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by Arista
Product Line: Arista Networks
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The DCS-7500R2-36CQ-LC is a 36 port 100GbE QSFP100 wirespeed line card designed for high-density networking, supporting up to 144 10GbE or 25GbE ports, 36 40GbE ports, 72 50GbE ports, and 36 100GbE ports. It features a 16 GB port buffer and is optimized for power efficiency with a typical power consumption of 565W, peaking at 621W. This line card is designed for reliability in various operational conditions, supporting an operating temperature range from 0°C to 40°C, and can function up to an altitude of 10,000 ft, backed by N+N Grid redundant power system and 1+1 Supervisor redundancy.

Key Feature for the DCS-7500R2-36CQ-LC

  • What is the maximum number of 10GbE and 25GbE ports supported by the 36 port 100GbE QSFP100 wirespeed line card?
    The card supports up to 144 ports for both 10GbE and 25GbE configurations.
  • How does the port buffer size of the QSFP100 line card enhance network performance?
    With a 16 GB port buffer, the line card efficiently manages data traffic, reducing packet loss and improving overall network reliability.
  • Can the QSFP100 line card support 40GbE and 50GbE configurations? If so, what are the maximum ports available for each?
    Yes, the card can support up to 36 ports for 40GbE and 72 ports for 50GbE configurations.
  • What are the power requirements for operating the QSFP100 wirespeed line card?
    The typical power consumption is 565W, with a maximum of 621W.
  • Does the QSFP100 line card feature AlgoMatch technology for enhanced packet processing?
    No, the QSFP100 line card does not include AlgoMatch technology.
  • What are the physical dimensions of the QSFP100 line card, and how does its size facilitate installation in network racks?
    The dimensions are 17.5” x 1.75” x 23” (44.5 x 4.5 x 58.4cm), making it suitable for standard network equipment racks.
  • Is the QSFP100 line card equipped with features to support high availability and redundancy?
    Yes, it supports N+N Grid redundant power system and 1+1 Supervisor redundancy, ensuring continuous operation.
  • What are the operating and storage temperature ranges for the QSFP100 line card?
    Operating temperatures range from 0°C to 40°C, and storage temperatures range from -40°C to 70°C.
  • What is the weight of the QSFP100 line card, and how does it impact installation?
    The line card weighs 16.1 lbs (7.3 kg), which should be considered during installation to ensure rack stability.
  • Does the QSFP100 line card support Accelerated sFlow for network monitoring?
    No, the QSFP100 line card does not support Accelerated sFlow.

Product Review

The Arista DCS-7500R2-36CQ-LC line card offers high-density connectivity with support for up to 36 100GbE ports, allowing for scalable network configurations across 10GbE, 25GbE, 40GbE, and 50GbE options, accommodating diverse data center needs. However, the lack of AlgoMatch and accelerated sFlow may limit advanced traffic management and monitoring capabilities, potentially affecting performance optimization in complex network environments. Additionally, its power consumption of 565W (621W max) and a considerable weight of 16.1 lbs underline the need for careful consideration of power and rack space planning in deployment.


The Arista DCS-7500R2-36CQ-LC is a high-performance networking solution designed to meet the demands of modern data centers. This 36 port 100GbE QSFP100 wirespeed line card offers unparalleled speed and flexibility, supporting up to 144 10GbE ports, 144 25GbE ports, 36 40GbE ports, 72 50GbE ports, and 36 100GbE ports. It is engineered to handle the increasing data volumes of contemporary network environments, making it an ideal choice for enterprises seeking to upgrade their network infrastructure. One of the standout features of the DCS-7500R2-36CQ-LC is its substantial port buffer capacity of 16 GB. This large buffer size ensures smooth data transmission even under heavy traffic conditions, reducing packet loss and improving overall network performance. However, it's worth noting that the card does not support AlgoMatch or accelerated sFlow, which may be a consideration for specific use cases requiring these features. The physical attributes of the DCS-7500R2-36CQ-LC include a weight of 16.1 lbs (7.3 kg) and dimensions of 17.5” x 1.75” x 23” (44.5 x 4.5 x 58.4cm), making it a compact yet powerful component that can easily fit into existing network setups. It operates efficiently within a temperature range of 0°C to 40°C and can withstand storage temperatures from -40°C to 70°C. The device is designed to function optimally in environments with a relative humidity between 5% and 95%, and at altitudes ranging from sea level up to 10,000 feet, ensuring reliable performance across various conditions. Power efficiency is another critical aspect of the DCS-7500R2-36CQ-LC. It consumes 565W of power under typical operating conditions and can go up to a maximum of 621W, reflecting its capacity to maintain energy efficiency while delivering high-speed data processing capabilities. Key features include: -
  • Support for multiple Ethernet port speeds, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for various network configurations.
  • A large 16 GB port buffer, facilitating efficient data processing and transmission.
  • Environmental durability, with a wide range of operating temperatures, humidity, and altitude levels.
Moreover, the DCS-7500R2-36CQ-LC is built with redundancy in mind, featuring an N+N Grid redundant power system and 1+1 Supervisor redundancy. This redundancy ensures that the network remains operational, minimizing downtime and providing a reliable networking foundation critical for businesses' operational continuity. In conclusion, the Arista DCS-7500R2-36CQ-LC line card is engineered for high-capacity networking tasks, offering a blend of speed, flexibility, and reliability. Its comprehensive range of supported port speeds, significant port buffer, and environmental resilience make it a valuable asset for enterprises looking to bolster their network infrastructure. With its focus on redundancy, it also provides peace of mind through enhanced network uptime and stability, making it a prudent choice for businesses prioritizing continuous, uninterrupted operation.


Part Number and ManufacturerArista DCS-7500R2-36CQ-LC
Card Type36-port 100GbE QSFP100 full-rate line module
Maximum Ports for 10GbE144
Maximum Ports for 25GbE144
Maximum Ports for 40GbE36
Maximum Ports for 50GbE72
Maximum Ports for 100GbE36
Buffer Capacity16GB
AlgoMatch TechnologyUnavailable
Accelerated sFlow SupportUnavailable
Unit Weight16.1 lbs (7.3 kg)
Power Consumption (Typical/Maximum)565W / 621W
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth)17.5” x 1.75” x 23” (44.5 x 4.5 x 58.4cm)
Minimum Operating Temperature0°C
Maximum Operating Temperature40°C
Minimum Storage Temperature-40°C
Maximum Storage Temperature70°C
Minimum Relative Humidity5%
Maximum Relative Humidity95%
Minimum Operating Altitude0 ft
Maximum Operating Altitude10,000 ft
Power System RedundancyN+N Grid
Supervisor Redundancy1+1

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