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by Arista
Product Line: Arista PWR-2700-DC-R
Product Type: Power Supply
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Product Description

The PWR-2700-DC-R is a DC power supply for Arista's DCS-7304, DCS-7308, and DCS-7316 chassis, featuring a maximum output power rating of 2600 W and an input voltage range of -48 to -60 VDC. It is designed with an input current capacity of 80 A and branch circuit protection rated at 100 A, ensuring safe and reliable operation. This power supply supports both reverse (red) and forward (blue) PSU airflow configurations for efficient cooling, operates within a temperature range of 0°C to 40°C, and includes indicators for power presence (green) and normal operation (green).

Key Feature for the PWR-2700-DC-R

  • What is the maximum output power rating of the DC Adapter part number CON-00581?
    The maximum output power rating is 2600 W.
  • At what input voltage does the DC Adapter operate?
    It operates at -48 or -60 V (nominal).
  • What is the maximum input current for CON-00581?
    The maximum input current is 80 A.
  • How is the input branch circuit protection rated for this device?
    The input branch circuit protection is rated at 100 A.
  • Which chassis are supported by this DC Adapter?
    Supported chassis include DCS-7304, DCS-7308, and DCS-7316.
  • What are the power requirements per circuit for the adapter?
    Input Power requirements are -48 to -60 VDC, with an 80 A current.
  • What type of branch circuit protection does CON-00581 have?
    It has a branch circuit protection rated at 100 A.
  • How many compression lugs are required per DC Adapter?
    Two compression lugs are required per DC Adapter.
  • What indicates normal operation in terms of PSU air flow and LED indicators?
    Normal operation is indicated by green LED for input power and operation, with PSU air flow options being Reverse (Red) or Forward (Blue).
  • What are the operating and storage temperature ranges for the DC Adapter?
    Operating temperature ranges from Min 0°C to Max 40°C, and storage temperature ranges from Min -40°C to Max 70°C.

Product Review

The Arista PWR-2700-DC-R offers a maximum output power rating of 2600W, supporting a range of chassis including DCS-7304, DCS-7308, and DCS-7316, making it versatile for various network configurations. However, the requirement for a separate purchase of 2 hole compression lugs for each DC adapter could increase installation time and overall cost. Additionally, the operating temperature range from 0°C to 40°C might limit its deployment in environments with extreme temperatures, despite its efficient input power range and circuit protection features.


The Arista PWR-2700-DC-R is a direct current (DC) power supply unit designed to support a variety of Arista's chassis, including DCS-7304, DCS-7308, and DCS-7316. This power supply offers a maximum output power rating of 2600 W, ensuring sufficient power for the supported devices. It operates on an input voltage of -48 or -60 V (nominal) with a maximum input current of 80 A, making it adaptable to various DC power environments. For safety and compliance, the Arista PWR-2700-DC-R features input branch circuit protection rated at 100 A. This feature helps to safeguard the power supply and the connected hardware against potential electrical hazards. The device also comes with an Arista part number CON-00581 DC Adapter for connectivity, and although it requires two hole compression lugs for connection, these are not included with the power supply unit. The power supply unit is designed to accommodate one DC adapter per power supply, and it requires two compression lugs per DC adapter to ensure a secure and reliable connection. Additionally, the Arista PWR-2700-DC-R features a unique air flow system, including options for reverse (red) and forward (blue) PSU air flow, which aids in maintaining optimal operating temperatures and enhances the longevity of the device.
  • Input Power (Per Circuit): -48 to -60 VDC, 80 A
  • Branch Circuit Protection: 100 A
  • Operating Temperature Range: Min 0°C to Max 40°C
The device is equipped with LED indicators for input power presence (green) and normal operation (green), providing at-a-glance status updates to network administrators. This ensures that any issues can be quickly identified and resolved, minimizing downtime and maintaining network performance. The Arista PWR-2700-DC-R is built to operate within a broad temperature range, from a minimum operating temperature of 0°C to a maximum of 40°C. This allows it to function reliably in various environmental conditions without compromising performance. For storage, it can withstand temperatures from as low as -40°C up to 70°C, offering flexibility in terms of deployment and storage locations. Designed with the needs of modern data centers and networking environments in mind, the Arista PWR-2700-DC-R power supply unit is an essential component for ensuring reliable power delivery to critical networking hardware. Its compatibility with select Arista chassis models, combined with its safety features and adaptable power input options, make it a versatile choice for a wide range of networking applications. Whether upgrading existing infrastructure or deploying new installations, the Arista PWR-2700-DC-R provides the reliability and performance needed to support high-demand networking environments.


Item Number and Producer Arista PWR-2700-DC-R
Peak DC Output Power 2600 Watts
DC Input Voltage Range -48V or -60V (standard)
Maximum DC Input Current 80 Amps
Circuit Protection for Input 100 Amps
Compatible Systems DCS-7304, DCS-7308, DCS-7316
Power Input Specifications (Each Circuit) -48V to -60VDC, 80A
Protection for Each Branch Circuit 100 Amps
Product Description DC Power Adapter (Arista item CON-00581)
Accessory Two-hole compression lug (sold separately)
Quantity of DC Adapters per Power Unit 1
Number of Compression Lugs per Adapter 2
Power Supply Unit (PSU) Airflow Direction - Reverse Red
PSU Airflow Direction - Forward Blue
Indicator for Power Connection Green
Indicator for Standard Operation Green
Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature 0°C
Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature 40°C
Lowest Storage Temperature -40°C (-40°F)
Highest Storage Temperature 70°C (158°F)

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