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by Arista
Product Line: Arista QSFP-XSR4
Product Type: Optical Transceiver
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Product Description

The QSFP-XSR4 Arista features a QSFP+ form factor, designed for high-speed data transfer applications with a Data Transfer Rate of 40 Gbps. It operates over Multi-mode Fiber (MMF) with a maximum connectivity distance of 300 m and utilizes an 850 nm wavelength for signal transmission. For physical connectivity, it employs an MTP/MPO Connector type, ensuring efficient and reliable network performance.

Key Feature for the QSFP-XSR4

  • What is the maximum data transfer rate of a QSFP+ module?
    The QSFP+ module supports a data transfer rate of up to 40 Gbps.
  • Can the part support connections over long distances?
    Yes, it can maintain connections up to a maximum distance of 300 meters.
  • What type of fiber mode is compatible with QSFP+ modules?
    They are compatible with Multi-mode Fiber (MMF).
  • What connector type does this network hardware utilize?
    It uses an MTP/MPO connector type.
  • At what wavelength does the QSFP+ operate?
    The QSFP+ operates at a wavelength of 850 nm.
  • Is the module suitable for high-speed computing environments?
    Yes, with its 40 Gbps data rate, it's well-suited for high-speed computing environments.
  • What applications benefit most from the QSFP+'s capabilities?
    Applications requiring high bandwidth, such as data centers and high-performance computing, benefit most.
  • How does the part ensure reliable connectivity?
    Through its use of MTP/MPO connectors, it ensures reliable, high-density connections.
  • Can the QSFP+ module be used in any type of network infrastructure?
    It's best used in networks that can support the 40 Gbps speed and where MMF is the chosen cabling solution.
  • Is there any special equipment needed to install the QSFP+ module?
    No special equipment is needed, but an MTP/MPO compatible port is required for connectivity.

Product Review

The Arista QSFP-XSR4's 40 Gbps data transfer rate is suitable for high-bandwidth applications, ensuring efficient data flow across the network. Its compatibility with multi-mode fiber allows for a maximum distance of 300 m, catering to most data center requirements without the need for signal boosters. However, the reliance on MTP/MPO connectors might limit flexibility in certain setups, requiring additional adapters for networks not already using this connector type.


The Arista QSFP-XSR4 is a high-performance networking transceiver designed to meet the demands of modern data centers and high-speed networking environments. This transceiver module is compatible with the QSFP+ form factor, ensuring it can be easily integrated into existing hardware setups that support this standard. The QSFP-XSR4 is engineered to facilitate a data transfer rate of 40 Gbps, making it suitable for bandwidth-intensive applications and providing the necessary throughput for high-speed data transmission across networks. This transceiver utilizes multi-mode fiber (MMF) to maintain high data integrity over distances up to 300 meters, offering flexibility in data center layout and infrastructure design. The use of multi-mode fiber also aids in reducing the overall cost of deployment, as MMF solutions tend to be more economical compared to their single-mode counterparts, especially over shorter distances. Operating at a wavelength of 850 nm, the Arista QSFP-XSR4 is optimized for short-range communication, which is typical for intra-data center connections, facilitating efficient and reliable interconnectivity between servers, switches, and storage devices. This wavelength is in the range that offers a good balance between performance and cost-effectiveness for multi-mode fiber applications. The connectivity of the QSFP-XSR4 is facilitated by an MTP/MPO connector, a high-density solution that supports the 40 Gbps data rate. This type of connector is designed for easy and secure connections, ensuring a reliable link between devices. The use of an MTP/MPO connector also simplifies the cable management process, allowing for cleaner and more organized cabling infrastructure in data centers. Key features of the Arista QSFP-XSR4 include: -
  • QSFP+ form factor for compatibility with QSFP+ ports.
  • 40 Gbps data transfer rate for high-speed networking applications.
  • MTP/MPO connector type for efficient and reliable connectivity.
The Arista QSFP-XSR4 stands out for its ability to support high data rates over a considerable distance using multi-mode fiber, making it an excellent choice for data centers looking to optimize their networking hardware for speed, reliability, and cost-efficiency. This transceiver module’s design and specifications ensure it is a valuable component for building modern, high-performance computing environments where data throughput and network reliability are critical. Whether upgrading existing infrastructure or deploying new setups, the QSFP-XSR4 is a compelling option for professionals aiming to enhance their network's capacity and performance.


Item Code Arista QSFP-XSR4
Form Type QSFP+
Bandwidth 40 Gigabits per second
Fiber Type Multi-mode Fiber Optic
Maximum Range 300 meters
Operational Wavelength 850 nanometers
Connection Interface MTP/MPO

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