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by Avaya
Product Line: Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 4800 Series
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The AL1001E11-E5 Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 5698TFD-PWR features 96 10/100/1000 IEEE 802.3af PoE ports, complemented by 6 shared SFP ports and 2 XFP ports for flexible connectivity options. It is equipped with a 1000W AC power supply and supports advanced networking protocols including Routing Protocol Support over SMLT, SMLT over LACP, and IPv6 Static Routes for efficient network operations and scalability. This switch also offers enhanced security and network management features such as 802.1X/NEAP Last Assigned RADIUS VLAN, DHCP Option 82, and Dual Syslog Server Support, ensuring reliable and secure data communication across the network.

Key Feature for the AL1001E11-E5

  • What is the maximum number of ports supported by the Ethernet Routing Switch 5698TFD-PWR?
    The Ethernet Routing Switch 5698TFD-PWR supports a maximum of 400 ports.
  • Can the 5698TFD-PWR support both IPv4 and IPv6 routing?
    Yes, it supports IPv4 routing and offers IPv6 features such as static routes and auto address assignment.
  • Does the switch include a power supply?
    Yes, it includes a 1000W AC power supply.
  • What type of security authentication does the device support?
    It supports 802.1X/NEAP with the last assigned RADIUS VLAN and VLAN names.
  • Are there any advanced network protocols supported by the switch?
    Yes, it supports Routing Protocol over SMLT, SMLT over LACP, and Content-Based Forward to Next Hop among others.
  • What is the significance of the 1.5 foot Stacking Cable included with the switch?
    The stacking cable allows for the physical and logical connection of multiple switches to increase port capacity and simplify management.
  • Can the switch automatically prioritize voice over IP traffic?
    Yes, with Auto QoS 802.1AB MED Interoperability, it can automatically prioritize VoIP traffic.
  • Is the Ethernet Routing Switch 5698TFD-PWR environmentally compliant?
    Yes, it is EUED RoHS 5/6 compliant, indicating adherence to certain environmental standards.
  • How does the switch handle software updates and configuration management?
    It supports SFTP over SSH for secure file transfers, including software updates and configuration management.
  • What are the benefits of having dual syslog server support?
    Dual syslog server support enhances network reliability and troubleshooting by allowing logs to be sent to two separate servers for redundancy and analysis.

Product Review

The Avaya AL1001E11-E5, an Ethernet Routing Switch 5698TFD-PWR, offers a high-density configuration with 96 10/100/1000 IEEE 802.3af PoE ports and additional connectivity via 6 shared SFP and 2 XFP ports, supporting a diverse range of network devices. It excels in network scalability and redundancy, featuring advanced capabilities such as Routing Protocol Support over SMLT, IPv6 support, and multicast group scaling, ensuring efficient and reliable network operations. However, its complexity and the extensive feature set may present a steep learning curve for network administrators new to Avaya's ecosystem, potentially impacting setup and maintenance times.


The Avaya AL1001E11-E5, part of the Ethernet Routing Switch 5698TFD-PWR series, is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern network environments. This switch offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to power-over-Ethernet (PoE), high-density networking, and advanced routing capabilities. The hardware specifications underline its capacity to support large-scale operations and complex network architectures. At its core, the device comes equipped with 96 10/100/1000 IEEE 802.3af PoE ports, enabling it to power a wide range of devices directly through the Ethernet cables, thus reducing the need for additional power supplies and simplifying the deployment of network devices such as VoIP phones, wireless access points, and surveillance cameras. The inclusion of 6 shared SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) ports and 2 XFP (10 Gigabit Small Form-factor Pluggable) ports enhances its connectivity options, allowing for high-speed uplinks and flexibility in network design. The switch is powered by a 1000W AC power supply, ensuring reliable performance under heavy load conditions. Additionally, a 1.5-foot stacking cable is provided, facilitating the connection of multiple switches to work as a single unit, thereby improving network resilience and simplifying management. The package also includes a base software license kit, indicating that the switch is ready for deployment with essential software features enabled. Key hardware features include: -
  • EUED RoHS 5/6 compliance, ensuring environmental safety and adherence to strict European Union standards for hazardous substances.
  • A North American power cord, indicating readiness for deployment in NA electrical environments.
  • Support for a maximum of 400 ports through stacking or expansion, accommodating large-scale network deployments.
From a software perspective, the switch boasts advanced routing protocol support over SMLT (Split Multi-Link Trunking), enhancing network uptime and bandwidth through the efficient use of multiple paths. SMLT over LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) further optimizes the bandwidth utilization and provides redundancy. The switch's ability to operate in a lossless mode ensures that critical data flows are preserved without drops, crucial for applications requiring uninterrupted data transmission. Content-Based Forward to Next Hop and Route Scaling features improve the efficiency and scalability of network routing, while IPv6 support, including static routes and auto address assignment, ensures future-readiness for next-generation network demands. Multicast group scaling and advanced security features like 802.1X/NEAP with VLAN names and SFTP over SSH fortify the network against unauthorized access and data breaches. Furthermore, the device offers Quality of Service (QoS) enhancements such as Auto QoS and 802.1AB MED interoperability, ensuring that priority traffic is correctly identified and handled throughout the network. DHCP Option 82 enhances IP address assignment capabilities, and the Enterprise Device Manager provides a user-friendly interface for device configuration and management. Dual Syslog server support ensures comprehensive logging of network events for troubleshooting and audit purposes, rounding out the device's extensive feature set designed to meet the needs of enterprise networks.


Item NumberAL1001E11-E5
Product NameEthernet Routing Switch 5698TFD-PWR
Ports96 Gigabit Ethernet PoE ports compliant with IEEE 802.3af
Additional Ports6 SFP ports for shared use, 2 XFP ports for 10G connectivity
Power Supply1000W AC Power Supply Unit
Stacking Cable Length1.5 feet
LicensingIncludes Base Software License Kit
ComplianceComplies with EU Directive RoHS 5/6
Included AccessoryNorth American Power Cord
Port CapacitySupports up to 400 ports
Routing ProtocolsSupports Routing Protocols over Split Multi-Link Trunking (SMLT)
SMLT UtilizationEnables SMLT over Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)
Forwarding ModeFeatures Lossless Mode for data forwarding
Next Hop ForwardingEmploys Content-Based Forwarding to Next Hop
Route EnhancementAllows for Scalable Routing
IPv6 SupportSupports IPv6 Static Routes and Automatic Address Configuration
Multicast CapacityExpanded Multicast Group Support
802.1X/NEAP FeaturesSupports last assigned RADIUS VLAN and VLAN Naming via 802.1X/NEAP
Secure TransferEnables SFTP over SSH for secure file transfer
QoS and MEDAuto Quality of Service with 802.1AB MED Interoperability
DHCP EnhancementsSupports DHCP Option 82 for improved network security and control
Management SoftwareIncludes Enterprise Device Manager for simplified management
LoggingSupport for Dual Syslog Servers for enhanced logging capabilities

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