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by Arista
Product Line: Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-40
Product Type: Transceiver
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Product Description

The QSFP-100G-DZ2-40 is a DWDM networking module with a QSFP form factor, designed for 100 Gb/s data transmission over SMF. It utilizes a Duplex LC termination/connector type to ensure reliable connectivity. This module also features a pull tab for easy installation and removal.

Key Feature for the QSFP-100G-DZ2-40

  • What is the termination or connector type used with this QSFP module?
    The QSFP module utilizes a Duplex LC connector type.
  • Can the QSFP 100 Gb/s module support Single Mode Fiber (SMF)?
    Yes, this module is designed to be used with Single Mode Fiber (SMF).
  • Is a pull tab included with the QSFP module for easier handling?
    Yes, the module comes with a pull tab to facilitate easier insertion and removal.
  • What data rate does the QSFP 100 Gb/s support?
    The module supports a data rate of 100 Gb/s.
  • What form factor is the QSFP module designed in?
    The module is designed in the QSFP form factor.
  • What type of wavelength technology does the 100 Gb/s QSFP module use?
    It uses Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology.
  • Can the Duplex LC QSFP module be used for long-distance data transmission?
    Yes, given its compatibility with SMF and DWDM technology, it's suitable for long-distance data transmission.
  • What is the maximum data transmission speed of the QSFP module with DWDM technology?
    The maximum data transmission speed is 100 Gb/s.
  • Does the QSFP module need any specific type of fiber optic cable?
    Yes, it requires Single Mode Fiber (SMF) for optimal performance.
  • What benefits does the pull tab offer for the QSFP 100 Gb/s module?
    The pull tab allows for easy and safe handling of the module, especially during installation and removal.

Product Review

The Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-40 offers a high data rate of 100 Gb/s, suitable for demanding data center environments, utilizing DWDM technology for efficient bandwidth utilization over single-mode fiber. The inclusion of a duplex LC connector ensures compatibility with standard networking equipment, facilitating easy integration. However, the requirement for SMF might limit its application in environments predominantly using MMF, potentially increasing deployment costs.


The Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-40 is a cutting-edge transceiver designed for high-speed data transmission, offering a significant leap in network performance and efficiency. Engineered to work with single-mode fiber (SMF), this device supports a 100 Gb/s data rate, making it an ideal solution for data centers and extensive networking environments where bandwidth and speed are critical. This transceiver adopts the QSFP form factor, a widely used standard that ensures compatibility with a broad range of networking equipment. Its compact design allows for high-density installations, enabling network operators to maximize space efficiency while expanding their system's capacity. One of the key features of the Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-40 is its use of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology. This technique allows for multiple data signals to be transmitted simultaneously on the same fiber, significantly increasing the fiber's capacity without the need for additional cables. The DWDM technology employed by this transceiver operates at specific wavelengths, ensuring clear, uninterrupted data transmission over long distances. The transceiver is equipped with a duplex LC connector, a widely adopted interface known for its reliability and ease of use. This type of connector offers a secure and stable connection, reducing the risk of data loss or transmission errors. The inclusion of a pull tab further enhances the user experience by simplifying the installation and removal process, making it more convenient for IT personnel to manage network hardware. The Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-40 is tailored for use with single-mode fiber, the preferred choice for long-distance and high-bandwidth applications. Single-mode fiber offers several advantages over its multi-mode counterpart, including lower signal attenuation and the ability to cover distances of up to several kilometers without significant loss of signal quality. This makes the transceiver an excellent choice for large-scale networks that span considerable distances. To summarize the key specifications: -
  • Termination/Connector Type: Duplex LC
  • Fiber Type to be used: SMF
  • Data rate: 100 Gb/s
The integration of these features into the Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-40 transceiver ensures that it not only meets the current demands for high-speed data transmission but also offers a future-proof solution that can accommodate the growing data needs of modern networks. Whether for data center interconnects, enterprise networking, or carrier transport, this transceiver provides a reliable, high-performance solution for transmitting data over long distances with minimal signal loss. Its compatibility with existing infrastructure, combined with advanced DWDM technology, positions the Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-40 as a versatile and effective component in any high-speed networking setup.


Item ID Arista QSFP-100G-DZ2-40
Manufacturer Arista
Connector Interface LC Duplex
Compatible Fiber Type Single-Mode Fiber (SMF)
Feature Extraction Tab
Transmission Speed 100 Gigabits per Second
Module Type QSFP
Operational Wavelength Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM)

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