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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco ASR 9000 Series
Product Type: Power Entry Module
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Product Description

The ASR9K-AC-PEM-V2 is designed for compatibility with both the Cisco ASR 9000 and 9900 Series Routers, providing flexible power supply options. It supports AC/DC power inputs, enhancing system redundancy and reliability. This Version 2 power entry module ensures efficient power distribution and management for network infrastructure.

FAQs for the ASR9K-AC-PEM-V2

  • What power supply type does the AC/DC Version 2 support?
    The AC/DC Version 2 supports both AC and DC power inputs.
  • Can the AC/DC Version 2 be used with routers outside the Cisco ASR 9000 and 9900 Series?
    No, it is designed specifically for use with Cisco ASR 9000 and 9900 Series routers.
  • Is there a redundancy option available for the AC/DC Version 2?
    Yes, the AC/DC Version 2 supports redundancy for increased reliability.
  • How does the AC/DC Version 2 enhance network performance?
    It provides stable and continuous power, ensuring uninterrupted operation of Cisco ASR 9000 and 9900 Series routers.
  • What is the installation process for the AC/DC Version 2 in Cisco ASR 9000 and 9900 Series routers?
    Installation involves slotting the unit into the designated power supply bay and connecting the power cables.
  • Does the AC/DC Version 2 come with a warranty?
    Yes, it includes a manufacturer's warranty. Details vary, so consult the specific warranty documentation.
  • Are there any specific environmental requirements for the AC/DC Version 2?
    It should be operated in a well-ventilated area, free from excessive dust and moisture.
  • Can the AC/DC Version 2 be managed remotely?
    While the power supply itself cannot be managed remotely, it supports routers that offer remote management capabilities.
  • What are the dimensions of the AC/DC Version 2?
    The dimensions are tailored to fit the power supply slots of Cisco ASR 9000 and 9900 Series routers.
  • Where can I find technical support for the AC/DC Version 2?
    Technical support is available through Cisco's support channels, including online forums, phone support, and documentation.

Product Review

The CISCO ASR9K-AC-PEM-V2 power entry module, compatible with Cisco ASR 9000 and 9900 Series Routers, offers reliable power supply options with its AC/DC version 2 functionality. However, its integration can present challenges due to the specific compatibility requirements with only ASR 9000 and 9900 series routers, limiting its use with other devices. Additionally, while it enhances system redundancy and ensures continuous operation, the initial setup and configuration complexity may require additional technical expertise.


The CISCO ASR9K-AC-PEM-V2 is a power entry module designed to provide power supply solutions for Cisco ASR 9000 and 9900 Series Routers. This version 2 module supports both AC and DC power inputs, offering flexibility for various network infrastructures and ensuring compatibility with diverse power sources. It is specifically engineered to meet the power requirements of high-performance routers, facilitating reliable network operations and system availability. This power entry module is a critical component for the Cisco ASR 9000 and 9900 Series Routers, delivering the necessary power to support the routers' advanced features and capabilities. The ASR9K-AC-PEM-V2 is equipped with features that enhance its efficiency and reliability. It includes an automatic failover mechanism, which ensures uninterrupted power supply in the event of a power source failure, by seamlessly switching to an alternate power source without impacting router performance or network uptime. The design of the ASR9K-AC-PEM-V2 is focused on ease of installation and maintenance. Its hot-swappable capability allows for the module to be replaced or upgraded without the need to power down the router, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous network operation. This feature is particularly beneficial in environments where network availability is critical, and maintenance windows are limited. Key hardware specifications of the CISCO ASR9K-AC-PEM-V2 include: - Compatibility with both AC and DC power inputs, providing versatility in deployment options. - Designed for use with Cisco ASR 9000 and 9900 Series Routers, ensuring seamless integration and optimized performance. - Hot-swappable design, enabling easy installation and maintenance without disrupting network services. Furthermore, the module's build is tailored to withstand the rigorous demands of modern data centers and network operation centers. It adheres to industry standards for power supply units, ensuring a high level of reliability and performance. The ASR9K-AC-PEM-V2 also features an LED indicator, providing visual confirmation of the power status and simplifying troubleshooting. In terms of technical specifications, the module supports a wide range of input voltages, accommodating global power standards and facilitating deployment in various geographical locations. It also includes protection mechanisms against power surges, over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-current, safeguarding the router and the network infrastructure from potential power-related issues. In conclusion, the CISCO ASR9K-AC-PEM-V2 power entry module is an essential component for powering Cisco ASR 9000 and 9900 Series Routers. Its support for both AC and DC power inputs, combined with its hot-swappable design and compatibility with high-performance routers, makes it a reliable and efficient power supply solution for complex network environments. The module's adherence to industry standards and inclusion of protective features further ensure the stability and longevity of network operations.


Power Type Alternating/Direct Current (AC/DC)
Revision Second Generation
Compatibility Designed for Cisco ASR 9000 and 9900 Series Routers

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