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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: ACI Simulator Server
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Product Description

The APIC-SIM-S2 is a Cisco networking device that functions as both a Leaf and Spine switch, supporting 2 stimulated spine switches and 2 stimulated leaf switches. It hosts 3 APIC instances and offers multiple functional interfaces, including a Graphical User Interface, Command Line Interface, and Application Programming Interface, powered by fully-featured APIC controller software. It is compatible with external management entities such as ESX Servers, vCenters, vShields, Bare Metal Servers, and L4-L7 Services, alongside AAA Systems.

FAQs for the APIC-SIM-S2

  • What is the function of the Leaf switch type in the network?
    The Leaf switch facilitates high-speed data transfer and connectivity between servers and the spine switch, ensuring efficient data flow within the network.
  • How many Spine switches does the system support?
    This system supports 2 Spine switches, enabling scalable and high-performance network architecture.
  • Can I manage the network through a GUI?
    Yes, the system offers a Graphical User Interface (GUI) among other functional interfaces like CLI and API for versatile network management.
  • What software does the APIC controller use?
    The APIC controller utilizes fully-featured APIC controller software, designed for comprehensive network management and automation.
  • How many APIC instances are supported?
    There are 3 APIC instances supported by the system, ensuring redundancy and high availability of network management.
  • Is the system compatible with external management entities?
    Yes, it supports various external management entities including ESX Servers, vCenters, vShields, Bare Metal Servers, and L4-L7 Services, along with AAA Systems.
  • What interfaces are available for system management?
    The system can be managed through a Graphical User Interface (GUI), Command Line Interface (CLI), and Application Programming Interface (API), providing flexible management options.
  • How does the system integrate with AAA systems?
    It integrates seamlessly with AAA systems to provide secure access control and authentication for network management and operations.
  • What benefits do the stimulated Leaf and Spine switches offer?
    They offer a scalable, high-capacity network structure, enhancing data flow efficiency and reducing latency across the network.
  • Are there any specific requirements for the external management entities?
    No specific requirements are mentioned; the system supports a wide range of entities including ESX Servers, vCenters, vShields, Bare Metal Servers, and L4-L7 Services, ensuring broad compatibility.

Product Review

The CISCO APIC-SIM-S2 offers effective integration with up to two spine and leaf switches, supporting a network architecture that can scale as needed. Its compatibility with a wide range of external management entities, including ESX Servers, vCenters, and L4-L7 services, facilitates versatile network management and infrastructure flexibility. However, the complexity of its fully-featured APIC controller software may present a steep learning curve for users unfamiliar with Cisco's ecosystem, potentially impacting deployment speed and efficiency.


The CISCO APIC-SIM-S2 is a cutting-edge networking hardware designed for modern data centers, providing a comprehensive solution for managing both leaf and spine switches. This model is specifically engineered to simulate the operation of two spine switches and two leaf switches, offering a practical approach for network design and testing. With the ability to run three APIC instances simultaneously, this device ensures high availability and scalability for network infrastructure. At the core of the CISCO APIC-SIM-S2 is its fully-featured APIC controller software, which is pivotal in automating tasks, simplifying network operations, and enhancing network performance. This software supports a wide range of functional interfaces, including a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for visual management, a Command Line Interface (CLI) for traditional management, and an Application Programming Interface (API) for integration with third-party applications and services. The device's compatibility with external management entities is extensive, supporting ESX Servers, vCenters, vShields, Bare Metal Servers, and L4-L7 Services. This wide range of support ensures that network administrators can seamlessly manage virtual, physical, and cloud environments from a single pane of glass. Additionally, the device supports AAA Systems, providing a secure and reliable framework for authenticating and authorizing users and devices in the network. Key hardware specifications include: - Switch Type: Leaf and Spline, offering flexibility in network design and scalability for growing data center needs. - Number of Simulated Spine and Leaf Switches: 2 each, allowing for efficient testing and simulation of network configurations. - Number of APIC Instances: 3, ensuring high availability and redundancy for critical network operations. The CISCO APIC-SIM-S2 stands out for its ability to provide a realistic environment for network simulation and testing. This is crucial for enterprises and service providers looking to deploy new applications or services, as it allows for thorough testing before actual deployment in a production environment. The device's support for both graphical and command-line interfaces ensures that it caters to a wide range of user preferences, while the API support opens up possibilities for custom integrations and automation. In conclusion, the CISCO APIC-SIM-S2 is a versatile and powerful networking hardware that addresses the needs of modern data centers. Its ability to simulate complex network environments, combined with the comprehensive APIC controller software, makes it an invaluable tool for network administrators and engineers. Whether it's for designing new network architectures, testing applications, or managing a diverse range of external management entities, the CISCO APIC-SIM-S2 offers a reliable and efficient solution.


Role in Network Leaf/Spline
Simulated Spine Switch Count 2
Simulated Leaf Switch Count 2
APIC Cluster Size 3
Interfaces for Management Web-Based Interface, Shell Interface, API Access
Controller Software Comprehensive APIC Management Suite
Integration with External Management Platforms ESX Servers, vCenter Systems, vShield Environments, Physical Servers, Network Services from Layer 4 to 7, Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Frameworks

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