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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR 5500 Series
Product Type: Universal Data Processing Card
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Product Description

The ASR55-UDPC2-K9 Cisco features a maximum power of 760 W, ensuring efficient energy usage for high-demand network environments. With dimensions of 21.75 in. in height, 1.75 in. in width, and 19.5 in. in depth, it fits standard rack mounts, optimizing space utilization. Weighing 22.7 lbs., it offers a balance between durability and ease of installation.

FAQs for the ASR55-UDPC2-K9

  • What is the maximum power capacity of the network hardware?
    The maximum power capacity is 760 W.
  • How can I determine if the hardware will fit in my rack?
    Check the hardware dimensions: it has a height of 21.75 inches, a width of 1.75 inches, and a depth of 19.5 inches.
  • What is the weight of the device?
    The device weighs 22.7 lbs.
  • Is the hardware suitable for a standard 19-inch rack?
    Yes, with a width of 1.75 inches and a depth of 19.5 inches, it fits standard 19-inch racks.
  • Can the power supply handle high-demand operations?
    With a maximum power supply of 760 W, it is equipped to handle high-demand operations.
  • What are the physical dimensions necessary for installation space?
    Required installation space should accommodate its dimensions: 21.75 inches in height, 1.75 inches in width, and 19.5 inches in depth.
  • Is this device heavy to install?
    At 22.7 lbs, it may require assistance for installation due to its weight.
  • How does the depth of the device affect rack compatibility?
    Its depth of 19.5 inches is designed for compatibility with most standard server racks.
  • What precautions should be taken for power supply management?
    Ensure the electrical setup can support a 760 W power draw to avoid overloading the circuit.
  • Given its size and weight, what's the best installation practice?
    Due to its dimensions and weight of 22.7 lbs, it's advisable to install with at least two people to safely secure it in the rack.

Product Review

The Cisco ASR55-UDPC2-K9 offers a compact design, fitting into a 1U rack space, making it suitable for environments where space is at a premium. With a maximum power consumption of 760W, it is relatively energy-efficient for its capabilities. However, its weight of 22.7 lbs could be a consideration for installations where weight is a critical factor.


The Cisco ASR55-UDPC2-K9 serves as a pivotal component in the landscape of networking hardware, tailored for enterprises and service providers seeking to bolster their network infrastructure. This product is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of modern networking environments, offering an optimal blend of performance, scalability, and reliability. At the core of its design, the Cisco ASR55-UDPC2-K9 is housed in a chassis that measures 21.75 inches in height, 1.75 inches in width, and 19.5 inches in depth, making it a suitable fit for standard rack installations. The unit's total weight stands at 22.7 pounds, reflecting its solid build quality without compromising on the ease of handling and installation. The hardware's dimensions and weight are thoughtfully balanced to facilitate both its physical deployment in data centers and its operational integration into networking frameworks. Powering the Cisco ASR55-UDPC2-K9 is a power supply rated at a maximum of 760 watts. This power capacity is indicative of the device's ability to support high-performance operations while maintaining energy efficiency. The power supply is engineered to ensure uninterrupted service and resilience, crucial for maintaining the continuity of networking services and minimizing downtime. Key hardware specifications of the Cisco ASR55-UDPC2-K9 include: - Maximum Power: 760 W, ensuring sufficient power for intensive operations and future scalability. - Dimensions: Height of 21.75 inches, width of 1.75 inches, and depth of 19.5 inches, designed for ease of integration into standard rack spaces. - Weight: 22.7 lbs, balancing durability with ease of installation and maintenance. The Cisco ASR55-UDPC2-K9 stands out for its adaptability and performance in various networking scenarios. Its design accommodates the needs of complex digital environments, supporting a wide range of applications and services. This adaptability extends to its compatibility with various networking standards and protocols, ensuring that it can seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure while providing a pathway for future expansion and upgrades. In addition to its physical and operational specifications, the Cisco ASR55-UDPC2-K9 is backed by Cisco's comprehensive support and warranty services. This support underscores the company's commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction, offering peace of mind to businesses and service providers relying on Cisco hardware for their critical networking operations. To summarize, the Cisco ASR55-UDPC2-K9 embodies a strategic investment for entities looking to enhance their network infrastructure. Its combination of power, scalability, and reliability, encapsulated within a form factor that is both practical and efficient, makes it a standout choice for meeting the evolving demands of today's networking environments. Whether deployed in enterprise data centers or within service provider networks, the Cisco ASR55-UDPC2-K9 is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and support the continuous growth and transformation of digital services.


Model Number Cisco ASR55-UDPC2-K9
Peak Power Consumption 760 Watts
Unit Height 21.75 inches
Device Width 1.75 inches
Chassis Depth 19.5 inches
Total Weight 22.7 pounds

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