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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Shelf Assembly
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Product Description

The 15454-SA-HD-DDR is designed with a CC-FTA version fan-tray assembly, ensuring optimal thermal management for high-density configurations. This system supports enhanced cooling capabilities, crucial for maintaining system performance and reliability. Its architecture is specifically engineered to accommodate the increased thermal demands of advanced networking hardware.

FAQs for the 15454-SA-HD-DDR

  • What is the purpose of the CC-FTA fan-tray assembly in networking hardware?
    The CC-FTA fan-tray assembly is designed to provide dedicated cooling to networking hardware, ensuring it operates within optimal temperature ranges to maintain performance and reliability.
  • How do I install the fan-tray assembly into my network device?
    To install the fan-tray assembly, first power down your device and disconnect it from any power source. Locate the fan tray slot, slide the CC-FTA version into place until it clicks, and then reconnect the power to your device.
  • Can the fan-tray assembly be used with any network device?
    The CC-FTA is compatible with specific models and series of networking devices. Check your device's documentation or contact support to confirm compatibility before purchasing or attempting installation.
  • What are the maintenance requirements for the CC-FTA?
    Regular maintenance includes checking for and removing any accumulated dust or debris in the fan tray and ensuring the fan operates smoothly. It's recommended to perform this maintenance annually or more frequently in environments with high dust levels.
  • How does the CC-FTA fan-tray assembly impact system performance?
    By maintaining optimal operating temperatures, the fan-tray assembly helps prevent thermal throttling, ensuring that the networking hardware can operate at peak efficiency and performance levels.
  • Is there a warranty for the CC-FTA fan-tray assembly?
    Yes, the CC-FTA comes with a manufacturer's warranty. The terms and duration of the warranty can vary, so it's important to review the warranty documentation provided with your purchase or contact the manufacturer for specific details.
  • Can I install multiple CC-FTA units in a single device for improved cooling?
    Installation of multiple fan-tray assemblies depends on the design and specifications of the networking device. Refer to your device's manual or technical support to determine if it supports multiple fan trays and how their addition might enhance cooling.
  • What should I do if the CC-FTA fan-tray assembly fails?
    If the fan-tray assembly fails, first verify the issue by checking for any error indicators and ensure it's properly connected. If the problem persists, contact technical support for troubleshooting or to discuss replacement options under warranty.
  • How does the CC-FTA handle dust and particulate matter?
    The CC-FTA is designed with filters to minimize the ingress of dust and particulate matter. However, these filters need regular cleaning to maintain effective cooling performance.
  • Is there any special procedure to follow when replacing an old fan tray with the CC-FTA?
    When replacing an old fan tray, power down the device and remove the existing fan tray. Before installing the CC-FTA, check for and clean any dust or debris in the fan tray slot to ensure a clean environment for the new fan tray. Follow the installation steps provided with the CC-FTA for a successful replacement.

Product Review

The CISCO 15454-SA-HD-DDR provides high-density service aggregation, optimizing space and power efficiency in network operations. However, its initial setup complexity and cost may pose challenges for smaller network deployments. The inclusion of the CC-FTA version Fan-tray Assembly ensures improved thermal management, enhancing system reliability and performance longevity.


The CISCO 15454-SA-HD-DDR is a high-density, rack-mountable shelf assembly designed to support optical networking infrastructure. It forms part of Cisco's Optical Networking Series, providing a scalable and reliable platform for high-speed data transmission and networking services. This shelf assembly is engineered to accommodate a wide range of network demands, making it an ideal solution for service providers and large enterprise networks. At the heart of the CISCO 15454-SA-HD-DDR's design is its compatibility with the CC-FTA version fan-tray assembly. This feature ensures optimal cooling and reliable operation of the network components housed within, even under high load conditions. The fan tray is easily accessible and replaceable, minimizing downtime and maintenance efforts. The hardware specifications of the CISCO 15454-SA-HD-DDR include: -
  • High-density design that supports up to 12 service slots in a 2-rack unit (2RU) form factor, maximizing rack space efficiency and allowing for a compact network footprint.
  • Integrated cable management features that facilitate organized cable routing, ensuring easy access and maintenance while reducing potential for disruption or damage to connections.
  • Enhanced environmental monitoring capabilities, providing real-time insights into system performance, temperature levels, and power supply status, enabling proactive maintenance and troubleshooting.
This shelf assembly is engineered for flexibility, supporting a broad array of Cisco’s optical networking modules. This includes transponder and muxponder cards, amplifiers, and cross-connect modules, allowing for customization according to specific network requirements. Its modular design ensures that networks can scale as demand grows, without necessitating complete system overhauls. Powering the CISCO 15454-SA-HD-DDR is a dual integrated power supply unit, which enhances system reliability through redundancy. This ensures uninterrupted operation, even if one power supply fails, by automatically switching to the backup unit. The power supplies are hot-swappable, reducing maintenance complexity and avoiding network downtime. The durability of the CISCO 15454-SA-HD-DDR is evident in its construction, which is designed to meet rigorous industry standards for shock and vibration resistance. This durability ensures sustained performance and longevity of the system, even in challenging physical environments. Moreover, the unit is designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring power-saving modes that reduce operational costs and contribute to a lower environmental footprint. In summary, the CISCO 15454-SA-HD-DDR shelf assembly is a versatile and efficient solution for modern optical networking needs. Its high-density service slots, integrated cable management, and environmental monitoring capabilities make it a smart choice for service providers aiming to optimize their network operations. Coupled with the reliability provided by the CC-FTA version fan-tray assembly and dual power supply units, this hardware offers a blend of performance, scalability, and resilience that meets the demands of today’s high-speed networking environments.


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15454-SA-HD-DDR Cisco High-Density Service Assembly with Double-Width Door and CC-FTA Fan Module

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