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by Aruba
Product Line: Aruba 7200 Series
Product Type: Mobility Controller
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Product Description

The ARCN0100 Aruba Networks 7210 Mobility Controller features 2x 1GbE/SFP Combo and 4x 1/10G SFP ports, along with Four 10GBASE-X (SFP+) ports for enhanced network connectivity and scalability. It operates within a temperature range of 0° C to 40° C and supports a humidity range from 5% to 95% non-condensing, ensuring reliable performance across various environments. The device is equipped with a 350-watt AC power supply, supporting an input voltage of 100 VAC to 240 VAC, and includes an LCD panel for easy management, a USB 2.0 port, and a console port for versatile connectivity options.

FAQs for the ARCN0100

  • What is the purpose of the Aruba Networks 7210 Mobility Controller?
    The Aruba Networks 7210 Mobility Controller is designed to optimize wireless network performance, ensure security, and manage network traffic efficiently.
  • How many 1GbE/SFP Combo ports does the ARCN0100 have?
    The ARCN0100 has 2x 1GbE/SFP Combo ports.
  • Can the 7210 Mobility Controller support 10G SFP+ connections?
    Yes, it supports 10G SFP+ connections with four 10GBASE-X (SFP+) ports.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the ARCN0100?
    The ARCN0100 measures 4.4 cm in height, 44.5 cm in width, and 44.5 cm in depth.
  • What type of console connections does the 7210 Mobility Controller offer?
    It offers console connections via an RJ-45 or mini-USB port.
  • What is the weight of the ARCN0100 with one AC power supply installed?
    The ARCN0100 weighs 7.45 kg (16.43 lbs) with one AC power supply installed.
  • How does the 7210 Mobility Controller handle various operating temperatures?
    It operates within a temperature range of 0°C to 40°C.
  • What is the maximum operating altitude of the ARCN0100?
    The maximum operating altitude of the ARCN0100 is 10,000 feet.
  • What are the power specifications for the 7210 Mobility Controller?
    It has a 350-watt AC power supply, with an AC input voltage of 100 VAC to 240 VAC.
  • Does the ARCN0100 have an expansion slot?
    Yes, it includes an expansion slot reserved for future use.

Product Review

The Aruba ARCN0100 features a versatile connectivity suite, including four 10GBASE-X (SFP+) ports and dual 1GbE/SFP Combo ports, catering to high-speed networking demands. However, its operating temperature range is limited to 0-40°C, potentially restricting deployment in environments with extreme temperatures. Additionally, the inclusion of an expansion slot for future use signifies forward compatibility, although its current functionality remains underutilized.


The Aruba ARCN0100 is a high-performance networking device designed to meet the demands of modern network environments. It is part of the Aruba Networks 7210 series and is equipped with a range of features that facilitate efficient network management and connectivity. This product overview focuses on its hardware specifications, providing a detailed look at what makes the ARCN0100 a suitable choice for various networking applications. At the core of the ARCN0100's design are its connectivity options, which include one Aruba Networks 7210 Mobility Controller, two 1GbE/SFP Combo ports, and four 1/10G SFP ports. These ports ensure versatile connectivity for a wide range of network architectures, allowing for both gigabit Ethernet and 10 gigabit Ethernet connections. Additionally, the device features: - Four 10GBASE-X (SFP+) ports for high-speed network connections. - One USB 2.0 port for local storage and firmware updates. - Console options that include an RJ-45 or mini-USB port, facilitating flexible management access. The ARCN0100 is designed with practicality in mind, as evidenced by its LINK/ACT and status LEDs, which provide at-a-glance information on network activity and device status. Management and monitoring are further simplified by the presence of management/status LEDs, an LCD panel, and navigation buttons, offering direct access to device configuration and status information without the need for a separate management console. In terms of physical characteristics, the ARCN0100 has a compact form factor with dimensions of 4.4 cm in height, 44.5 cm in width, and 44.5 cm in depth. It weighs 7.45 kg with one AC power supply installed, making it suitable for rack-mounted installations in data centers and network closets. Its design also includes an expansion slot, which is reserved for future use, indicating a degree of future-proofing for evolving network requirements. The device operates within a temperature range of 0° C to 40° C and can function in humidity levels from 5% to 95% non-condensing. This wide operational range ensures reliability across various environmental conditions. For storage, the ARCN0100 can withstand temperatures from -40° C to 70° C and the same humidity range as its operational specifications. It is designed to operate at altitudes up to 10,000 feet, with an acoustic noise level of 46.9 dBA, ensuring it does not contribute significantly to workplace noise. Powering the ARCN0100 is a 350-watt AC power supply, with an AC input voltage range of 100 VAC to 240 VAC, accommodating various electrical systems without the need for additional converters. In summary, the Aruba ARCN0100 is equipped with a range of features designed for efficient network management and high-performance connectivity. Its physical and operational specifications make it a versatile and reliable choice for networking environments looking for a scalable and manageable networking solution.


Product ID and Brand Aruba ARCN0100
Included Components 1x Aruba Networks 7210 Mobility Controller, 2x Gigabit Ethernet/SFP Combo, 4x 1/10G SFP slots
High-Speed Ports Four ports supporting 10GBASE-X (SFP+)
USB Interface Single USB 2.0 port
Console Interface RJ-45 or mini-USB for RS-232 console
Indicator Lights Activity/link and system status LEDs
Controls and Displays LCD screen with navigation keys
Future Expansion One slot available for future expansion
Height 4.4 cm (1.75 inches)
Width 44.5 cm (17.5 inches)
Depth 44.5 cm (17.5 inches)
Weight 7.45 kg (16.43 lbs) with one AC power unit
Operational Temperature (Low) 0° C
Operational Temperature (High) 40° C
Operational Humidity (Low) 5% (non-condensing)
Operational Humidity (High) 95% (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature (Low) -40° C
Storage Temperature (High) 70° C
Storage Humidity (Low) 5% (non-condensing)
Storage Humidity (High) 95% (non-condensing)
Altitude for Operation Up to 10,000 feet
Noise Level 46.9 dBA with AC power supply
Power Supply Rating 350 watts AC
AC Power Range 100 VAC to 240 VAC

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