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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Mesh Patch Panel
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Product Description

The Cisco 15454-PP-MESH-8 is designed for use in multidegree ROADM nodes, supporting up to 8 40-WXC-C units within a 2 RU form factor. It facilitates broadcast functionalities and wavelength replication, allowing for efficient routing through the ROADM node in all directions. This product includes 1 LC and 1 MPO adapter in each direction and is equipped with both ANSI and ETSI mounting brackets for versatile installation options.

FAQs for the 15454-PP-MESH-8

  • What is the form factor of the 40-WXC-C unit used in ROADM nodes?
    The form factor is 2 RU.
  • Can the 40-WXC-C be applied in setups requiring multiple directions?
    Yes, it's designed for use in multidegree ROADM nodes, supporting up to 8 directions.
  • What types of adapter does the device come with?
    It includes 1 LC and 1 MPO adapter in each direction.
  • How many 40-WXC-C units can be used in a single ROADM node?
    Up to 8 units can be utilized in a single ROADM node.
  • What application is the 40-WXC-C unit designed for?
    It's designed for broadcast functionalities and replication of wavelengths to be routed through the ROADM node to all directions.
  • Does the 40-WXC-C support different mounting standards?
    Yes, it comes with both ANSI and ETSI mounting brackets.
  • What is the degree of flexibility offered by the 40-WXC-C in networking environments?
    It offers a degree 8 flexibility, allowing for extensive network configurations.
  • Are there any specific adapter types that the 40-WXC-C is compatible with?
    The device is compatible with LC and MPO adapter types.
  • What is the maximum number of adapters supported by the 40-WXC-C in each direction?
    It supports 1 LC and 1 MPO adapter in each direction.
  • What mounting options are available for the 40-WXC-C unit?
    It offers both ANSI and ETSI mounting options.

Product Review

The CISCO 15454-PP-MESH-8 supports broadcast functionalities and wavelength replication across ROADM nodes efficiently, catering to networks requiring multidirectional routing capabilities. Its compatibility with both LC and MPO adapters, along with the inclusion of ANSI and ETSI mounting brackets, provides flexibility in deployment across various network infrastructures. However, the 2 RU form factor may limit its application in environments with space constraints, particularly when integrating multiple units within a single node.


The CISCO 15454-PP-MESH-8 is a critical component designed for use in multidirectional Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (ROADM) nodes. This hardware is specifically engineered to support up to 8 40-WXC-C units, enabling efficient broadcast functionalities and replication of wavelengths. Its main application lies in facilitating the routing of wavelengths through the ROADM node to all directions, ensuring seamless data transmission across the network. With a form factor of 2 Rack Units (RU), the CISCO 15454-PP-MESH-8 is compact yet powerful, making it an ideal solution for networking environments where space efficiency and high performance are paramount. This device is built to support Degree 8 configurations, offering flexibility and scalability in network design. It allows for the expansion of network capabilities without the need for extensive hardware overhauls, providing a cost-effective solution for growing networks. The CISCO 15454-PP-MESH-8 is equipped with a variety of adapter types to accommodate different network requirements. It includes 1 LC and 1 MPO adapter in each direction, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of optical fiber types. This versatility facilitates easy integration into existing network infrastructures, reducing the need for additional adapters or converters. - Comes with ANSI and ETSI mounting brackets, providing options for installation in different rack standards and ensuring secure mounting in various environments. - Features Degree 8 configuration, offering extensive flexibility in network design and the ability to handle complex routing schemes. - Supports up to 8 40-WXC-C units, enabling efficient wavelength replication and broadcasting across the network. The inclusion of ANSI and ETSI mounting brackets with the CISCO 15454-PP-MESH-8 signifies its adaptability to both American National Standards Institute and European Telecommunications Standards Institute standards. This ensures that the device can be easily installed in a variety of rack environments, further emphasizing its versatility and ease of deployment. In summary, the CISCO 15454-PP-MESH-8 stands out as a sophisticated solution for multidirectional ROADM nodes. Its capability to support up to 8 40-WXC-C units, combined with its compact 2 RU form factor and Degree 8 configuration, makes it a pivotal component in modern optical networks. The inclusion of both LC and MPO adapters in each direction enhances its compatibility with a broad range of optical fibers, simplifying network upgrades and expansions. Furthermore, the provision of ANSI and ETSI mounting brackets underscores its flexibility in installation, making it a comprehensive solution for enhancing network efficiency and reliability.


Item Number CISCO 15454-PP-MESH-8
Manufacturer CISCO
Mesh Degree 8
Size 2 Rack Units
Usage Context Compatible with up to 8 40-WXC-C units in Multidegree ROADM Nodes
Function Enables signal broadcasting and wavelength duplication for ROUTE through the ROADM in every direction
Connector Types LC and MPO
Connector Count One LC and one MPO per direction
Included Accessories Comes with brackets for both ANSI and ETSI mounting

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