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by Arista
Product Line: Arista Series
Product Type: Active optical cable
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Product Description

The AOC-Q-Q-100G-10M is a 100-Gigabit active optical cable (AOC) featuring a QSFP28 to QSFP28 interface with a maximum reach of 10.0m (32.8ft) over multi-mode fiber and operates at a wavelength of 850nm. It supports high-speed data links up to 100Gbps, compatible with 100G Ethernet and InfiniBand protocols, and adheres to the 100GBASE-SR4 and CAUI-4 specifications per IEEE 802.3bm. Designed for low power consumption with a maximum of 3.5W, it incorporates a VCSEL array transmitter and PIN array receiver, and is hot pluggable with an operational temperature range of 0 to 70°C.

FAQs for the AOC-Q-Q-100G-10M

  • What is the maximum reach of the QSFP28 to QSFP28 100G AOC?
    The maximum reach is 10.0m (32.8ft).
  • Can you detail the wavelength and speed specifications of the part?
    The part operates at an 850nm wavelength and supports a 100GBase speed.
  • Is the QSFP28 to QSFP28 AOC suitable for 100G Ethernet applications?
    Yes, it is suitable for 100G Ethernet and other high-speed interconnecting networking applications.
  • What are the physical dimensions and weight of this product's shipping package?
    The product's shipping dimensions are 3 in. x 14 in. x 14 in., and it weighs 1.3 LB.
  • Does this AOC support multi-mode fiber operation?
    Yes, it operates over multi-mode fiber.
  • What is the HTS-Harmonized Code for this AOC?
    The HTS-Harmonized Code is 8517.62.0090.
  • Is the product TAA compliant?
    Yes, the active optical cable is TAA compliant.
  • What is the power consumption of this AOC?
    The maximum power consumption is 3.5W.
  • Can this AOC be used in a wide range of temperatures?
    Yes, it operates within a 0 to 70°C case temperature range.
  • What type of transmitter and receiver does the QSFP28 to QSFP28 AOC use?
    It uses a VCSEL array transmitter and PIN array receiver.

Product Review

The Arista AOC-Q-Q-100G-10M excels in delivering 100G connectivity over a 10-meter distance with its low power consumption of max 3.5W and compatibility with 100G Ethernet and InfiniBand protocols, making it suitable for high-speed networking applications. However, its operation is limited to a maximum reach of 10 meters, which may not meet the needs of all network designs requiring longer distance solutions. Additionally, while it supports a wide range of protocols and is compliant with industry specifications, potential users should consider the operational temperature range of 0 to 70°C, which might restrict its deployment in environments with extreme temperatures.


The Arista AOC-Q-Q-100G-10M is a high-speed, 100-Gigabit active optical cable designed to meet the demands of modern data networks. Engineered for reliability and performance, it facilitates rapid data transfer rates, making it an ideal solution for large-scale data centers and high-performance computing environments. This cable features a QSFP28 to QSFP28 transceiver type, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of networking equipment. Operating over multi-mode fiber, the Arista AOC-Q-Q-100G-10M supports a maximum distance of 10 meters (approximately 32.8 feet), providing flexibility in connecting various devices within a network. It operates at a wavelength of 850nm, which is standard for short-range communication devices and contributes to its efficiency in data transmission. Each cable is programmed, uniquely serialized, and undergoes rigorous testing for data-traffic and application performance to ensure reliability in critical network operations. Additionally, it adheres to Trade Agreements Act (TAA) standards, making it suitable for use in government and military applications. Key specifications include: - Speed: 100GBase, supporting rapid data transfer rates that are essential for high-bandwidth applications. - Media: Utilizes fiber optic technology, which offers advantages in terms of speed, distance, and electrical isolation. - Compliance: Meets the 100GBASE-SR4 and CAUI-4 specifications as per IEEE 802.3bm, ensuring interoperability and consistent performance across different devices and protocols. The cable is also compatible with 100G Ethernet and InfiniBand 4xFDR/EDR protocols, highlighting its versatility in various networking scenarios. Additional features of the Arista AOC-Q-Q-100G-10M include: - A VCSEL array transmitter and PIN array receiver, which contribute to its high-speed data transmission capabilities. - A low power consumption profile with a maximum of 3.5W, reducing operational costs and supporting energy-efficient network designs. - Hot pluggable electrical interface, allowing for easy installation and replacement without needing to power down the network equipment. - An operating temperature range of 0 to 70°C, ensuring reliable performance across a wide range of environmental conditions. The product comes packaged with dimensions of 3 inches by 14 inches by 14 inches (HxWxD) and weighs approximately 1.3 pounds. Its Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code is 8517.62.0090, facilitating international trade compliance. In summary, the Arista AOC-Q-Q-100G-10M active optical cable is a high-performance, reliable solution for connecting networking hardware across short distances. Its technical specifications and compliance with industry standards make it a versatile choice for various high-speed data transmission requirements.


Item NumberArista AOC-Q-Q-100G-10M
Transmission Distance10.0 meters (32.8 feet)
Emission Wavelength850 nanometers
Configuration and TestingUniquely identified, pre-configured, and rigorously tested for network and application performance
Compliance StatusTrade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant
Data Rate Capability100 Gigabits per second
Connection InterfaceQSFP28 to QSFP28
Cable TypeActive Optical Cable (AOC)
Operational Speed100GBase
Cable Length10 meters
Cable Length in Feet32.8 feet
Transmission MediumFiber
Package Dimensions (HxWxD)3 x 14 x 14 inches
Shipping Weight1.3 pounds
US HTS Code8517.62.0090
Schedule B Number26121609
Application ScopeInterconnects for 100G Ethernet, InfiniBand 4xFDR/EDR, and other 100G networking standards
Standard ComplianceMeets IEEE 802.3bm for 100GBASE-SR4 and CAUI-4
Supported DistancesUp to 70m on OM3 and 100m on OM4 fiber
Transmitter/Receiver TypeVCSEL and PIN array
Maximum Power Consumption3.5 Watts
Hot-Swap CapabilityYes
Operating Temperature Range0°C to 70°C

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