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by Arista
Product Line: Arista DCS-7124SX-DC-F
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The DCS-7124SX-DC-F Arista is equipped with 24 SFP/SFP+ ports, delivering a maximum throughput of 480 Gigabits per second and processing up to 360 million packets per second, with a minimal latency of 500 nanoseconds. It features a dual-core x86 CPU, 4 Gigabytes of system memory, and 2 Gigabytes of flash storage memory, ensuring efficient data processing and storage capabilities. Designed for reliability, it includes 1+1 hot-swappable power supplies, four N+1 hot-swappable fans, and supports multi-chassis LAG for enhanced load balancing and redundancy.

Key Feature for the DCS-7124SX-DC-F

  • What is the interface type supported by this device?
    The device supports SFP/SFP+ interface types.
  • How much system memory does the part have?
    It is equipped with 4 Gigabytes of system memory.
  • What is the throughput capability?
    The throughput capability reaches up to 480 Gigabits per second.
  • Can you detail the flash storage memory available?
    It comes with 2 Gigabytes of flash storage memory.
  • How many packets per second can the device process?
    It can process up to 360 Million packets per second.
  • What is the port count on this hardware?
    The hardware features 24 ports.
  • What latency does the device experience?
    It experiences a latency of 500 nanoseconds.
  • Describe the CPU specifications.
    The device is powered by a Dual-Core x86 CPU.
  • What are the operating temperature ranges?
    The operating temperature ranges from 0 to 40C.
  • How does the device handle power input?
    It handles an input voltage of 40-72V DC, with an input current range of 12.8-7.1A, and specifically 11.3A at -48V.

Product Review

The Arista DCS-7124SX-DC-F offers high throughput of 480 Gbps and a packet processing capability of 360 million packets per second, catering to environments demanding high-speed data transmission. However, its operational temperature range of 0 to 40°C may limit deployment in environments with extreme temperature conditions. Additionally, the switch supports advanced features like multi-chassis LAG and 16-way ECMP routing for improved load balancing and redundancy, but the 500 nanoseconds latency might not meet the requirements of ultra-low latency applications.


The Arista DCS-7124SX-DC-F is a high-performance networking switch designed to meet the demands of modern data centers and high-frequency trading environments. With its advanced hardware specifications, this switch delivers exceptional speed, reliability, and scalability for various applications. At the heart of the Arista DCS-7124SX-DC-F is a dual-core x86 CPU, accompanied by 4 gigabytes of system memory and 2 gigabytes of flash storage memory. This robust combination ensures smooth operation and efficient handling of the switch's software functionalities. One of the key features of this switch is its impressive throughput capacity of 480 gigabits per second, coupled with the ability to process up to 360 million packets per second. This ensures rapid data transmission and high-speed connectivity across all 24 ports, each supporting SFP/SFP+ interface types for maximum flexibility. The Arista DCS-7124SX-DC-F boasts a low latency of just 500 nanoseconds, making it an ideal choice for applications where speed is critical. Additionally, the switch is designed to support up to 16 10GbE ports per link aggregation group (LAG), enabling efficient bandwidth utilization and improved data transfer rates. For enhanced network reliability and performance, the switch offers multi-chassis LAG for active/active L2 multipathing and 16-way ECMP routing for load balancing and redundancy. These features ensure continuous operation and data availability even in the event of a hardware failure or network congestion. The hardware design includes 1+1 hot-swappable power supplies and four N+1 hot-swappable fans, providing a resilient and easily maintainable system. The self-healing software with Stateful Fault Repair (SFR) further enhances system reliability by automatically detecting and correcting software issues without interrupting service. Operating within a temperature range of 0 to 40C and a storage temperature range of -40C to 70C, the Arista DCS-7124SX-DC-F is built to withstand diverse environmental conditions. It can operate at altitudes up to 10,000 ft and maintains performance within a relative humidity range of 5 to 95%. The switch's power specifications include an input voltage of 40-72V DC, with an input current ranging from 12.8-7.1A, and a specific rating of 11.3A at -48V. This ensures efficient power usage across different power supply conditions. Measuring 19” x 1.75” x 16” (44.5 x 4.4 x 40.64 cm) and weighing 17 lbs (7.71 kg), the Arista DCS-7124SX-DC-F is compact and lightweight, facilitating easy installation and integration into existing network infrastructures. Key highlights include: -
  • 24 SFP/SFP+ ports with a throughput of 480 gigabits per second.
  • Dual-core x86 CPU with 4 GB system memory and 2 GB flash storage memory.
  • Low latency of 500 nanoseconds and support for extensive LAG and ECMP configurations.
Designed for demanding environments, the Arista DCS-7124SX-DC-F delivers exceptional performance, reliability, and scalability, making it a valuable asset for any data center or high-frequency trading operation.


Model NumberArista DCS-7124SX-DC-F
Connection InterfaceSFP/SFP+
Main Memory4 GB
Storage for Firmware and Logs2 GB
Data Rate480 Gbps
Processing Rate360 Mpps
Ports Available24
Signal Delay500 ns
Processor TypeDual-Core x86
Operational Heat Range0°C to 40°C
Non-operational Heat Range-40°C to 70°C
Humidity Tolerance5% to 95% non-condensing
Maximum Operating Elevation10,000 feet above sea level
DC Power Requirements40-72V
Power Consumption Range12.8A to 7.1A
Power Consumption at -48V11.3A
Power SpecificationDC only
Power Input Cable TypeAWG 16-12
Physical Dimensions19" x 1.75" x 16" (44.5 x 4.4 x 40.64 cm)
Unit Mass17 lbs (7.71 kg)
Power Supply Redundancy1+1 hot-swappable
Cooling SystemFour N+1 hot-swappable fans
Software Recovery FeatureSelf-repairing software with SFR capability
Maximum Ports in a LAG16 10GbE ports
Dual-configuration LAGSupports active/active L2 multipathing
Load Balancing and Redundancy16-path ECMP routing

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