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by Avocent
Product Line: Avocent ACS Advanced Console Server Series
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The Avocent ACS48-DAC is a console server designed for remote access and management of IT devices. It provides secure, out-of-band access to IT equipment, with support for both serial and network connections. The console server is designed for easy deployment and management, with a web-based interface for configuration and monitoring.

Key Feature for the ACS48-DAC

1. 48 serial ports and 2 10/100 Ethernet ports
2. Supports serial, Telnet, SSH, and web-based access
3. Secure, out-of-band access to IT equipment
4. Dual Ethernet for redundancy
5. Designed for easy deployment and management with a web-based interface
6. Supports Avocent DSView management software

Product Review

The Avocent ACS48-DAC is a high-performance console server that enables remote management of IT equipment over the network. It features 48 serial console ports that support multiple communication protocols and baud rates, as well as dual Ethernet ports for redundant network connectivity. The server also supports advanced security features such as SSH, SSL, and RADIUS authentication, as well as remote authentication and authorization through LDAP and Active Directory. With its powerful management capabilities and secure remote access, the ACS48-DAC is an ideal solution for data centers, telecom facilities, and remote branch offices that require reliable and secure out-of-band management.


The Avocent ACS48-DAC is a high-performance console server designed for IT professionals to manage multiple systems and network devices from a single point of access. This device boasts of an array of hardware specifications that make it a reliable and versatile solution for remote console access and management. One of the standout features of the ACS48-DAC is its 48 serial ports, which provide secure and reliable connectivity to network devices and consoles, including servers, switches, routers, and other critical network equipment. Additionally, the device comes equipped with four digital ports for power management and environmental monitoring. The ACS48-DAC supports a wide range of serial protocols, including SSH, Telnet, RDP, and VNC, and can be easily managed through a web-based interface, command-line interface, or API. It also features advanced security features such as LDAP, RADIUS, and TACACS+ authentication, as well as SSL and SSH encryption to ensure secure remote access. Other notable hardware specifications of the Avocent ACS48-DAC include dual Ethernet ports, a 1U rack-mountable design, and compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Unix. These features, combined with its high-speed processor and 16GB storage, make it a reliable and robust solution for managing remote network infrastructure. Overall, the Avocent ACS48-DAC is a solid choice for IT professionals seeking a versatile and secure console server for managing their critical network infrastructure.

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