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by Avaya
Product Line: Avaya Ethernet Switches
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The AL2515E11-E6 Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch 2526T-PWR features 24 10/100 ports, with 12 ports supporting PoE, and includes 2 combo 10/100/1000/SFP ports plus 2 1000BaseT rear ports for enhanced connectivity. It supports advanced networking protocols, including Routing Protocol Support over SMLT, SMLT over LACP, and IPv6 Static Routes, ensuring efficient data routing and scalability with a capability to manage up to 400 ports. For secure and reliable network management, it offers features like 802.1X/NEAP Last Assigned RADIUS VLAN, SFTP over SSH, and is RoHS 6/6 compliant, alongside Dual Syslog Server Support for comprehensive monitoring.

Key Feature for the AL2515E11-E6

  • What is the port configuration of the Ethernet Routing Switch 2526T-PWR?
    The Ethernet Routing Switch 2526T-PWR features 24 10/100 ports, of which 12 support Power over Ethernet (PoE), 2 combo 10/100/1000/SFP ports, and 2 1000BaseT rear ports.
  • How does the 2526T-PWR support stacking?
    It supports stacking with a 46cm stack cable, enabling a maximum of 400 ports in a stacked configuration.
  • Can the Ethernet Routing Switch 2526T-PWR support routing protocols over SMLT?
    Yes, it supports Routing Protocol Support over Split Multi-Link Trunking (SMLT).
  • What is SMLT over LACP on the 2526T-PWR, and how does it benefit network performance?
    SMLT over LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) allows for enhanced network redundancy and bandwidth by aggregating multiple network links into a single logical link.
  • Does the 2526T-PWR have IPv6 capabilities?
    Yes, it supports IPv6 Static Routes and IPv6 Auto Address Assignment, enhancing its compatibility with modern network infrastructures.
  • What security features does the Ethernet Routing Switch 2526T-PWR offer?
    It offers 802.1X/NEAP for network access control, VLAN assignment based on RADIUS server response, and SFTP over SSH for secure file transfers.
  • How does the 2526T-PWR handle Quality of Service (QoS)?
    It features Auto QoS and 802.1AB MED Interoperability, optimizing network traffic for better performance and reliability.
  • What is DHCP Option 82 in the context of the 2526T-PWR?
    DHCP Option 82 enhances security and network management by allowing network devices to insert information about the client's location and identity in DHCP requests.
  • Can the Ethernet Routing Switch 2526T-PWR manage multiple spanning tree groups?
    Yes, it can manage up to 8 Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) groups, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in network topology.
  • Is the 2526T-PWR compliant with environmental regulations?
    Yes, it is RoHS 6/6 compliant, adhering to restrictions on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.

Product Review

The Avaya AL2515E11-E6 Ethernet Routing Switch 2526T-PWR offers a solid foundation for enterprise networks with its 24 10/100 ports, including 12 that support Power over Ethernet (PoE), enhancing flexibility for device connectivity. Its capability for stacking up to 400 ports, combined with advanced features such as Routing Protocol Support over SMLT and IPv6 readiness, positions it well for scalability and future-proofing network infrastructure. However, its reliance on 10/100 ports may limit bandwidth for high-throughput applications, a potential drawback in environments demanding higher data speeds.


The Avaya AL2515E11-E6 Ethernet Routing Switch 2526T-PWR is a networking device designed to facilitate efficient data communication across a network. It features 24 10/100 ports, with 12 of these ports supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing for the delivery of power and data over a single cable to devices such as IP cameras and phones. This switch also includes 2 combo 10/100/1000/SFP ports and 2 rear 1000BaseT ports, accompanied by a 46cm stack cable, enabling flexible connectivity and high-speed link aggregation. This device is stackable, supporting a maximum of 400 ports when multiple units are connected, making it scalable for growing network demands. The Avaya AL2515E11-E6 is designed with advanced routing protocol support over Split Multi-Link Trunking (SMLT), enhancing network reliability and performance. SMLT over Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) offers improved bandwidth and resilience, while the lossless mode ensures data integrity during transmission. -
  • Support for IPv6, including static routes and auto address assignment, ensuring future-proof operation and compatibility with next-generation network protocols.
  • -
  • Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features, including Auto QoS and 802.1AB Media Endpoint Discovery (MED) interoperability, prioritize network traffic for critical applications.
  • -
  • Enhanced security protocols, such as 802.1X/NEAP and SFTP over SSH, provide secure network access and file transfers, safeguarding sensitive data.
  • Furthermore, the switch is equipped with content-based forwarding to the next hop, route scaling, and multicast group scaling, optimizing network traffic flow and efficiency. The device also supports IPv6 static routes and auto address assignment, ensuring readiness for future network expansions and protocols. The Avaya AL2515E11-E6 offers advanced security and network management features, including 802.1X/NEAP with Last Assigned RADIUS VLAN and VLAN names, enhancing network control and user authentication. The switch supports SFTP over SSH for secure file transfers and Dual Syslog Server Support for improved network monitoring and troubleshooting. For network administrators, the Avaya AL2515E11-E6 includes an Enterprise Device Manager for simplified configuration and management, along with DHCP Option 82 for enhanced network security and control. The device is RoHS 6/6 compliant, adhering to strict environmental standards. With support for multiple spanning tree groups (up to 8), the switch offers improved network redundancy and load balancing, ensuring uninterrupted service and optimal performance. The Avaya AL2515E11-E6 is designed to meet the demands of enterprise networks, providing a reliable, secure, and scalable networking solution.


    Item NumberAL2515E11-E6
    Product DescriptionEthernet Routing Switch 2526T-PWR, includes 24 10/100 Mbps ports (with PoE on 12 ports)
    Additional Interfaces2 dual-purpose 10/100/1000 Mbps or SFP ports, plus 2 1000BaseT ports in the rear & 46cm stacking cable
    Stacking CapabilityYes, with support for up to 400 ports in a stack
    Routing Protocol CompatibilitySupports routing protocols over SMLT connections
    Link AggregationSupports SMLT configurations over LACP
    Failover ModeSupports lossless failover
    Forwarding MethodUtilizes content-based forwarding to the next hop
    Route ExpansionEnhanced route scaling capabilities
    IPv6 SupportSupports static IPv6 routing and automatic IPv6 address configuration
    Multicast CapacityScalable multicast group support
    Access ControlSupports 802.1X/NEAP with dynamic RADIUS VLAN assignment and named VLANs
    Secure File TransferEnables SFTP over SSH for secure file management
    Quality of ServiceAutomatic QoS with 802.1AB MED compatibility
    Network ConfigurationSupports DHCP Option 82 for IP address assignment control
    Management InterfaceFeatures an Enterprise Device Manager for configuration
    LoggingCapable of dual Syslog server logging for network monitoring
    Environmental ComplianceMeets RoHS 6/6 environmental standards
    Spanning Tree InstancesSupports up to 8 Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) instances

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