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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASA 5500-X Series
Product Type: Chassis
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Product Description

The ASA5585-S20F20XK9 Cisco integrates a Security Services Processor SSP 20 and a FirePOWER SSP 20 for advanced security capabilities. It features 16 Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces and 4 SFP+ Interfaces, supporting high-speed connectivity and network expansion. Equipped with 3DES/AES License for encryption, this model also includes 2 AC power supplies for reliable power redundancy.

FAQs for the ASA5585-S20F20XK9

  • What is the primary function of the Security Services Processor SSP 20?
    The Security Services Processor SSP 20 is designed to enhance network security by providing advanced encryption and threat defense.
  • How many Gigabit Ethernet interfaces does the FirePOWER SSP 20 offer?
    The FirePOWER SSP 20 offers 16 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.
  • Can the SSP 20 support high-speed data transmission?
    Yes, the SSP 20 supports high-speed data transmission with 4 SFP+ interfaces for fiber connectivity.
  • What encryption standards are supported by the FirePOWER SSP 20?
    The FirePOWER SSP 20 supports 3DES and AES encryption standards under its license.
  • How many power supplies are included with the Security Services Processor SSP 20?
    The Security Services Processor SSP 20 includes 2 power supplies for redundancy.
  • What type of power supply does the FirePOWER SSP 20 use?
    The FirePOWER SSP 20 uses AC power supplies.
  • Is the SSP 20 capable of integrating with other network security solutions?
    Yes, the SSP 20 is designed for integration with a range of network security solutions to provide comprehensive protection.
  • How does the FirePOWER SSP 20 handle encryption and decryption tasks?
    The FirePOWER SSP 20 efficiently handles encryption and decryption tasks using supported 3DES/AES standards to secure data.
  • What redundancy features are available with the Security Services Processor SSP 20?
    The SSP 20 offers redundancy features including dual power supplies to ensure continuous operation.
  • Are there any specific requirements for operating the FirePOWER SSP 20?
    The FirePOWER SSP 20 requires an appropriate licensing for 3DES/AES encryption standards and sufficient power supply based on the AC type.

Product Review

The Cisco ASA5585-S20F20XK9 offers a comprehensive security solution with its integrated Security Services Processor SSP 20 and FirePOWER SSP 20, ensuring high-performance threat protection. With 16 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and 4 SFP+ interfaces, it supports extensive network connectivity options, though it may fall short for environments requiring higher port density. Dual AC power supplies enhance redundancy, but reliance on 3DES/AES encryption standards necessitates consideration of evolving encryption requirements.


The Cisco ASA5585-S20F20XK9 is a high-performance security appliance designed to meet the needs of enterprise-level networks. This model is part of the Cisco ASA 5500-X Series and is engineered to deliver superior security with multi-layered protection, making it an ideal solution for organizations seeking to safeguard their data and network infrastructure. The appliance integrates both the Security Services Processor (SSP) 20 and the FirePOWER SSP 20, enhancing its capabilities in threat defense and providing users with comprehensive security features. At the core of the ASA5585-S20F20XK9 are its processing units. The Security Services Processor SSP 20 is dedicated to delivering robust security services, such as firewall protection, VPN connections, and intrusion prevention. Complementing this is the FirePOWER SSP 20, which focuses on advanced threat protection, including malware defense and application control. Together, these processors ensure efficient and effective security operations, capable of handling the demanding requirements of modern enterprise networks. Connectivity on this appliance is facilitated through a combination of Gigabit Ethernet and SFP+ interfaces. Specifically, it comes equipped with: - 16 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, providing ample connectivity options for a variety of network configurations and ensuring high-speed data transmission. - 4 SFP+ interfaces, offering enhanced network flexibility and support for higher throughput, making it suitable for data-intensive applications. The ASA5585-S20F20XK9 supports encryption standards including 3DES and AES, ensuring secure data transmission across the network. This capability is crucial for organizations that prioritize data security, as it enables the encryption of sensitive information, thereby protecting it from unauthorized access. Power redundancy is another key feature of this appliance, with two AC power supplies included. This ensures continuous operation and minimizes downtime, which is vital for maintaining network integrity and availability. The inclusion of dual power supplies also provides the added benefit of power supply redundancy, enhancing the overall reliability of the system. In summary, the Cisco ASA5585-S20F20XK9 is a powerful and versatile security appliance designed to offer comprehensive protection for enterprise networks. Its integration of the Security Services Processor SSP 20 and FirePOWER SSP 20, along with a wide range of connectivity options and support for encryption standards, makes it a formidable solution for organizations looking to secure their networks against a variety of threats. The addition of dual AC power supplies further ensures that the appliance can deliver consistent performance and maintain network security without interruption. This appliance represents a strategic investment for businesses aiming to fortify their network infrastructure and safeguard their digital assets.


Item Number ASA5585-S20F20XK9 by Cisco
Processor for Security Services SSP 20
FirePOWER Module SSP 20
Gigabit Ethernet Ports Count 16
SFP+ Ports Quantity 4
Supported Encryption Protocols 3DES/AES License Required
Total Power Supply Units 2
Power Supply Specification AC

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