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by Arista
Product Line: Arista Networks QSFP-40G-LRL4
Product Type: Transceiver Module
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Product Description

The QSFP-40G-LRL4 Arista transceiver is designed with SFF-8436 compliance, featuring a duplex LC connector and operates over single-mode fiber for 40GBase Ethernet applications. It supports a link distance of up to 2km on G.652 fiber with a data rate of up to 11.2 Gbps per lane, and is equipped for hot plugging and commercial temperature ranges from 0 to 70 Celsius. This model prioritizes safety and durability with excellent ESD protection, a metal casing for reduced EMI, and meets RoHS compliance standards for environmental responsibility.

Key Feature for the QSFP-40G-LRL4

  • What does SFF-8436 compliance mean?
    SFF-8436 compliance indicates the transceiver follows the standards for Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable (QSFP) interfaces, ensuring compatibility and performance in networking hardware.
  • Can the product be used in outdoor environments?
    No, the product is designed for commercial temperature ranges from 0 to 70 Celsius, making it unsuitable for extreme outdoor environments.
  • What type of fiber does the transceiver support?
    The transceiver supports single-mode fiber, enabling long-distance communication with minimal signal loss.
  • Is the product hot pluggable?
    Yes, it is hot pluggable, allowing for easy installation and removal without shutting down the system.
  • What measures are in place for ESD protection?
    The product has excellent Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection, safeguarding against damage from static electricity.
  • What materials are used in the transceiver's construction?
    Metal with lower Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is used, minimizing signal interference for improved performance.
  • Is the product environmentally friendly?
    Yes, it is RoHS compliant and lead-free, adhering to regulations on hazardous materials and promoting environmental sustainability.
  • What Ethernet standard does the transceiver support?
    It supports the 40GBase Ethernet standard, enabling high-speed network connections.
  • What are the storage and operating temperature ranges for the transceiver?
    The storage temperature range is from -40 to 85 Celsius, and the operating case temperature range is from 0 to 70 Celsius.
  • What is the maximum power supply voltage the product can handle?
    The maximum power supply voltage is 3.6 volts, with a peak of 4.365 volts, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of power sources.

Product Review

The Arista QSFP-40G-LRL4 transceiver offers compatibility with the SFF-8436 standard and operates over a single-mode fiber with a duplex LC connector, ensuring reliable connectivity for 40GBase Ethernet networks over a maximum link distance of 2km. It is designed to work within a commercial temperature range of 0 to 70 Celsius, with a storage temperature range significantly broader, from -40 to 85 Celsius, facilitating its use in varied environmental conditions. However, its power consumption of up to 3.5W and the requirement for a specific power supply voltage (min -0.5 max 3.6, with a maximum of 4.365) could be a limitation in power-sensitive deployments, despite its benefits of hot pluggability, excellent ESD protection, and low EMI metal construction.


The Arista QSFP-40G-LRL4 transceiver module provides a high-performance 40GBase Ethernet connectivity option designed for long-range data transmission over single-mode fiber. This transceiver is optimized for scalability and efficiency in data center, enterprise networking, and high-performance computing environments, supporting link distances of up to 2 kilometers on G.652 fiber. It is equipped with a duplex LC connector, ensuring a secure and reliable physical connection. This module conforms to the SFF-8436 specification, which guarantees its compatibility with a broad range of networking equipment. It operates within a commercial temperature range of 0 to 70 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for deployment in various operating environments without the need for additional cooling solutions. The QSFP-40G-LRL4 is hot-pluggable, allowing for seamless integration into existing networks without the need to power down devices or disrupt network traffic. Featuring excellent electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, this transceiver minimizes the risk of damage due to static electricity, enhancing its durability and reliability. The module's metal construction contributes to lower electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring stable performance in densely populated networking environments. Additionally, it adheres to the RoHS directive and is lead-free, reflecting Arista's commitment to environmental sustainability. Key specifications include: - Storage Temperature: Minimum -40, maximum 85 degrees Celsius - Operating Case Temperature: Minimum 0, maximum 70 degrees Celsius - Power Supply Voltage: Minimum -0.5, maximum 3.6V with a maximum supply current of 1.1A The QSFP-40G-LRL4's performance is characterized by a maximum data rate of 11.2 Gbps per lane, contributing to its overall capacity of 40 Gbps. It maintains a power consumption of no more than 3.5W, which is conducive to energy-efficient network operations. The module's power-on initialization time does not exceed 2000ms, facilitating rapid deployment and minimizing downtime. For signal integrity, the transceiver exhibits a single-ended output voltage range of -0.3 to 4.0V and an AC common mode output voltage of up to 7.5V. The differential output voltage swing is maintained between 300 and 850mV, with an output impedance range of 90 to 110 ohms, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of networking equipment. In summary, the Arista QSFP-40G-LRL4 transceiver module is a reliable solution for 40GBase Ethernet applications requiring long-distance transmission over single-mode fiber. Its design and specifications meet the demands of modern data centers and enterprise networks, offering a balance between performance, reliability, and environmental responsibility.


Part NumberArista QSFP-40G-LRL4
Compliance StandardSFF-8436
Connector TypeLC Duplex
Operating Temperature Range0°C to 70°C
Fiber TypeSingle-mode
RemovabilityHot Swappable
Electrostatic Discharge ProtectionSuperior
Enclosure MaterialMetal, Reduced EMI
Environmental ComplianceRoHS, Lead-Free
Network Standard40GBase-LR4 Ethernet
Storage Temperature Range-40°C to 85°C
Case Operating Temperature Range0°C to 70°C
Minimum Power Supply Voltage-0.5V
Maximum Power Supply Voltage3.6V
Humidity Tolerance (non-condensing)Up to 85%
Maximum Transmission Distance2 km on G.652 Fiber
Lane Data Rate Maximum11.2 Gbps
Peak Power Supply Voltage4.365V
Maximum Supply Current1.1A
High-Level Control Input Voltage Range2V to VCC
Low-Level Control Input Voltage Range0V to 0.8V
Maximum Power Draw3.5W
Initiation Time for Transceiver Power-OnUp to 2000 ms
Minimum Single-Ended Output Voltage-0.3V to 4.0V
Maximum AC Common-Mode Output Voltage7.5V
Output Voltage Swing Range300 mV to 850 mV
Output Impedance Range90Ω to 110Ω

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