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by Arista
Product Line: Arista DCS-7050Q-16-F
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The Arista DCS-7050Q-16-F is a high-performance switch designed for use in data center and enterprise networks. It provides 16 ports of 40 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and is capable of delivering up to 1.28 Tbps of switching capacity. This switch is designed to deliver low latency and high performance, making it an excellent choice for demanding applications and workloads.

Key Feature for the DCS-7050Q-16-F

1. Switching capacity: 1.28 Tbps
2. Number of 40GbE ports: 16
3. Number of 10GbE ports: 32
4. Forwarding rate: 960 Mpps
5. Support for Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols: Yes
6. Hot-swappable power supplies and fans: Yes

Product Review

The Arista DCS-7050Q-16-F is a powerful networking switch that provides a wealth of features to keep large networks running efficiently. It includes both 16x40G QSFP ports and 16x10G SFP+ ports, making it ideal for organizations that need a combination of high-bandwidth and lots of connections. The flexible port speed capabilities make this switch suitable for both Ethernet and optical networks, giving users maximum deployment flexibility. Finally, its built-in software features provide excellent visibility, control and access to optimize performance. Overall, these features make the Arista DCS-7050Q-16-F an incredibly valuable asset for large network requirements.


The Arista DCS-7050Q-16-F provides a fast and reliable network architecture for users. As a data center switch with sixteen 100Gb QSFP28 ports, the DCS-7050Q-16-F is capable of reaching an impressive throughput of up to 1.7Tb/s and up to 960Mpps. Its flexible interface support also allows for 27 different port speeds per device. Additionally, this device offers Layer 2/3/4 features as well as Advanced IP routing, MLAG configurations and VXLAN bridging capabilities. This feature rich switching system also includes redundant power supplies, a -48VDC power option and Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSR) technology for improved redundancies in high availability environments. The Arista DCS-7050Q-16-F is built with a high rate of scalability, allowing for expansion up to 592 10/25G ports in one system. Built with rack mount systems and mounting rails, this switch also has a 1U form factor. This small size makes it ideal for consuming minimal Rack Unit (RU) space and reducing deployment costs. With a Broadcom Trident II+ asic, the DCS-7050Q-16-F features an Optics Agnostic design that allows users to select between different types of optics while maintaining backward compatibility with other models of this device. When it comes to latency, the Arista DCS-7050Q-16-F is designed to provide low latency even at full wire speed performance. The port to port latency on this unit is 1Gbps data rates are less than 400 nanoseconds, while 10/25Gbps can reach less than 150 nanoseconds. This high performance is complemented by its advanced power management features that strive to maintain maximum performance while consuming minimal amounts of electricity. In short, the Arista DCS-7050Q-16-F provides reliable network performance in data centers with low latency, scalability and power management for cost savings and high operational efficiency. The Arista DCS-7050Q-16-F comes installed with the Extensible Operating System (EOS), an industry leading layer 3 operating system that is purpose built for cloud networks and delivers continuous operation with self healing. Additional features such as IP Aggregation Protocol (IPAP) support allow for fast convergence in large deployments as well as improved troubleshooting capabilities through Telemetry streaming using tools like Grafana and Prometheus. It also features mainstream tooling compatibility such as Ansible and Terraform making automation easier than ever before. In addition, its built in security measures include MACsec 256bit which further improve transmitting sensitive data through the network securely and safely. Overall,the Arista DCS-7050Q-16-F provides a high performance data center switch with superior hardware design including Optics Agnostic support, low latency rates, scalability options and robust security measures. In addition this switch runs on the EOS platform allowing users to access Extensible function sets that are optimized for cloud environment in addition to improved troubleshooting capabilities and automation support.

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