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Product Line: A10 Networks TH840-010
Product Type: Load Balancer
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Product Description

The A10 Networks TH840-010 is a high-performance hardware load balancer that is designed for use in large-scale data center environments. With support for advanced load balancing algorithms and SSL offloading, the TH840-010 delivers exceptional performance and reliability. The hardware is highly scalable, allowing it to grow with the needs of the business.

Key Feature for the TH840-010

1. Up to 200 Gbps throughput 
2. SSL offloading for improved performance 
3. Advanced load balancing algorithms, including L4 and L7 
4. IPv4 and IPv6 support 
5. Flexible deployment options, including standalone, high availability, and clustering 
6. Advanced health monitoring and management tools

Product Review

The A10 Networks TH840-010 is built with reliable hardware that stands out from the rest. It uses Broadcom's StrataXGS Trident 3 2048 Gigabit Ethernet switch that delivers maximum throughput with improved network efficiency. It also supports Intel®'s Quad-Core Xeon E-2146G processors for enhanced data handling capabilities. This combination of hardware allows for improved network performance, scalability, and zero-touch deployment. Consumers will benefit from increased bandwidth and resilience without sacrificing performance.


The A10 Networks TH840-010 is a powerful, carrier-grade Thunder hardware platform. This advanced solution for distributed network services combines high throughput, low latency, and scalability in a compact form factor suitable for data centers and cloud deployments. The TH840-010 packs an impressive array of features, including high performance networking and analytics as well as high density port capacity and IO scale. It offers up to 40 ports of 40G Ethernet or 100 ports of 10G Ethernet, or up to 400GE ports with 100G option for traffic aggregation. Additionally, it offers advanced Layer2/ 3 switching and routing capabilities, is compliant with RFC2544 and Y1731 standards, and supports stateful firewall capabilities. It also provides classification, measurement, visibility, and analytics through an integrated controller. The unit utilizes advanced dual hot swappable power supplies as well as an integrated cooling system. It also includes an onboard redundant UPS system that facilitates reliable operation over extended periods of uptime. It is designed to minimize demands on your IT infrastructure, resulting in significant savings in energy usage and costs. Furthermore, it offers significant environmental protection to reduce the impact on the environment. The TH840-010 is equipped with network-wide provisioning and management capabilities such as mirroring of network configuration over multiple devices, automated software updates and configuration to reduce time spent on maintenance tasks. It’s also capable of providing real-time analytics to automate decision making based on traffic patterns and usage trends. This allows administrators to respond quickly to trending problems or needs arising in their networks. When it comes to reliability, the TH840-010 features several measures including rapid convergence when failure conditions occur while preventing malicious attacks like spoofing and DoS attempts. The acclaimed A10 Armor+ feature actively monitors and defends against potential threats while allowing it to accurately predict future needs through predictive analytics that constantly updates its security protocols as potential threats evolve.

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