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by Extreme
Product Line: Extreme x590 Series
Product Type: X590 -24x-1q-2c Base System
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Product Description

The 16790 Extreme features a versatile array of connectivity options including 24 x 1Gb/10Gb SFP+ ports, 1 x 10Gb/40Gb QSFP+ port, and 2 x 10Gb/25Gb/40Gb/50Gb/100Gb QSFP28 ports, along with a 1 x Serial console port RJ-45 and a 1 x 10/100/1000BASE-T out-of-band management port. It is equipped with a Micro-USB Type A storage port, modular 770W AC or 1100W DC power supplies (supporting up to two units), and maintains system reliability with four fan modules offering Front-Back and Back-Front airflow options. Designed for high performance, the unit achieves an 880Gbps Switching Capacity and a 714Mpps Forwarding Rate, housed within dimensions of 17.4in W / 19.2in D / 1.7in H.

FAQs for the 16790

  • What types of ports are available on this networking device?
    This device includes 24 x 1Gb/10Gb SFP+ ports, 1 x 10Gb/40Gb QSFP+ port, 2 x 10Gb/25Gb/40Gb/50Gb/100Gb QSFP28 ports, 1 x Serial console port RJ-45, and 1 x 10/100/1000BASE-T out-of-band management port.
  • How is data stored on the device?
    Data storage is facilitated through a Micro-USB Type A storage port.
  • What power supply options does the device support?
    The device supports modular 770W AC power supply and modular 1100W DC power supply, with the capability to accommodate up to two power supply units (PSUs).
  • Can you explain the airflow options available for this device?
    The device offers Front-Back and Back-Front airflow options, designed to adapt to different rack configurations and cooling strategies.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the device?
    The dimensions are 17.4 inches in width, 19.2 inches in depth, and 1.7 inches in height (44.1cm x 48.8cm x 4.3cm).
  • What performance metrics are associated with this device?
    It boasts a switching capacity of 880Gbps and a forwarding rate of 714Mpps.
  • What are the operating conditions for this device?
    Operating conditions include a temperature range of 0ºC - 45ºC, 10% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing), altitude up to 3000 meters, shock resistance (half sine) of 98 m/s2 (10 G) for 11ms across 9 shocks, and random vibration tolerance of 3 to 500 Hz at 1.5 G rms.
  • How should this device be stored?
    For storage, the temperature range is -40° C to 70° C, humidity at 10% to 95% (non-condensing), shock (packaged half sine) at 180 m/s2 (18 G) for 6 ms, 600 shocks, with specific packaged vibration and drop height requirements outlined for optimal preservation.
  • What fan module options are available?
    The device includes 4 fan modules, with options for Front-Back and Back-Front airflow to ensure efficient cooling under various operational conditions.
  • What are the packaging and storage guidelines for this device?
    Packaging and storage guidelines specify a temperature range of -40° C to 70° C, humidity of 10% to 95% (non-condensing), with detailed shock and vibration criteria including a packaged drop height of 14 drops minimum on sides and corners at 42 inches for boxes under 15 kg.

Product Review

The Extreme 16790 offers a diverse range of port configurations, including 24 x 1Gb/10Gb SFP+ ports and multiple QSFP+ and QSFP28 ports, catering to varied networking needs and future-proofing investments. However, its operational temperature range and altitude limitations may restrict deployment in environments with extreme conditions or high altitudes. Additionally, the switch's dual modular power supply options and airflow design enhance its reliability and adaptability in different rack setups, despite the potential for increased complexity in management and maintenance.


