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by Arista
Product Line: Arista 7500E Series
Product Type: Switch Supervisor
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Product Description

The DCS-7500E-SUP is a supervisor module designed for the 7500E series chassis, featuring a 2.6GHz Quad Core x86 64-bit processor, 16 GB system memory, and 4 GB flash storage, enhancing the chassis's performance and reliability. It supports a range of connectivity options including one RS-232 serial port, two 100/1000 management ports, and two USB 2.0 interfaces, with an option for 100GB SSD storage. Designed for optimal efficiency, it operates within a temperature range of 0°C to 40°C, supports a 2+2 grid redundant power system, and ensures cooling with an airflow of 600 CFM @ 25 C˚ typically, reaching up to 800 CFM @ 40 C˚.

Key Feature for the DCS-7500E-SUP

  • What are the processor specifications of the Supervisor module for the 7500E series chassis?
    The processor is a 2.6GHz, Quad-Core, x86, 64-bit.
  • How much system memory is available on this module?
    The Supervisor module comes with 16 GB of system memory.
  • Is there an option for additional storage on the Supervisor module?
    Yes, there is an option for 100GB SSD storage.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the Supervisor module?
    The dimensions are 8.5” x 1.75” x 23” (21.6 x 4.4 x 58.4cm).
  • Are redundant power systems supported by the Supervisor module for the 7500E series chassis?
    Yes, it supports a 2+2 Grid redundant power system.
  • What is the airflow specification for the Supervisor module?
    Typical airflow is 600 CFM at 25 C˚, with a maximum of 800 CFM at 40 C˚.
  • How many RS-232 serial ports does the Supervisor module include?
    There is one RS-232 serial port available (RJ-45).
  • What is the operating temperature range for the Supervisor module?
    The operating temperature ranges from a minimum of 0°C to a maximum of 40°C.
  • Does the Supervisor module feature USB interfaces?
    Yes, it includes two USB 2.0 interfaces.
  • What is the typical and maximum power consumption of the Supervisor module?
    Typical power consumption is 105W, with a maximum of 112W.

Product Review

The Arista DCS-7500E-SUP supervisor module offers a solid foundation for the 7500E series chassis with its 2.6GHz quad-core processor, 16GB of system memory, and optional 100GB SSD storage, enhancing processing power and storage capabilities for demanding network environments. However, the requirement for two modules for redundancy increases the initial investment and occupies additional space within the chassis. The module's support for a wide range of operating conditions, including temperatures from 0°C to 40°C and up to 10,000 ft in altitude, ensures reliable performance across various deployment scenarios.


The Arista DCS-7500E-SUP is a supervisor module designed specifically for integration with the 7500E series chassis. This module is central to the operation of Arista's high-performance networking solutions, serving as the brain behind the system's processing capabilities. For enhanced reliability and system uptime, it is recommended to use two of these modules in a redundancy configuration. At the heart of the DCS-7500E-SUP is a 2.6GHz quad-core, x86, 64-bit processor. This is complemented by 16GB of system memory, ensuring smooth operation and efficient handling of network management tasks. The module also comes equipped with 4GB of flash storage memory to accommodate the operating system and applications. For connectivity, the module includes one RS-232 serial port with an RJ-45 connector, facilitating console management. It also features two 100/1000 management ports and two USB 2.0 interfaces, which offer flexibility for local and remote management. Additionally, an optional SSD storage of 100GB is available for users requiring extended storage capacity for logs, configurations, or other files. The physical dimensions of the supervisor module are 8.5” x 1.75” x 23” (21.6 x 4.4 x 58.4cm), and it weighs 5 lbs (2.4 kg). This compact size allows for efficient use of space within the chassis while maintaining a lightweight design for easy installation and maintenance. Power efficiency is a key feature of the DCS-7500E-SUP, with a typical power consumption of 105W and a maximum of 112W. The module supports a 2+2 grid redundant power system, ensuring continuous operation even in the event of a power supply failure. Airflow is another critical aspect, with a maximum airflow of 800 CFM at 40°C and a typical airflow of 600 CFM at 25°C, which helps to maintain optimal operating temperatures. - Operating temperatures range from a minimum of 0°C to a maximum of 40°C, accommodating various data center environments. - The module can operate in a wide range of relative humidity, from a minimum of 5% to a maximum of 95%, without condensation. - It is designed to function at altitudes ranging from 0 ft to 10,000 ft, ensuring reliability across diverse geographical locations. The Arista DCS-7500E-SUP module's design is focused on reliability, performance, and scalability. Its robust processing capabilities, combined with extensive memory and storage options, make it a foundational component for building high-capacity, resilient networking infrastructures. The module's comprehensive connectivity options and environmental tolerance further ensure that it can meet the demands of modern data centers, providing a solid foundation for the deployment of advanced networking services.


Item Number and Producer Arista DCS-7500E-SUP
Module Type Supervisory module for 7500E series framework
Redundancy Requirement Two units necessary for full redundancy
CPU 2.6GHz, Quad-Core, x86 architecture, 64-bit processing
Main Memory 16GB RAM
Internal Storage 4GB Flash
Serial Communication Port Single RS-232 (RJ-45 interface)
Management Network Ports Two ports for 100/1000 connectivity (RJ-45 interface)
USB Ports Two USB 2.0 ports
Optional Solid-State Drive 100GB (SSD)
Size (Width x Height x Depth) 8.5 x 1.75 x 23 inches (21.6 x 4.4 x 58.4 cm)
Mass 5 pounds (2.4 kg)
Power Consumption Normal (Peak) 105W (112W)
Maximum Airflow 800 cubic feet per minute at 40°C
Standard Airflow 600 cubic feet per minute at 25°C
Minimum Operating Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature 40°C
Minimum Storage Temperature -25°C
Maximum Storage Temperature 70°C
Minimum Relative Humidity 5%
Maximum Relative Humidity 95%
Lowest Operating Elevation 0 feet
Highest Operating Elevation 10,000 feet
Power System Redundancy 2+2 Grid redundant power configuration

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