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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco 7200 Series
Product Type: Security Bundle
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Product Description

The Cisco 7206VXRG1/2+VPNK9 is equipped with a Network Processing Engine NPE-G1 and a 6-slot chassis, designed for high-performance networking. It features 512 MB of system memory and 64 MB of flash memory, supporting advanced Cisco IOS IP FW/IDS IPSec software for enhanced security, including a Security Service Adapter SA-VAM2+ for 3DES encryption. This model also includes three Ethernet ports with speeds up to 100/1000, powered by an AC type power supply, and offers Cisco SDM support for streamlined management.

FAQs for the 7206VXRG1/2+VPNK9

  • What type of chassis does the Cisco 7206VXR have?
    The Cisco 7206VXR features a 6-slot chassis.
  • How much system memory is available on the NPE-G1?
    The NPE-G1 comes with 512 MB of system memory.
  • Is Cisco SDM supported on this device?
    Yes, Cisco SDM is supported.
  • What is the capacity of flash memory on the device?
    The device is equipped with 64 MB of flash memory.
  • Can the Cisco 7206VXR operate with an AC power supply?
    Yes, it operates with an AC type of power supply.
  • What encryption standard is supported by the Security Service Adapter?
    The SA-VAM2+ supports 3DES encryption.
  • How many Ethernet ports are available, and what are their speeds?
    There are 3 Ethernet ports, supporting speeds of 100/1000.
  • What software is pre-installed on the router?
    It comes with Cisco IOS IP FW/IDS IPSec software.
  • Is an I/O controller included with the NPE-G1?
    No, an I/O controller is not included and is not required for the NPE-G1.
  • What is the part number for configurations without Cisco SDM documentation?
    The part number is ROUTER-SDM-NODOC.

Product Review

The CISCO 7206VXRG1/2+VPNK9 offers solid performance with its NPE-G1 Network Processing Engine and is compatible with Cisco SDM for easier management, though it lacks an I/O controller. With 512 MB of system memory and a SA-VAM2+ Security Service Adapter, it ensures efficient processing and advanced encryption capabilities. However, its limitation to three Ethernet ports might restrict connectivity options for larger network setups.


The CISCO 7206VXRG1/2+VPNK9 is a versatile networking device designed to meet the needs of demanding network environments. It is built around the Cisco 7206VXR chassis, which features a 6-slot configuration, providing flexibility and scalability for various network applications. This router is equipped with a Network Processing Engine NPE-G1, offering high-performance capabilities and efficient handling of network traffic. Hardware specifications of the CISCO 7206VXRG1/2+VPNK9 include a system memory of 512 MB, ensuring smooth operation and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Flash memory is set at 64 MB, which is sufficient for storing the operating system and other essential software components. The type of power supply used in this device is AC, which is standard for network equipment, providing reliable power to the system. One of the key features of this router is its support for Cisco SDM (Security Device Manager), although it's important to note that the I/O controller required for NPE-G1 does not include Cisco SDM. Despite this, the device still offers robust security features, including a Security Service Adapter SA-VAM2+, which enhances the router's capabilities in handling encryption and security protocols. The software package included with the CISCO 7206VXRG1/2+VPNK9 is the Cisco IOS IP FW/IDS IPSec, a comprehensive suite that offers advanced features for firewall, intrusion detection, and IP security. This software ensures that the network remains secure from unauthorized access and threats, while also providing the flexibility to configure various security policies and protocols. In terms of connectivity, the router is equipped with three Ethernet ports, supporting port speeds of 100/1000. This allows for high-speed connections and the ability to handle large amounts of data traffic. The device also supports 3DES encryption, providing an additional layer of security for data transmission. Key hardware specifications include: - Network Processing Engine: NPE-G1 - System Memory: 512 MB - Flash Memory: 64 MB The CISCO 7206VXRG1/2+VPNK9 is a powerful and flexible networking solution, capable of supporting a wide range of applications and services. Its high-performance hardware, combined with advanced security features and support for Cisco IOS software, makes it an ideal choice for businesses and organizations looking to build or upgrade their network infrastructure. Whether it's handling high volumes of network traffic, securing sensitive data, or providing reliable connectivity, this router is designed to meet the challenges of today's network demands.


Part Number CISCO 7206VXRG1/2+VPNK9
Manufacturer Cisco
RAM 512 MB
Compatibility with Cisco SDM Supported
Power Supply Type AC
Network Engine NPE-G1
Storage for System Configuration 64 MB
Operating System Cisco IOS with IP Firewall/Intrusion Detection and Prevention, and IPSec
Security Hardware SA-VAM2+
Enclosure 7206VXR
Ethernet Interface Count 3
Interface Speed 100/1000 Mbps
Data Encryption Method 3DES
Expansion Slots 6-slot chassis
Input/Output Controller Unavailable with NPE-G1
Cisco SDM Documentation ROUTER-SDM-NODOC

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