the features of the part number 4 networking hardware?
    The hardware features include a 2.5 Gbps speed, multi-rate support, 4 channels, and a wavelength range of 1550.12 to 1552.52 nm.
  • What is the maximum data transfer speed of the networking hardware?
    The maximum data transfer speed is 2.5 Gbps.
  • How does the wavelength flexibility of part number 4 benefit users?
    The wavelength flexibility allows for better signal integrity and compatibility with various fiber optic communication systems.
  • Can the networking hardware support high-bandwidth applications?
    Yes, with a speed of 2.5 Gbps and multi-rate capability, it can support high-bandwidth applications.
  • What makes part number 4 suitable for modern networking needs?
    Its support for 4 channels, operating speeds of 2.5 Gbps, multi-rate capability, and a broad wavelength range make it highly suitable for modern networking needs.

Product Review

The CISCO 15454-MR-L1-50.1 module offers a multi-rate interface that supports up to 2.5 Gbps speed across four channels, providing flexibility in bandwidth management. With a wavelength range of 1550.12 to 1552.52 nm, it ensures compatibility with various optical networking standards. However, the limited number of channels might restrict scalability in larger, more demanding network environments.


The CISCO 15454-MR-L1-50.1 is a versatile, multi-rate optical transceiver designed to meet the demands of high-capacity networks. This module is part of Cisco's ONS 15454 series, a family known for its reliability and performance in optical networking. The 15454-MR-L1-50.1 is engineered to deliver enhanced networking capabilities, making it an ideal solution for network operators looking to expand or upgrade their infrastructure. This transceiver supports four channels, offering flexibility in network design and deployment. It is capable of handling data rates up to 2.5 Gbps, ensuring efficient data transmission across various distances. This makes the module suitable for a wide range of applications, from metropolitan area networks (MANs) to within data centers, where high-speed data transfer is critical. The 15454-MR-L1-50.1 operates over a wavelength range from 1550.12 nm to 1552.52 nm. This wavelength range is in the C-band, which is the most commonly used band for long-distance fiber optic communication due to its low attenuation and dispersion characteristics. This allows for the transmission of data over longer distances without significant loss of signal quality, making it an excellent choice for extending the reach of a network.
  • Rate: Multi-Rate, supporting data speeds up to 2.5 Gbps.
  • Channels: 4, providing flexibility in network configuration and deployment.
  • Wavelength: Operates within the 1550.12 to 1552.52 nm range, optimizing long-distance transmission.
The module's design prioritizes ease of installation and compatibility. It is built to seamlessly integrate into existing Cisco ONS 15454 setups, allowing for straightforward network expansions or enhancements without the need for extensive reconfiguration. This plug-and-play capability reduces downtime and ensures that network upgrades can be implemented swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, the 15454-MR-L1-50.1 is designed with durability in mind. It operates reliably across a broad range of temperatures, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging environmental conditions. This resilience makes it suitable for deployment in a variety of settings, from controlled data center environments to outdoor installations that require robust networking equipment. In summary, the CISCO 15454-MR-L1-50.1 is a high-performance, multi-rate optical transceiver that offers network operators the flexibility, speed, and reliability needed to support modern data transmissions. Its support for four channels at speeds up to 2.5 Gbps, combined with its operation in the efficient 1550.12 to 1552.52 nm wavelength range, make it a powerful tool for expanding network capacity and reach. With its easy integration into existing networks and durable design, the 15454-MR-L1-50.1 stands out as a valuable component for anyone looking to enhance their optical networking capabilities.


Item Code CISCO 15454-MR-L1-50.1
Bandwidth Variability Multi-Rate Compatibility
Channel Capacity Four
Transmission Speed 2.5 Gigabits per second
Operational Wavelength Range 1550.12 nm to 1552.52 nm

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