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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR 1000 Series
Product Type: Power Supply Module
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Product Description

The ASR1000X-AC-750W is a Cisco power supply unit designed for the Cisco ASR 1002-HX Router, featuring an AC input and a 750 W power capacity. It operates within a minimum and maximum input AC voltage range of 85 VAC. This model ensures efficient cooling with its plug-side intake airflow system.

FAQs for the ASR1000X-AC-750W

  • Q: What is the power capacity of the AC/DC power supply designed for the Cisco ASR 1002-HX Router?
    A: The power capacity is 750 W.
  • Q: Can the AC/DC AC Power 750 W supply operate on any voltage within a specific range?
    A: Yes, it operates on a voltage range from 85 VAC to 265 VAC.
  • Q: What type of airflow does the AC/DC AC Power 750 W support?
    A: It supports airflow with plug-side intake.
  • Q: Which Cisco router is compatible with the AC/DC AC Power 750 W supply?
    A: It is compatible with the Cisco ASR 1002-HX Router.
  • Q: What is the minimum input AC voltage required for the power supply to function?
    A: The minimum input AC voltage required is 85 VAC.
  • Q: What feature ensures efficient cooling in the AC/DC AC Power 750 W?
    A: The plug-side intake airflow feature ensures efficient cooling.
  • Q: Is the AC/DC AC Power 750 W supply suitable for high-demand environments?
    A: Yes, its 750 W power capacity makes it suitable for high-demand environments.
  • Q: How does the AC/DC AC Power 750 W supply's voltage flexibility benefit users?
    A: The voltage flexibility allows it to operate in a wide range of power environments, enhancing its usability across different regions.
  • Q: What safety features are included in the AC/DC AC Power 750 W for the Cisco ASR 1002-HX Router?
    A: It includes over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-current protection.
  • Q: Can the AC/DC AC Power 750 W be used in environments with fluctuating power supplies?
    A: Yes, its wide input voltage range accommodates fluctuating power supplies, ensuring stable operation.

Product Review

The Cisco ASR1000X-AC-750W power supply offers a consistent 750W output, suitable for supporting the Cisco ASR 1002-HX Router's operations. However, its narrow input voltage range of 85 VAC limits flexibility in varying power environments. Additionally, the plug-side intake design requires careful consideration of airflow management within the rack to ensure optimal cooling and performance.


The Cisco ASR1000X-AC-750W is a power supply module designed specifically for use with the Cisco ASR 1002-HX Router. This module is essential for network administrators looking to ensure their networking hardware operates efficiently, without interruption. The power supply provides a stable and reliable power source, essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of the router. With an output power of 750W, this power supply delivers sufficient power to support the operations of the Cisco ASR 1002-HX Router, even under heavy load. It operates efficiently within a broad input voltage range, making it versatile and reliable for various network environments. The minimum input AC voltage requirement is set at 85 VAC, and it also has a maximum input AC voltage capacity of 85 VAC. This tight voltage range signifies a specialized design tailored for stable electrical environments, ensuring that the router operates smoothly without facing power-related issues. The airflow design of the Cisco ASR1000X-AC-750W is plug-side intake. This means that the air intake happens from the connector side of the power supply, a design choice that helps in efficient cooling of the unit. Efficient cooling is crucial for the longevity of the power supply and the router itself, as it prevents overheating and potential damage from high temperatures. This design ensures that the power supply operates within safe temperature ranges, enhancing the overall reliability of the system. Compatibility is a key aspect of this power supply unit. It is designed for exclusive use with the Cisco ASR 1002-HX Router, ensuring that network administrators have a power supply option that perfectly matches their router’s specifications. This compatibility eliminates the guesswork and potential issues related to using non-compatible power supplies, ensuring a seamless and optimized operation. Key features include: - <>
  • AC power type with 750W output, suitable for handling significant power requirements.
  • Airflow designed for plug-side intake to ensure efficient cooling.
  • Designed specifically for the Cisco ASR 1002-HX Router, guaranteeing compatibility and optimal performance.
The power supply’s design is not only functional but also ensures durability. It is built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation in a demanding network environment. This durability means network administrators can rely on the power supply to maintain network operations without frequent replacements or downtime. In conclusion, the Cisco ASR1000X-AC-750W power supply is a critical component for network administrators who utilize the Cisco ASR 1002-HX Router. Its specific design ensures that it delivers the necessary power efficiently and reliably, with a cooling system that maintains optimal operating temperatures. Its compatibility with the ASR 1002-HX Router ensures that network administrators can deploy it with confidence, knowing it will provide stable and uninterrupted power, essential for maintaining network performance and reliability.


Item Code CISCO ASR1000X-AC-750W
Produced by Cisco
Power Supply Type AC
Power Output 750 Watts
Lowest AC Voltage Input 85 Volts AC
Highest AC Voltage Input 264 Volts AC
Cooling Method Intake from Connector Side
Compatibility Compatible with Cisco ASR 1002-HX Router

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