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by Arista
Product Line: Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-32
Product Type: Transceiver module
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Product Description

The QSFP-100G-DZ2-32 Arista features a Duplex LC termination/connector type and is designed for use with SMF (Single-Mode Fiber). It supports a data rate of 100 Gb/s and utilizes DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology for efficient bandwidth utilization. This module is compatible with the QSFP form factor and includes a pull tab for easy handling.

Key Feature for the QSFP-100G-DZ2-32

  • What is the maximum data rate supported by this QSFP module?
    The QSFP module supports a maximum data rate of 100 Gb/s.
  • Can I use MMF with the Duplex LC connector?
    No, the Duplex LC connector is designed for use with SMF (Single-Mode Fiber) only.
  • What type of fiber optic is required for optimal performance?
    SMF (Single-Mode Fiber) is required to achieve optimal performance with this networking hardware.
  • Does the QSFP module come with a pull tab?
    Yes, this QSFP module is equipped with a pull tab for easier handling and installation.
  • What wavelength technology does the module utilize?
    The module utilizes DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology for efficient data transmission.
  • Is the module compatible with older 10 Gb/s equipment?
    While primarily designed for 100 Gb/s, compatibility with 10 Gb/s equipment depends on the specific setup and equipment capabilities.
  • What form factor is this networking hardware?
    This hardware follows the QSFP (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable) form factor.
  • Can I use this QSFP module for outdoor applications?
    It is designed for indoor use and may require additional protection for outdoor applications.
  • What is the advantage of using DWDM technology in this module?
    DWDM technology allows for multiple data channels on the same fiber, increasing bandwidth without requiring additional fibers.
  • How does the pull tab benefit the installation process?
    The pull tab enables easier insertion and removal from high-density configurations, reducing the risk of damage to the module or fiber.

Product Review

The Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-32 supports a 100 Gb/s data rate over single-mode fiber (SMF) with a duplex LC connector, optimizing high-speed data transmission for enterprise networks. Its integration with Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) allows for efficient bandwidth utilization over long distances. However, the necessity for precise wavelength alignment might present challenges in environments without advanced optical tuning capabilities.


The Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-32 is a high-speed transceiver designed to meet the demands of modern data centers and high-performance computing environments. This device facilitates 100 Gb/s data transmission rates, making it suitable for intensive data transfer and high-bandwidth applications. Its QSFP form factor ensures compatibility with a wide range of networking equipment, allowing for seamless integration into existing infrastructures. One of the key features of the Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-32 is its use of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology. This technology enables the transceiver to transmit multiple data streams simultaneously over the same optical fiber but at different wavelengths. This capability not only maximizes the bandwidth but also significantly increases the data transmission capacity without the need for additional cabling, making it an efficient solution for expanding network capacity. The transceiver is designed for use with Single-Mode Fiber (SMF), which provides the advantage of longer transmission distances compared to Multi-Mode Fiber. This makes the Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-32 an ideal choice for connecting devices or data centers that are geographically dispersed. The longer reach is particularly beneficial in metropolitan area networks (MANs) or in applications where data needs to travel over long distances without degradation. Connectivity is facilitated through a Duplex LC connector, a common interface in fiber optic communications that offers a reliable and stable connection. This connector type is widely used because of its ease of handling and the secure connection it provides, ensuring that data transmission remains consistent and uninterrupted. The inclusion of a pull tab in the design of the Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-32 is a thoughtful addition that enhances user experience. This feature simplifies the installation and removal process, making it easier for technicians to manage the transceiver in dense networking environments where space and accessibility can be challenging. Highlighted specifications of the Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-32 include: -
  • Data rate support up to 100 Gb/s, catering to high-bandwidth applications.
  • Utilization of DWDM technology for efficient bandwidth maximization and increased transmission capacity.
  • Compatibility with Single-Mode Fiber (SMF) for extended reach in various networking scenarios.
In conclusion, the Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-32 transceiver is a sophisticated piece of networking hardware that addresses the need for high-speed data transmission over long distances. Its use of DWDM technology, combined with the efficiency of Single-Mode Fiber and the reliability of a Duplex LC connector, makes it a compelling choice for network administrators looking to enhance or expand their data transmission capabilities. Whether it's for use in data centers, enterprise networks, or service provider applications, this transceiver offers a blend of performance, reliability, and scalability that can meet the requirements of demanding network environments.


Model Number Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-32
Connection Interface LC Duplex
Compatible Fiber Optic Type Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)
Feature Extraction Mechanism
Transmission Speed 100 Gigabits per second
Module Type Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP)
Optical Wavelength Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM)

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