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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Server
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Product Description

The APIC-SERVER-M3 supports an AC Input Voltage of 100 to 120 VAC and 200 to 240 VAC, with a DC Input Voltage range of -48 to -60 VDC, accommodating various power supplies. Its physical dimensions are 1.7 in. in height, 16.9 in. in width, and 29.5 in. in depth, with an operational temperature range from 10 °C to 35 °C and a humidity range from 10% to 90% for operating conditions. The server is designed for an operating altitude of up to 10,000 ft, has a maximum input wattage of 1234 W, and uses a C14 AC input connector and a fixed 3-wire block DC input connector to ensure compatibility and efficiency in diverse environments.


  • What is the AC input voltage range for this device?
    The AC input voltage range is 100 to 120 VAC and 200 to 240 VAC.
  • How much current can the device draw at 208 VAC?
    At 208 VAC, the maximum AC input current is 4.5 A.
  • What are the minimum and maximum operating temperatures?
    The operating temperature ranges from 10 °C to 35 °C.
  • What is the form factor of this networking hardware?
    The form factor is designated as RSP2.
  • Describe the device's DC input voltage specifications.
    The DC input voltage ranges from -48 to -60 VDC.
  • What type of AC input connector does the device use?
    It uses a C14 connector as per IEC 320 specifications.
  • What is the maximum input wattage of the device?
    The maximum input wattage is 1234 W.
  • Can you specify the device's sound pressure and power levels?
    The sound power level is 5.5 dBA, and the sound pressure level is 40 dBA.
  • What are the device's dimensions?
    The dimensions are 1.7 in. in height, 16.9 in. in width, and 29.5 in. in depth.
  • What is the maximum non-operating temperature the device can withstand?
    The maximum non-operating temperature is 65 °C.

Product Review

The Cisco APIC-SERVER-M3 supports a wide range of AC and DC power inputs, accommodating various electrical environments, which enhances its deployment flexibility across different geographic locations. However, its operating temperature range is limited to 10 °C to 35 °C, potentially restricting its use in environments with extreme temperatures. Additionally, the server's compact dimensions (1.7 in. height, 16.9 in. width, and 29.5 in. depth) allow efficient use of rack space, but the sound levels (5.5 dBA power, 40 dBA pressure) may require consideration in noise-sensitive installations.


The Cisco APIC-SERVER-M3 is a server designed for high performance and reliability in data center applications. It supports both AC and DC power inputs, making it adaptable to various power supplies and ensuring consistent operation across different environments. The hardware specifications highlight its capability to handle demanding workloads while maintaining energy efficiency and operational stability. For AC power input, the server accepts a range from 100 to 120 VAC and 200 to 240 VAC, with a maximum AC input current of 9.5 A at 100 VAC and 4.5 A at 208 VAC. On the DC side, it operates within a voltage range of -48 to -60 VDC, drawing a maximum current of 32 A at -40 VDC. This flexibility in power input options ensures that the server can be deployed in a variety of settings without the need for additional power conversion equipment. The physical dimensions of the server include a height of 1.7 inches, a width of 16.9 inches, and a depth of 29.5 inches. This compact form factor, identified as RSP2, allows for efficient use of rack space in data centers, enabling high-density deployments without sacrificing performance. Operating conditions for the server have been specified to ensure reliability in a wide range of environments. It operates optimally within a temperature range of 10 °C to 35 °C and can withstand non-operating temperatures from -40 °C to 65 °C. Humidity levels are also accounted for, with the server functioning within 10% to 90% relative humidity during operation and tolerating 5% to 93% when not in operation. Additionally, it is designed to operate at altitudes up to 10,000 feet, extending to 40,000 feet when not in use, catering to various geographic locations and their specific environmental conditions. Noise levels produced by the server are minimal, with a sound power level of 5.5 dBA and a sound pressure level of 40 dBA, ensuring a quiet operation that is conducive to office environments or data centers where noise minimization is critical. Key hardware specifications include: -
  • AC Input Connector: C14 as per IEC 320 Specifications
  • DC Input Connector: Fixed 3-Wire Block
  • Maximum Input Volt-Amperes: 950 VA at 100 VAC
The server's maximum input wattage is 1234 W, indicative of its power efficiency and the ability to support substantial computing workloads without excessive power consumption. In summary, the Cisco APIC-SERVER-M3 is engineered for efficiency, reliability, and adaptability. Its power input flexibility, compact and efficient form factor, and ability to operate under a broad spectrum of environmental conditions make it a suitable choice for data centers looking to optimize their networking infrastructure with a server that promises consistency and performance.


Part Number/ManufacturerCisco APIC-SERVER-M3
AC Input Voltage Range100-120 VAC, 200-240 VAC
DC Input Voltage Range-48 VDC to -60 VDC
Peak AC Input Current9.5 A at 100 VAC, 4.5 A at 208 VAC
Peak DC Input Current32 A at -40 VDC
Unit Height1.7 inches
Unit Width16.9 inches
Unit Depth29.5 inches
Lowest Operating Temperature10 °C
Highest Operating Temperature35 °C
Lowest Non-Operating Temperature-40 °C
Highest Non-Operating Temperature65 °C
Operating Humidity Range (Minimum)10%
Operating Humidity Range (Maximum)90%
Non-Operating Humidity Range (Minimum)5%
Non-Operating Humidity Range (Maximum)93%
Maximum Operating Elevation0 to 10,000 feet
Maximum Non-Operating Elevation0 to 40,000 feet
Noise Level (Power)5.5 dBA
Noise Level (Pressure)40 dBA
Chassis TypeRSP2
AC Power Connector TypeC14 in accordance with IEC 320
DC Power Connector TypePermanent 3-Wire Connection
Maximum VA Input950 VA at 100 VAC
Maximum Power Consumption1234 Watts

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