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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco APIC-EM Series
Product Type: Controller Enterprise Module
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Product Description

The APIC-EM-APL-R-K9 is equipped with a single CPU featuring 10 cores and 20 logical processors, complemented by 64 GB RAM and a total disk space of 1.7 TB across four SAS HDDs, each with a capacity of 900 GB. It supports RAID Level 10 for enhanced data protection and performance, includes two Gigabit Ethernet Ports, and is designed for efficient connectivity and management through a KVM connector. Housed in a one rack unit chassis, it features two AC power supplies with a total power consumption of 770 W, six hot-swappable fan modules for optimal cooling, and is compatible with Cisco UCS C220 M4S, C220 M3S, and C22 M3S servers.

FAQs for the APIC-EM-APL-R-K9

  • What is the total number of physical CPUs in the server?
    The server has 1 physical CPU.
  • How many Ethernet NICs are available on the Cisco UCS C220 M4S Server?
    There are 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports.
  • What is the maximum amount of RAM supported?
    The server supports up to 64 GB of RAM.
  • Can you detail the power supply specifications?
    The server includes 2 AC power supplies, each with a power consumption of 770 W.
  • How many logical processors does the CPU have?
    The CPU has 20 logical processors.
  • What RAID levels are supported by this hardware?
    RAID Level 10 is supported.
  • What is the total disk space available?
    The server offers a total disk space of 1.7 TB.
  • How many HDDs does the server support and what is their capacity?
    The server supports 4 SAS HDDs, each with a capacity of 900 GB.
  • What type of cooling system is used?
    The server uses six hot-swappable fan modules for front-to-rear cooling.
  • What video specifications does the server support?
    It supports VGA video resolution up to 1920 x 1200, 16 bpp at 60 Hz, and up to 256 MB of video memory.

Product Review

The CISCO APIC-EM-APL-R-K9 offers a powerful hardware configuration with a single CPU boasting 10 cores and 20 logical processors, complemented by 64 GB RAM and 1.7 TB total disk space, making it suitable for demanding network management tasks. However, it is equipped with only 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, which may limit connectivity options in high-density environments. Additionally, the inclusion of dual power supplies and six hot-swappable fan modules enhances its reliability and ease of maintenance in a data center setting.


The CISCO APIC-EM-APL-R-K9 is a comprehensive networking hardware solution designed to meet the needs of modern data centers. At its core, it features a single physical CPU equipped with 10 cores and 20 logical processors, ensuring efficient processing capabilities for network management tasks. This is complemented by 64 GB of RAM, providing ample memory for handling complex operations and applications. Storage capacity on the CISCO APIC-EM-APL-R-K9 is substantial, offering a total disk space of 1.7 TB. This is achieved through the inclusion of four SAS hard disk drives (HDDs), each with a capacity of 900 GB, configured in RAID Level 10 for enhanced data integrity and performance. The system can accommodate up to 8 2.5-inch drives, allowing for scalable storage solutions based on the organization's needs. Connectivity is facilitated through two Gigabit Ethernet ports, ensuring high-speed network connections. Additionally, the device features a KVM connector type for local console access, providing administrators with direct control over the system. The chassis is designed to fit in a single rack unit, optimizing space in data center environments. Power efficiency and reliability are key aspects of the CISCO APIC-EM-APL-R-K9. It is equipped with two AC power supplies, each with a power consumption of 770 W. This dual power supply setup ensures continuous operation, even in the event of a power supply failure. The system is designed with six hot-swappable fan modules that support front-to-rear cooling, maintaining optimal operating temperatures for the hardware components.
  • Video capabilities include VGA video resolution support up to 1920 x 1200 at 16 bpp and 60 Hz, with up to 256 MB of video memory.
  • The device supports several Cisco servers, including the Cisco UCS C220 M4S Server, Cisco UCS C220 M3S Server, and Cisco UCS C22 M3S Server.
  • Network Interface Cards (NICs) include 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports for robust network connectivity options.
The CISCO APIC-EM-APL-R-K9 is designed to seamlessly integrate with Cisco servers, specifically supporting the Cisco UCS C220 M4S Server, Cisco UCS C220 M3S Server, and Cisco UCS C22 M3S Server. This compatibility ensures that businesses can leverage their existing Cisco infrastructure while benefiting from the advanced features and capabilities of the APIC-EM-APL-R-K9. In summary, the CISCO APIC-EM-APL-R-K9 is a powerful and versatile networking hardware solution, designed to support the demands of modern data centers. With a high-performance CPU, ample RAM, and extensive storage capabilities, it provides the foundation for efficient network management and operations. The inclusion of dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and support for multiple Cisco servers further enhances its utility, making it a valuable asset for businesses looking to optimize their networking infrastructure.


Physical CPU Count1
CPU Core Count10
Logical CPU Count20
Memory64 GB
Storage Capacity1.7 TB
Network Interfaces2 Gigabit Ethernet Connections
Supported Drive BaysUp to 8 for 2.5" Drives
Management PortKVM
Form Factor1U Rack Mount
Power Units2
Power Supply SpecificationAC
Power Draw770 W
Cooling SystemSix User-Replaceable Fans, Front-to-Back Airflow
Installed Hard Drives4 SAS
Hard Drive Size900 GB Each
GraphicsVGA, Max Resolution 1920 x 1200, 16 bpp at 60 Hz, 256 MB Memory
RAID ConfigurationLevel 10
Compatible ServersUCS C220 M4S, UCS C220 M3S, UCS C22 M3S

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