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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR 900 Series
Product Type: Power Supply
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Product Description

The A900-PWR1200-D Cisco power supply is designed for direct current (DC) input, with specifications including an input power range of -40.8 VDC to -72 VDC, and supports a maximum power output of 1200W without a fan, and 975W with a fan. It features compatibility with A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP modules, incorporates hot swap and field replaceable functionalities, and is equipped with a T-shaped connector for secure electrical connections. Additional features include two status LEDs for monitoring, a handle for easy insertion and removal, and accepts wire gauges from 8 AWG to 10 AWG for DC input power connections.

FAQs for the A900-PWR1200-D

  • What is the maximum power output of the power supply without a fan?
    The maximum power output without a fan is 1200W.
  • Is the power supply compatible with A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP modules?
    Yes, it is designed for use with A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP modules.
  • Does the power supply support Dying GASP?
    No, Dying GASP support is not available.
  • What are the input power specifications for this device?
    The input power specifications are 48V, GRD, -48V.
  • Can the power supply be replaced in the field?
    Yes, it is field replaceable.
  • What is the maximum power output when using a fan?
    With a fan, the maximum power output is 975W.
  • What is the minimum input voltage required for operation?
    The minimum input voltage required is -40.8 VDC.
  • Does this power supply feature an ON/OFF switch?
    No, there is no ON/OFF switch on this power supply.
  • What wire gauge is recommended for DC input power connections?
    A wire gauge of 8 AWG to 10 AWG minimum is recommended for –48/–60 VDC.
  • Is hot swap supported by this power supply?
    Yes, hot swap is supported, allowing for replacement without powering down the system.

Product Review

The Cisco A900-PWR1200-D power supply offers a maximum output of 1200W without a fan and 975W with a fan, catering to high-power requirements for A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP modules. Despite its versatility, the lack of Dying GASP support could be a limitation for systems requiring advanced power failure notifications. Its design includes hot swap and field-replaceable features, enhancing maintenance efficiency, but the absence of an ON/OFF switch might inconvenience some users.


The Cisco A900-PWR1200-D is a direct current (DC) power supply designed specifically for compatibility with A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP modules. This unit is engineered to ensure reliable power delivery for network hardware, catering to the needs of demanding data center environments. With a focus on efficiency and operational flexibility, the A900-PWR1200-D stands out for its hardware specifications and features. This power supply offers a maximum power output of 1200W without a fan and adjusts to 975W when a fan is utilized, ensuring optimal performance while managing cooling requirements. The input power specifications are defined at 48V, GRD, -48V, accommodating a broad spectrum of DC power infrastructures. This flexibility is further underscored by the unit's input voltage range, accepting a minimum of -40.8 VDC to a maximum of -72 VDC, making it adaptable to various operating conditions. For installations requiring precise cable management and connections, the A900-PWR1200-D supports wire gauges from 8 AWG to 10 AWG for –48/–60 VDC, ensuring secure and efficient power delivery. This unit is designed for ease of use and maintenance, featuring hot swap support and field replaceable capabilities, which significantly reduce downtime by allowing for quick replacements and upgrades without interrupting network operations.
  • Connector Type: T-Shaped, facilitating easy and secure connections to the power source and networking hardware.
  • Number of Status LEDs: 2, providing immediate visual feedback on the operational status of the power supply.
  • Handle for Insertion and Removal: Simplifies the installation and maintenance process, enhancing user experience.
However, it is important to note that the Cisco A900-PWR1200-D does not support Dying GASP, a feature that might be critical for some network environments requiring notification in the event of a power failure. Additionally, the absence of an ON/OFF switch means that power cycling the unit requires physical unplugging, which could be a consideration for network administrators planning maintenance or troubleshooting activities. In summary, the Cisco A900-PWR1200-D DC power supply is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of modern data centers and network operations. Its compatibility with specific RSP modules, combined with a high degree of operational flexibility, makes it a key component in ensuring the continuous, reliable operation of network infrastructures. The inclusion of hot swap and field replaceable features, along with a user-friendly design for insertion and removal, underscores Cisco's commitment to minimizing downtime and ensuring seamless network performance.


Part Number Cisco A900-PWR1200-D
Manufacturer Cisco
Power Supply Classification DC
Support for Dying GASP No
Power Output without Cooling Fan 1200W
Power Output with Cooling Fan 975W
Input Power Requirement 48V, GRD, -48V
Lowest Input Voltage -40.8 VDC
Highest Input Voltage -72 VDC
DC Input Power Cable Size Minimum 8 AWG to 10 AWG for -48/-60 VDC
LED Indicators 2
Compatibility A900-RSP3C-400-S RSP Modules
Capability for Hot Swapping Yes
User-Replaceable Yes
Tool for Easy Insertion/Removal Yes
Power Switch Present No
Type of Connector T-Shaped

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