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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR 9000 Series
Product Type: Route Switch Processor
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Product Description

The A9K-RSP440-SE is designed for optimization service edge with an internal memory of 12 GB DRAM and dual 16 GB SSDs, supporting Cisco IOS XR Software Release 4.2.0 onwards. It features a bidirectional nonblocking fabric, external memory via a USB 2.0 Type A Receptacle, and compatibility with various line cards including A9K-40GE-SE, A9K-40GE-TR, and A9K-4T16GE-SE among others. Operating within a temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C, it has a typical power consumption of 170 W and a maximum of 450 W, ensuring efficiency and reliability in network operations.

FAQs for the A9K-RSP440-SE

  • What is the internal memory capacity of the Optimization Service Edge?
    The internal memory capacity is 12 GB DRAM.
  • Which software version is compatible with the A9K-40GE-SE line card?
    Cisco IOS XR Software Release 4.2.0 onwards is compatible.
  • How many SSDs does the device have and what is their capacity?
    The device has two 16 GB SSDs.
  • What type of external memory interface is available?
    An external memory USB 2.0 Type A receptacle is available.
  • Can you describe the fabric of the Optimization Service Edge?
    The fabric is bidirectional nonblocking.
  • What types of alarms does the system support?
    The system supports critical, major, and minor alarms.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the device?
    The dimensions are 1.65 x 16 x 26.53 inches (H x W x D).
  • What is the typical power consumption of the device?
    The typical power consumption is 170 W.
  • What safety certifications does the Optimization Service Edge have?
    It has UL/CSA/IEC/EN 60950-1, IEC/EN 60825 Laser Safety, ACA TS001, AS/NZS 60950, and FDA: Code of Federal Regulations Laser Safety certifications.
  • What is the operating altitude range for the device?
    The operating altitude range is -60m to 4000m.

Product Review

The Cisco A9K-RSP440-SE provides a solid foundation for high-capacity networks with its support for a wide range of line cards and a bidirectional nonblocking fabric, ensuring scalability and flexibility in network design. However, its power consumption, peaking at 450W, may pose challenges for environments striving for energy efficiency. Additionally, while the inclusion of 12 GB DRAM and dual 16 GB SSDs offers ample storage and memory capacity, the requirement for Cisco IOS XR Software Release 4.2.0 onwards may necessitate careful planning for compatibility with existing network infrastructures.


The Cisco A9K-RSP440-SE is a pivotal component of the Cisco ASR 9000 Series, designed to deliver high-performance service edge optimization. This router processor is engineered with a focus on reliability, scalability, and flexibility, catering to the demanding requirements of service providers. At the core of the A9K-RSP440-SE is its internal memory, equipped with 12 GB of DRAM, ensuring efficient processing and multitasking capabilities. For storage, the unit boasts two 16 GB solid-state drives (SSDs), providing ample space for software, configurations, and data logging. Additionally, an internal 8 GB USB offers further storage flexibility. The device operates on Cisco IOS XR Software Release 4.2.0 onwards, a testament to its capability to support advanced networking features and protocols. Connectivity options include an external memory interface through a USB 2.0 Type A receptacle, facilitating easy external storage expansion and file transfers. The fabric of the A9K-RSP440-SE is designed to be bidirectional and nonblocking, ensuring uninterrupted data flow and superior performance. Monitoring and maintenance are simplified with an array of LEDs that indicate various operational states, including alarm conditions (critical alarm, major alarm, and minor alarm), system synchronization, and activity for compact flash and solid-state drives. A visual indicator for the fan tray helps in quick diagnostics and maintenance. The device is compatible with a range of line cards, including A9K-40GE-SE, A9K-40GE-TR, A9K-4T16GE-SE, A9K-4T16GE-TR, A9K-40GE-L, A9K-40GE-B, and A9K-40GE-E, providing flexibility in network design and expansion. Physically, the A9K-RSP440-SE measures 1.65 x 16 x 26.53 inches and weighs 20 lbs, making it a compact yet powerful solution for networking infrastructure. Its operational temperature ranges from 0 °C to 40 °C, with storage temperatures spanning -40 °C to 75 °C. Humidity tolerance is from 10% to 90% (non-condensing), ensuring reliable performance across various environmental conditions. Power consumption is optimized, with typical usage at 170 W and a maximum of 450 W, supporting efficient operation. The system is designed to operate at altitudes ranging from -60m to 4000m, offering versatility in deployment locations. Safety and compliance are paramount, with certifications including UL/CSA/IEC/EN 60950-1 for general safety, IEC/EN 60825 for laser safety, ACA TS001, and AS/NZS 60950. It also complies with FDA regulations for laser safety. Key hardware features include: -
  • 12 GB DRAM and dual 16 GB SSDs for enhanced data processing and storage.
  • Compatibility with Cisco IOS XR Software Release 4.2.0 onwards for advanced networking capabilities.
  • Support for multiple line cards, providing expansive network configuration options.
The A9K-RSP440-SE is crafted to meet the rigorous demands of modern networking environments, delivering a blend of performance, scalability, and reliability.


Component ID Cisco A9K-RSP440-SE
Processor Memory 12 GB DRAM
Storage Media Dual 16 GB SSDs
Operating System Support Supports Cisco IOS XR Software Version 4.2.0 and later
USB Capacity 8 GB Internal USB
Switching Architecture Full-Duplex Nonblocking Switch Fabric
Expansion Slot USB 2.0 Type A Port
Alert Types Levels: Critical, Major, Minor
Indicator Lights Alarm Mute and Check, Sync Status, Compact Flash Usage, SSD Indicator, Fan Module Status
Compatible Line Cards Models: A9K-40GE-SE, A9K-40GE-TR, A9K-4T16GE-SE, A9K-4T16GE-TR, A9K-40GE-L, A9K-40GE-B, A9K-40GE-E
Dimensions 1.65 x 16 x 26.53 inches (H x W x D)
Unit Weight 20 pounds
Operational Temperature Range 0 to 40 °C
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 75 °C
Humidity Range for Operation 10 to 90% (Non-Condensing)
Energy Usage (Typical) 170 Watts
Energy Usage (Peak) 450 Watts
Service Altitude -60 to 4000 meters
Safety and Compliance Standards UL/CSA/IEC/EN 60950-1, IEC/EN 60825 Laser Safety, ACA TS001, AS/NZS 60950, FDA: Code of Federal Regulations Laser Safety

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