The Extreme 16790 is a high-capacity, versatile networking switch designed to meet the demands of data centers and high-performance computing environments. This device is equipped with a comprehensive selection of ports and connectivity options, including 24 x 1Gb/10Gb SFP+ ports, 1 x 10Gb/40Gb QSFP+ port, and 2 x 10Gb/25Gb/40Gb/50Gb/100Gb QSFP28 ports, offering flexible uplink and downlink paths that can accommodate a wide range of network architectures and bandwidth requirements. In addition to its network connectivity capabilities, the Extreme 16790 features a serial console port RJ-45 for local management, a 10/100/1000BASE-T out-of-band management port for remote management, and a Micro-USB Type A storage port for firmware updates and configurations, ensuring that network administrators have multiple options for accessing and managing the device. To support its advanced features and maintain operational efficiency, the Extreme 16790 is equipped with modular power supplies, including options for a 770W AC power supply or a 1100W DC power supply. Each power supply option supports installation of up to two power supply units (PSUs) to ensure redundant power and continuous operation. The device also offers front-back and back-front airflow options to match the cooling strategies of different data center environments. The cooling system of the Extreme 16790 consists of four fan modules, which also support front-back and back-front airflow, ensuring that the device operates within optimal temperature ranges even under heavy load. The device's dimensions are 17.4 inches wide, 19.2 inches deep, and 1.7 inches high, making it a compact solution that can fit into standard data center racks. Performance-wise, the Extreme 16790 boasts an impressive 880Gbps switching capacity and a forwarding rate of 714Mpps, enabling high-speed data transmission and efficient network traffic management without bottlenecks. The operating conditions for the Extreme 16790 allow it to function in a wide range of environments, from 0ºC to 45ºC, with relative humidity ranging from 10% to 95%, non-condensing. It can also operate at altitudes up to 3000 meters, and it is designed to withstand physical shocks and vibrations, ensuring reliability in various physical conditions.
  • 24 x 1Gb/10Gb SFP+ and 2 x 10Gb/25Gb/40Gb/50Gb/100Gb QSFP28 ports for flexible connectivity.
  • Modular power supplies with AC and DC options, supporting up to two PSUs for redundancy.
  • Operational in a wide range of environmental conditions, ensuring reliability and durability.
For packaging and storage, the device is protected against extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, vibration, and drops, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition and remains durable over time. This makes the Extreme 16790 not only a powerful networking solution but also a resilient device capable of withstanding the challenging conditions often found in transport and storage.


Item NumberExtreme 16790
Port ConfigurationTwenty-four SFP+ ports supporting 1Gb/10Gb
QSFP+ PortOne port supporting 10Gb/40Gb
QSFP28 PortsTwo ports supporting 10Gb/25Gb/40Gb/50Gb/100Gb
Management ConsoleOne RJ-45 Serial console port
Management PortOne 10/100/1000BASE-T port for out-of-band management
Storage PortOne Micro-USB Type A port
Power Supply Options770W AC and 1100W DC modular power supplies, with dual PSU support
Airflow OptionsConfigurable for Front-Back and Back-Front airflow
Fan ModulesFour fan modules
Physical DimensionsWidth: 17.4in / Depth: 19.2in / Height: 1.7in (44.1cm x 48.8cm x 4.3cm)
Switching Capacity880Gbps
Forwarding Rate714 Million packets per second (Mpps)
Operational Temperature0ºC to 45ºC
Operational Humidity10% to 95%, non-condensing
Altitude ToleranceUp to 3000 meters
Operational Shock Resistance98 m/s2 (10 G) for 11ms, 9 shocks
Vibration Tolerance3 to 500 Hz at 1.5 G rms
Storage Temperature-40° C to 70° C
Storage Humidity10% to 95%, non-condensing
Shock Resistance (Packaged)180 m/s2 (18 G), 6 ms, 600 shocks
Package Vibration Resistance5 to 62 Hz at velocity 5 mm/s, 62 to 500 Hz at 0.2 G
Random Vibration (Packaged)5 to 20 Hz at 1.0 ASD w/ -3 dB/oct. from 20 to 200 Hz
Drop Test (Packaged)14 drops minimum on sides and corners at 42 inches for boxes under 15 kg

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