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by Arista
Product Line: ARISTA DCS-7050SX-128-R
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The ARISTA DCS-7050SX-128-R is a data center switch designed for high-performance, low-latency networking. It offers 128 ports with 10 GbE connectivity, making it suitable for use in large data center environments. The switch features a compact 1RU form factor and is equipped with Arista EOS, a highly-scalable and feature-rich network operating system. Additionally, the DCS-7050SX-128-R supports advanced features such as virtual output queuing and TCP offload engine, making it ideal for high-bandwidth applications such as big data and cloud computing

Key Feature for the DCS-7050SX-128-R

1. 128 10 GbE SFP+ ports
2. 1RU form factor
3. Arista EOS operating system
4. Virtual Output Queuing
5. TCP Offload Engine
6. Latency as low as 2.5 microseconds

Product Review

The Arista DCS-7050SX-128-R is a high-performance switch designed for data center networks. It boasts an impressive hardware feature set including 128 ports of 10 Gigabit Ethernet, advanced buffering and congestion management, and low power consumption. What sets this switch apart is its support for Arista's EOS (Extensible Operating System) software, which offers a range of advanced features for network management and automation.


The Arista DCS-7050SX-128-R is a high-performance switch designed for data centers and enterprise networks that require high-density 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. With 128 ports of 10GbE connectivity, this switch is capable of delivering up to 1.28 Tbps of non-blocking throughput, making it ideal for demanding applications that require low-latency and high-bandwidth. This switch is powered by Arista's Extensible Operating System (EOS), a highly modular and programmable operating system that provides a single-image consistency across the entire network. This allows for easy network management, troubleshooting, and automation. The DCS-7050SX-128-R also features a number of advanced hardware features, including: 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM and 4GB of flash memory for storing configuration files and software images. Dual-core 1.6GHz x86 CPUs for efficient packet processing and management. Hot-swappable power supplies and fans for high availability and easy maintenance. Support for both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, as well as Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding. In addition, the DCS-7050SX-128-R supports a wide range of networking protocols and standards, including: IEEE 802.1Q VLAN tagging and trunking. IEEE 802.1p Quality of Service (QoS) for prioritizing traffic. Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) for network redundancy. Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) for aggregating multiple links into a single logical link. Overall, the Arista DCS-7050SX-128-R is a powerful and flexible switch that provides high-density 10GbE connectivity and advanced network features for data center and enterprise networks.

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