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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR 1000 Series
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The ASR1002-5G-HA/K9 is a 2 RU form factor, desktop enclosure networking router that offers wired connectivity. It supports a range of protocols and features including SNMP, Telnet, SSH for remote management, and is equipped with VPN support, MPLS support, IPv6 support, along with Stateful switchover (SSO) and MPLS VPN. This model comes with 4 GB of memory, 3 interfaces, 3 expansion slots, dual internal power supplies for redundancy, and operates within a temperature range of 41 °F to 104 °F, ensuring reliability and performance under various conditions.

FAQs for the ASR1002-5G-HA/K9

  • What is the form factor and enclosure type of this networking device?
    The device has a 2 RU form factor and a desktop enclosure.
  • Does part number support VPN and MPLS?
    Yes, it supports VPN, MPLS, and also includes IPv6 support and Stateful switchover (SSO).
  • What remote management protocols are available?
    It supports SNMP, Telnet, and SSH protocols for remote management.
  • How much memory does part number come with?
    It comes with 4 GB of memory.
  • Can you specify the connectivity technology used?
    The device uses wired connectivity technology.
  • How many interfaces and expansion slots does part number have?
    It has 3 interfaces and 3 expansion slots.
  • What type of power redundancy is available?
    Yes, power redundancy is supported with two internal power supplies.
  • What are the input voltage and frequency specifications for part number?
    The input voltage is 120/230 VAC with a frequency of 50/60 Hz.
  • What operating temperatures is the device designed to withstand?
    It can operate between 41 °F and 104 °F.
  • Does part number come with a rack mounting kit?
    Yes, a rack mounting kit is included.

Product Review

The CISCO ASR1002-5G-HA/K9 offers reliable connectivity and advanced features such as VPN, MPLS, IPv6 support, and Stateful switchover (SSO), catering to complex network requirements. However, its limitation to only three interfaces may restrict scalability for growing network demands. Additionally, the dual power supplies ensure redundancy, enhancing the system's reliability in diverse operational environments.


The Cisco ASR1002-5G-HA/K9 is a high-performance router designed for high-speed data communication in medium to large enterprises and ISPs. This device is built for redundancy and high availability, ensuring continuous operation and minimal downtime. With a 2 RU form factor, it is suitable for both desktop and rack-mounted setups, making it versatile for different networking environments. This router supports wired connectivity technology, ensuring reliable and fast data transmission. It is equipped with advanced security and network management protocols including SNMP, Telnet, and SSH, allowing for secure and remote configuration and management. The device is engineered to support essential networking features such as VPN, MPLS, IPv6, Stateful switchover (SSO), and MPLS VPN, catering to diverse network requirements. Key specifications: - Memory: 4 GB, ensuring efficient processing and operation. - Number of Interfaces: 3, facilitating multiple connections. - Expansion Slots: 3, providing options for network expansion and customization. The Cisco ASR1002-5G-HA/K9 offers power redundancy with two internal power supplies, supporting input voltages of 120/230 VAC and input frequencies of 50/60 Hz. This feature ensures the router remains operational even if one power source fails, enhancing the reliability of network infrastructure. The router comes with the Cisco IOS Advanced Enterprise Services software, offering a comprehensive suite of advanced networking features and capabilities. With dimensions of 17.2 inches in width, 21.9 inches in depth, and 3.5 inches in height, the device fits comfortably in standard networking racks, with a rack mounting kit included for easy installation. Operating conditions are designed to be flexible with a minimum operating temperature of 41 °F and a maximum of 104 °F. The device can operate within a humidity range of 5% to 90%, ensuring reliability across various environmental conditions. The Cisco ASR1002-5G-HA/K9 complies with multiple standards, including CISPR 24, EN55022, VCCI Class A ITE, EN55024, CISPR 22, EN50082-1, and CSA 22.2 No. 60950, indicating its adherence to international safety and operational standards. In summary, the Cisco ASR1002-5G-HA/K9 is a feature-rich, high-availability router that meets the demands of modern networking environments. Its support for essential networking protocols, combined with high redundancy, expansion capabilities, and compliance with international standards, makes it a reliable choice for businesses and ISPs looking to build or expand their network infrastructure.


Part Number CISCO ASR1002-5G-HA/K9
Manufacturer CISCO
Rack Units 2 RU
Type of Case Desktop
Connection Type Wired
Management via Network SNMP, Telnet, SSH
Supported Capabilities VPN, MPLS, IPv6, SSO, MPLS VPN
Interface Count 3
Slots for Expansion 3
Redundant Power Yes
Power Unit Type Internal
Power Supplies Quantity 2
Voltage Requirement 120/230 VAC
Frequency Requirement 50/60 Hz
Operating System Cisco IOS Advanced Enterprise Services
Equipment Width 17.2 in
Equipment Depth 21.9 in
Equipment Height 3.5 in
Operating Temp Min 41 °F
Operating Temp Max 104 °F
Humidity Range Min 5%
Humidity Range Max 90%
Regulatory Compliance CISPR 24, EN55022, VCCI Class A ITE, EN55024, CISPR 22, EN50082-1, CSA 22.2 No. 60950
Mounting Kit Included

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