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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR 1000 Series
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The ASR1002-HX features 8 SFP+ 10 GE ports and 8 SFP 1 GE ports, supported by two power supplies for enhanced reliability. It delivers 100 Gbps ESP bandwidth and up to 25 Gbps crypto support throughput with embedded hardware-based encryption, operating on Cisco IOS XE Software Release 16.2.1S. Designed for efficiency, it consumes 500 W power with front-to-back airflow, supports rack mounting in a 19-inch configuration, and operates within a temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C.

FAQs for the ASR1002-HX

  • What is the total number of 10 GE ports available?
    The device has 8 SFP+ 10 GE ports.
  • How many 1 GE SFP ports does the include?
    It includes 8 SFP 1 GE ports.
  • Can the power supply redundancy be achieved with this device?
    Yes, it supports dual power supplies for redundancy.
  • What are the dimensions of the ?
    The dimensions are 1.71 in. in height, 17.3 in. in width, and 18.17 in. in depth.
  • What is the weight of the device?
    The device weighs 34 lbs.
  • Is software redundancy supported on the ?
    Yes, software redundancy is supported.
  • What is the ESP bandwidth capacity?
    The ESP bandwidth capacity is 100 Gbps.
  • What level of encryption throughput is supported by the ?
    It supports up to 25 Gbps crypto support throughput for embedded hardware-based encryption.
  • What is the minimum required Cisco IOS XE Software Release?
    The minimum required software is Cisco IOS XE Software Release 16.2.1S.
  • Does the support wall mounting?
    No, it does not support wall mounting but supports rack mounting in a 19 in. rack.

Product Review

The Cisco ASR1002-HX offers a balanced array of ports, with eight 10 GE SFP+ and eight 1 GE SFP ports, catering to diverse connectivity needs. Its dual power supplies and support for software redundancy enhance system reliability. However, its encryption throughput is limited to 25 Gbps, which may not meet the demands of high-security environments requiring faster data encryption capabilities.


The Cisco ASR1002-HX is a high-performance networking device designed for service providers and enterprise networks. This router integrates key features and capabilities to support high-demand applications, including high-speed WAN aggregation and secure data transfer. At its core, the ASR1002-HX boasts an Embedded Services Processor (ESP) that delivers up to 100 Gbps of bandwidth, catering to the needs of growing businesses and networks. This device is equipped with eight 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports and eight 1 Gigabit Ethernet SFP ports, providing flexibility in connectivity and facilitating high-speed data transfer and network connections. The integration of SIPs and Ethernet line cards directly into the system architecture enhances the router's efficiency and performance. The ASR1002-HX supports dual power supplies, ensuring continuous operation and system redundancy. This is critical for maintaining network integrity and uptime, especially in environments where constant connectivity is paramount. The router's power system is versatile, accepting both AC (85 to 264 VAC) and DC (-40 to -72 VDC) inputs, with a total power consumption of 500 W. This adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of operational environments and power setups. Security is a cornerstone of the ASR1002-HX design, featuring embedded hardware-based encryption that supports up to 25 Gbps of crypto throughput. This capability ensures that data traversing the network is protected without compromising performance. From a physical standpoint, the ASR1002-HX has a compact form factor with dimensions of 1.71 inches in height, 17.3 inches in width, and 18.17 inches in depth, weighing 34 lbs. Its design is optimized for 19-inch rack mounting, allowing for efficient use of space in data centers and networking closets. However, it does not support wall mounting, focusing instead on standard rack installations. The router operates within a temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C and can withstand relative humidity levels from 10% to 85%, ensuring reliable performance under various environmental conditions. It also features an operating altitude range from -500 to 10,000 feet, offering flexibility for deployment in different geographical locations. Key specifications include: -
  • Software redundancy for enhanced reliability.
  • Minimum software requirement of Cisco IOS XE Software Release 16.2.1S.
  • Front-to-back airflow design to maintain optimal operating temperatures.
Additionally, the ASR1002-HX includes 1 GB of external USB flash memory for storage and configuration backup, ensuring that system settings and network configurations are preserved. In conclusion, the Cisco ASR1002-HX router is engineered to meet the demands of modern networks, offering high-speed connectivity, advanced security features, and reliable performance. Its hardware specifications and software capabilities make it a versatile choice for enterprises and service providers looking to enhance their network infrastructure.


Part NumberCisco ASR1002-HX
10 Gigabit Ethernet Ports8 SFP+
Gigabit Ethernet Ports8 SFP
Total Power Supplies2
Unit Height1.71 inches
Unit Width17.3 inches
Unit Depth18.17 inches
Unit Weight34 pounds
Support for Software DuplicationEnabled
Embedded Services Processor Bandwidth100 Gbps
Integration of SIPs and Ethernet CardsYes
Hardware Encryption ThroughputUp to 25 Gbps
Initial Supported SoftwareCisco IOS XE 16.2.1S
Compatibility with 19-inch RacksSupported
Possibility of Wall MountNot Supported
USB Flash Memory Capacity1 GB
AC Power Input Range85 to 264 VAC
DC Power Input Range-40 to -72 VDC
Power Usage500 Watts
Cooling Airflow DirectionFront-to-Back
Minimum Ambient Temperature for Operation0 °C
Maximum Ambient Temperature for Operation40 °C
Humidity Range for Operation10% to 85%
Operational Altitude Range-500 to 10,000 feet
Temperature Range for Storage-40 °C to 70 °C

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