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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ONS 15454 Series
Product Type: LC Patch Panel
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Product Description

The 15454-PP-80-LC features 80 ports in a 2 RU form factor, designed for high-density fiber connectivity. It includes 40 duplex LC adapters and pre-assembled 8 MPO to 8 LC 2.3-meter cable assemblies, ensuring quick and efficient installation. This product is equipped with both ANSI and ETSI mounting brackets, making it fully compatible with the Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform.

FAQs for the 15454-PP-80-LC

  • What is the total number of ports available on this device?
    This device has 80 ports.
  • Can you specify the form factor of the part?
    The form factor is 2 RU.
  • What type of material is used in the construction of this networking hardware?
    The device is made of fiber material.
  • What types of connectors does this device support?
    It supports LC to LC connectors.
  • How many adapters are included, and what type are they?
    There are 40 adapters included, and they are Duplex LC type.
  • Describe the cable assemblies that come pre-assembled with this device.
    The device includes 8 MPO to 8 LC 2.3-meter cable assemblies pre-assembled.
  • What mounting brackets are provided with this device?
    It comes with both ANSI and ETSI mounting brackets.
  • Is this device compatible with any specific platforms?
    Yes, it is compatible with the Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform.
  • How many adapters can be accommodated by this device?
    This device can accommodate 40 adapters.
  • What is the length of the pre-assembled cable assemblies?
    The pre-assembled cable assemblies are 2.3 meters in length.

Product Review

The CISCO 15454-PP-80-LC offers 80 ports in a 2 RU form factor, providing a high-density solution for networks requiring extensive fiber connections. Its pre-assembled 8 MPO to 8 LC 2.3-meter cable assemblies and inclusion of both ANSI and ETSI mounting brackets facilitate straightforward installation and compatibility with Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platforms. However, the reliance on LC to LC connectors and duplex LC adapters might limit flexibility for networks needing varied connector types.


The CISCO 15454-PP-80-LC is a high-density patch panel designed to streamline optical fiber management and connectivity within networking infrastructures, specifically tailored for integration with the Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform. This device is engineered to accommodate the needs of complex networking environments, offering a blend of efficiency in space utilization and scalability in optical network deployments. Constructed with fiber material, the CISCO 15454-PP-80-LC exhibits a form factor of 2 RU (Rack Unit), making it compact yet capable of supporting extensive network configurations. Its design is focused on optimizing rack space, a critical factor in data centers where space is at a premium. This patch panel is equipped with 80 ports, facilitating substantial connectivity options for various optical network terminations and extensions. The connectivity framework of this device is based on LC to LC connectors, utilizing duplex LC adapter types. This choice of connectors and adapters underscores the device's commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable connections essential for maintaining the integrity of optical signals across the network. The inclusion of 40 duplex LC adapters further enhances its capacity to handle multiple optical fiber connections efficiently. An integral component of the CISCO 15454-PP-80-LC's design is its cable management system, which comes pre-assembled with 8 MPO to 8 LC 2.3-meter cable assemblies. This pre-assembly aspect simplifies the installation process, reducing the time and effort required for setting up complex network architectures. By streamlining the connection process, these cable assemblies contribute to a more organized and efficient networking environment.
  • Compatible with Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform, ensuring seamless integration into existing network infrastructures.
  • Includes ANSI and ETSI mounting brackets, offering versatility in installation across different standards and ensuring a secure fit within network racks.
  • Features 80 ports and 40 duplex LC adapters, providing ample connectivity options for diverse networking requirements.
The CISCO 15454-PP-80-LC's compatibility with the Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform highlights its role in supporting high-capacity optical networks. This compatibility ensures that users can leverage the full capabilities of their Cisco networking equipment, creating a cohesive and efficient optical network that meets the demands of modern data transmission. Moreover, the inclusion of both ANSI and ETSI mounting brackets with the device offers a flexible installation process, accommodating various rack standards and facilitating the device's integration into different network environments. This versatility is critical for organizations operating on an international scale or those that have diverse equipment standards within their networking infrastructure. In summary, the CISCO 15454-PP-80-LC stands out as a critical component in the construction of high-capacity, efficient optical networks. Its design and features cater to the demands of modern networking, providing a solution that enhances connectivity, facilitates easy installation, and ensures compatibility with leading networking platforms. Whether for expanding network capacity or streamlining optical fiber management, this patch panel is engineered to meet the rigorous requirements of today's data communication networks.


Model and Maker CISCO 15454-PP-80-LC
Port Quantity 80
Size 2 Rack Units
Construction Material Optical Fiber
Connection Type LC to LC
Adapter Configuration Duplex LC
Adapter Count 40
Pre-Configured Cable Sets 8 MPO to 8 LC, Length: 2.3 meters
Included Accessories Mounting Brackets for ANSI and ETSI Standards
System Compatibility Works with Cisco ONS 15454 Multiservice Transport Platform

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