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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR 900 Series
Product Type: CPAK Module
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Product Description

The A900-IMA1C is a Cisco module with a single 100GE Ethernet port, designed for ASR900 Series Routers. It supports various CPAK optics including CPAK-100G-LR4, CPAK-100G-SR10, CPAK-100G-ER4L, and CPAK-100G-SR4, accommodating distances up to 25km. Compatible with single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber, it utilizes SC and MPO/MTP connectors, running on Cisco IOS with software releases 3.16.1S, 16.6.1, and 16.6.2 depending on the optic.

FAQs for the A900-IMA1C

  • What port capacity does the networking hardware support?
    The port supports a capacity of 100GE.
  • Which CPAK optics are compatible with this hardware?
    Supported CPAK optics include CPAK-100G-LR4, CPAK-100G-SR10, CPAK-100G-ER4L, and CPAK-100G-SR4.
  • What type of interface does the hardware use?
    It uses an Ethernet interface.
  • Can you specify the cable types supported by CPAK-100G-LR4 and CPAK-100G-ER4L?
    Both support Single-Mode Fiber, with CPAK-100G-LR4 also supporting 24-Fiber Ribbon OM3 and OM4.
  • What software is required to operate this hardware?
    The hardware operates on Cisco IOS.
  • What distance can be covered by the CPAK-100G-ER4L?
    CPAK-100G-ER4L can cover a distance of up to 25km.
  • What type of connector is used with CPAK-100G-SR4?
    CPAK-100G-SR4 uses an MPO/MTP connector type.
  • Which routers are compatible with this hardware?
    This hardware is compatible with ASR900 Series Routers.
  • What are the supported optics types for this hardware?
    The supported optics type is Transceiver Module.
  • Which software release is required for CPAK-100G-SR10?
    CPAK-100G-SR10 requires software release 3.16.1S.

Product Review

The CISCO A900-IMA1C offers a single port with 100GE capacity, supporting a range of CPAK optics such as CPAK-100G-LR4 and CPAK-100G-SR10, making it versatile for various high-speed networking requirements. However, with only one port, scalability might be limited for environments requiring multiple connections. It operates on Cisco IOS and is compatible with ASR900 series routers, ensuring seamless integration into existing Cisco networks but may present a challenge for mixed-vendor environments.


The CISCO A900-IMA1C is a cutting-edge interface module designed to enhance the capabilities of ASR900 series routers. This module is distinguished by its single port with a 100GE port capacity, tailored for high-speed Ethernet connectivity. It is engineered to support a variety of CPAK optics, making it a versatile choice for diverse networking needs. One of the key features of the A900-IMA1C is its compatibility with several CPAK-100G optics, including CPAK-100G-LR4, CPAK-100G-SR10, CPAK-100G-ER4L, and CPAK-100G-SR4. These supported optics allow for flexible deployment across different network environments, whether there's a need for long-haul transmission or high-density applications within data centers. The module's design accommodates transceiver modules, ensuring seamless integration with existing network infrastructures. The A900-IMA1C operates efficiently with single-mode fiber cables for CPAK-100G-LR4 and CPAK-100G-ER4L, as well as 24-fiber ribbon OM3 and OM4 for CPAK-100G-LR4, plus 12-fiber ribbon OM3 and OM4 for CPAK-100G-SR4 options. This wide range of cable and connector types, including SC for long-range optics and MPO/MTP for short-range applications, underscores the module's adaptability to various networking requirements. Distance coverage is another area where the A900-IMA1C excels. It supports distances up to 10km with CPAK-100G-LR4, making it suitable for campus and metropolitan area networks. For shorter reach, CPAK-100G-SR10 covers 100m and 150m, CPAK-100G-ER4L extends up to 25km, and CPAK-100G-SR4 facilitates connections up to 70m and 100m, ideal for within-building or intra-campus networking. This interface module is engineered to work seamlessly with Cisco IOS software, ensuring reliable and secure operation. The supported software releases include 3.16.1S for CPAK-100G-LR4 and CPAK-100G-SR10 optics, and 16.6.1 for CPAK-100G-ER4L, with 16.6.2 supporting CPAK-100G-SR4, guaranteeing compatibility and optimal performance across various network setups.
  • Supports a diverse range of CPAK optics for varied networking needs.
  • Compatible with both single-mode and multi-mode fiber cables, ensuring flexibility in network design.
  • Designed for use with Cisco's ASR900 series routers, enhancing network performance and reliability.
In conclusion, the CISCO A900-IMA1C interface module stands out for its high port capacity, versatile optics support, and broad compatibility with different cable types and distances. Its design and technical specifications make it an excellent choice for upgrading ASR900 series routers, catering to the demands of modern high-speed networks. Whether for data center interconnects, enterprise networking, or service provider applications, the A900-IMA1C module is engineered to meet the challenges of today's dynamic networking environments.


Part Number and Manufacturer CISCO A900-IMA1C
Ports Quantity Single Port
Port Speed 100 Gigabit Ethernet
Connection Interface Ethernet
Operating System Cisco IOS
Compatible Optics CPAK-100G-LR4, CPAK-100G-SR10, CPAK-100G-ER4L, CPAK-100G-SR4
Optics Type Transceiver Module
Fiber Type Single-Mode (CPAK-100G-LR4, CPAK-100G-ER4L), Multi-Mode (CPAK-100G-SR4, CPAK-100G-LR4)
Connection End SC (CPAK-100G-LR4, CPAK-100G-ER4L), MPO/MTP (CPAK-100G-SR4, CPAK-100G-LR4)
Transmission Distance Up to 10km (CPAK-100G-LR4), Up to 150m (CPAK-100G-SR10), Up to 25km (CPAK-100G-ER4L), Up to 100m (CPAK-100G-SR4)
Compatible Software Versions 3.16.1S, 16.6.1, 16.6.2
Compatibility ASR900 Series Routers

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