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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR 1000 Series
Product Type: VPN Bundle
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Product Description

The ASR1001X-2.5G-VPN is designed for integration with the ASR1001-X Router, supporting a performance capacity of 2.5 Gbps. It utilizes the Universal Image SASR1K1XUK9-XYS and is equipped with the Technology Package License FLASR1-AES. Additionally, it includes the Feature License FLSASR1-IPSEC for enhanced security protocols.

FAQs for the ASR1001X-2.5G-VPN

  • What is the maximum performance capability of the ASR1001-X Router?
    The ASR1001-X Router supports a maximum performance of 2.5 Gbps.
  • Which universal image is used in ASR1001-X?
    The ASR1001-X utilizes the SASR1K1XUK9-XYS universal image.
  • How can I enhance the encryption capabilities of my ASR1001-X Router?
    Enhancing encryption capabilities can be achieved by acquiring the FLASR1-AES technology package license.
  • What feature license is required for IPsec on the ASR1001-X?
    For IPsec functionality, the FLSASR1-IPSEC feature license is necessary.
  • Is the 2.5 Gbps performance upgrade available for all ASR1001-X Routers?
    Yes, the 2.5 Gbps performance upgrade is compatible with all ASR1001-X Routers, requiring the appropriate licenses.
  • What licenses are necessary to fully utilize the SASR1K1XUK9-XYS universal image?
    To fully utilize the SASR1K1XUK9-XYS universal image, both the FLASR1-AES and FLSASR1-IPSEC licenses may be required, depending on your security needs.
  • Can the ASR1001-X Router support advanced encryption without additional licenses?
    No, advanced encryption on the ASR1001-X Router requires the FLASR1-AES technology package license.
  • What is the purpose of the FLSASR1-IPSEC license?
    The FLSASR1-IPSEC license enables IPsec VPN functionalities on the ASR1001-X Router.
  • Are there any prerequisites for upgrading the ASR1001-X Router to 2.5 Gbps performance?
    Upgrading to 2.5 Gbps performance may require additional licenses, such as FLASR1-AES or FLSASR1-IPSEC, depending on your configuration.
  • How does the SASR1K1XUK9-XYS image affect the router’s performance?
    The SASR1K1XUK9-XYS image alone does not directly impact performance; performance enhancements are achieved through hardware capabilities and additional licensing.

Product Review

The CISCO ASR1001X-2.5G-VPN offers a solid performance of 2.5 Gbps, suitable for medium-sized enterprise networks requiring efficient data throughput. It comes with the Universal Image SASR1K1XUK9-XYS and Technology Package License FLASR1-AES, enhancing its security capabilities, particularly with the FLSASR1-IPSEC feature license for encrypted VPN connections. However, its reliance on specific feature licenses for advanced functionalities might increase the total cost of ownership and operational complexity.


The CISCO ASR1001X-2.5G-VPN is a high-performance networking solution designed to meet the demands of small to medium-sized enterprise environments. This model is a key component of the ASR1001-X Router series, offering advanced features and capabilities to support a wide range of applications, including high-speed WAN connectivity, VPN services, and secure data transmission. At its core, the CISCO ASR1001X-2.5G-VPN is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, with a throughput capacity of 2.5 Gbps. This makes it an ideal choice for organizations requiring fast and reliable data transport across their networks. The device leverages a universal image, SASR1K1XUK9-XYS, which facilitates a streamlined and flexible installation process, allowing for custom configurations based on specific network requirements. The hardware is further enhanced by the inclusion of a technology package license, FLASR1-AES, and a feature license, FLSASR1-IPSEC. These licenses unlock advanced encryption and security features, ensuring that data remains secure during transmission over public or unsecured networks. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that prioritize data security and need to comply with industry regulations regarding data protection. Key hardware specifications of the CISCO ASR1001X-2.5G-VPN include:
  • Performance capability of 2.5 Gbps, accommodating high-speed data transfer and processing.
  • Universal image support with the SASR1K1XUK9-XYS image, offering flexibility in deployment and operation.
  • Advanced security and encryption capabilities enabled by the FLASR1-AES and FLSASR1-IPSEC licenses, providing robust protection for data in transit.
This device is specifically designed for use with the ASR1001-X Router, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration into existing Cisco network infrastructures. Its compact design and efficient power consumption make it an economical choice for businesses looking to expand their network capabilities without significantly increasing operational costs. The CISCO ASR1001X-2.5G-VPN is not just about raw performance and security; it also offers scalability. As network demands grow, this device can adapt, providing a future-proof solution that supports the evolving needs of dynamic business environments. This adaptability, combined with Cisco's renowned reliability, makes the ASR1001X-2.5G-VPN a smart investment for organizations aiming to bolster their network infrastructure with a device that can keep pace with changing technology landscapes. In summary, the CISCO ASR1001X-2.5G-VPN stands out as a versatile and efficient networking solution. Its combination of high-speed performance, advanced security features, and compatibility with the ASR1001-X Router positions it as a valuable asset for businesses looking to enhance their network capabilities. Whether for high-speed WAN connectivity, secure VPN services, or reliable data transmission, this device offers a comprehensive solution that meets a broad spectrum of networking requirements.


Item Code CISCO ASR1001X-2.5G-VPN
Data Throughput Capacity 2.5 Gigabits per second
Software Edition SASR1K1XUK9-XYS
Encryption Support Add-on FLASR1-AES
Security Protocol Extension FLSASR1-IPSEC
Compatibility ASR1001-X Series Router

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