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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ONS 15454 Series
Product Type: Pluggable Port Module
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Product Description

The 15454E-SFP-L.16.1 is a Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver designed for use in specific Cisco platforms, including the MXP_2.5G_10G, MXP_2.5G_10E, TXP_MR_2.5G, and TXPP_MR_2.5G cards. It operates at a wavelength of 1310 nm on 9 micron SMF with a maximum cable distance of 15 km (9.3 miles), and supports interfaces such as STM-16 and DV6000 (C-Cor). The transceiver features RX and TX power alarm thresholds set at -21 to 3 dBm and -8 to 3 dBm respectively, with TCA ranges of -18 to 0 dBm for RX power and -11 to 6 dBm for TX power.

FAQs for the 15454E-SFP-L.16.1

  • What is the port type of the networking hardware?
    The port type is SFP.
  • What are the RX Power alarm thresholds for part number MXP_2.5G_10G?
    Low Alarm RX Power is -21 and High Alarm RX Power is 3.
  • What TX Power alarm levels are set for the device?
    Low Alarm TX Power is -8 and High Alarm TX Power is 3.
  • Which Cisco cards is the part number compatible with?
    It is compatible with Cisco MXP_2.5G_10G, MXP_2.5G_10E, TXP_MR_2.5G, and TXPP_MR_2.5G cards.
  • What are the TCA RX Power values?
    Low TCA RX Power is -18 and High TCA RX Power is 0.
  • What wavelength does the part operate at?
    The operating wavelength is 1310 nm.
  • What are the specified TCA TX Power ranges?
    Low TCA TX Power is -11 and High TCA TX Power is 6.
  • What type of fiber is required for this SFP?
    9 micron Single Mode Fiber (SMF) is required.
  • What is the maximum cable distance supported by this hardware?
    The maximum cable distance is 15 km (9.3 miles).
  • Which interfaces does the device support?
    It supports STM-16 and DV6000 (C-Cor) interfaces.

Product Review

The CISCO 15454E-SFP-L.16.1 offers compatibility with a range of Cisco MXP and TXP cards, supporting diverse network setups. However, its RX and TX power alarm thresholds might limit performance in varying optical power conditions, potentially requiring more frequent adjustments or monitoring. Its support for a 15 km cable distance on a 9 micron SMF with a 1310 nm wavelength makes it suitable for medium-range applications, although the specific interface support restricts it to certain network environments.


The CISCO 15454E-SFP-L.16.1 is a specialized Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) module designed to deliver high-performance networking solutions. Engineered for compatibility with a range of Cisco cards including MXP_2.5G_10G, MXP_2.5G_10E, TXP_MR_2.5G, and TXPP_MR_2.5G, this module is a versatile component for enhancing network capabilities. It operates on a 1310 nm wavelength and is optimized for 9 micron Single-Mode Fiber (SMF), ensuring a reliable connection over distances up to 15 km (approximately 9.3 miles). The module is designed with precise optical power specifications to maintain optimal performance and reliability. The low and high alarm thresholds for receive (RX) power are set at -21 dBm and 3 dBm, respectively, with a low and high Transmit (TX) power alarm thresholds at -8 dBm and 3 dBm. These thresholds are critical for network monitoring and management, ensuring that the system operates within safe parameters. Additionally, the module features Temperature Conditioned Alarm (TCA) thresholds for both RX and TX power, with low TCA RX power at -18 dBm, high TCA RX power at 0 dBm, low TCA TX power at -11 dBm, and high TCA TX power at 6 dBm. These settings help in preemptively identifying potential issues, thus mitigating risks of network downtime.
  • Port Type: SFP, facilitating easy integration into compatible systems.
  • Wavelength: Operates at 1310 nm, suitable for a wide range of networking applications.
  • Fiber Type: Designed for 9 micron Single-Mode Fiber (SMF), ensuring long-distance transmission up to 15 km.
The interface compatibility of the CISCO 15454E-SFP-L.16.1 extends to STM-16 and DV6000 (C-Cor), offering a broad range of deployment scenarios. This level of compatibility ensures that network architects have the flexibility to design systems that meet specific operational requirements without being constrained by hardware limitations. In terms of applications, this SFP module is tailored for networks that demand high-capacity data transmission and reliable connectivity. Whether for enterprise networking, data center interconnects, or carrier transport, the CISCO 15454E-SFP-L.16.1 provides a solid foundation for building and expanding high-performance networks. In summary, the CISCO 15454E-SFP-L.16.1 combines precise optical performance with broad compatibility and long-distance connectivity, making it a valuable component for networking systems that require reliability and high performance. Its design and specifications ensure that it can meet the demands of various applications, from complex enterprise environments to carrier-grade networks.


Item Number CISCO 15454E-SFP-L.16.1
Manufacturer CISCO
Connector Type SFP
Minimum Receive Power Alarm Threshold -21 dBm
Maximum Receive Power Alarm Threshold 3 dBm
Minimum Transmit Power Alarm Threshold -8 dBm
Maximum Transmit Power Alarm Threshold 3 dBm
Minimum Receive Power TCA Threshold -18 dBm
Maximum Receive Power TCA Threshold 0 dBm
Minimum Transmit Power TCA Threshold -11 dBm
Maximum Transmit Power TCA Threshold 6 dBm
Compatibility Cisco MXP_2.5G_10G, MXP_2.5G_10E, TXP_MR_2.5G, TXPP_MR_2.5G cards
Operational Wavelength 1310 nm
Fiber Specification 9 micron Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)
Maximum Cable Length 15 kilometers (9.3 miles)
Supported Interfaces STM-16, DV6000 (C-Cor)

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