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by Avocent
Product Line: Avocent ACS48 SAC
Product Type: console server
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Product Description

The Avocent ACS48 SAC is a console server that provides secure, remote access to IT devices and serially-controlled equipment in data centers and remote sites. With 48 serial ports, this device allows multiple IT professionals to manage and troubleshoot their equipment simultaneously from a single location. It features advanced security options such as SSH and SSL encryption, and integrates seamlessly with other Avocent solutions.

Key Feature for the ACS48 SAC

1. 48 serial ports with RS-232 signaling.
2. Dual gigabit Ethernet ports.
3. Out-of-band management with SSH and SSL encryption.
4. Integration with Avocent DSView management software.
5. Dual power supply units for redundancy.
6. Rack mountable design.

Product Review

The Avocent ACS48 SAC is a console server designed to provide secure, remote access to network devices, servers, and other IT equipment. It features 48 serial ports for connecting to console ports on devices, as well as dual gigabit Ethernet ports for network connectivity. It also includes advanced security features such as SSH and SSL encryption, user authentication, and access control lists to protect against unauthorized access. Overall, the Avocent ACS48 SAC is a reliable and secure solution for managing and troubleshooting network infrastructure from a remote location.


The Avocent ACS6032SAC is a high-performance console server that boasts a range of impressive hardware specifications. It features 32 serial ports and 4 Ethernet ports, each capable of supporting data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps). This allows the ACS6032SAC to connect to multiple devices simultaneously, providing secure and reliable out-of-band management. One of the standout features of the ACS6032SAC is its support for advanced authentication and encryption protocols, such as RADIUS, LDAP, SSH, and SSL. These features allow network administrators to ensure secure access to their critical network devices and prevent unauthorized access. The ACS6032SAC also includes advanced networking features such as virtual local area network (VLAN) support and quality of service (QoS) prioritization. These features allow network administrators to manage and optimize network traffic for improved performance and efficiency. In terms of physical design, the ACS6032SAC features a compact and durable metal casing that is designed for easy rack-mounting in a data center or network closet. The console server also includes a variety of built-in security features, such as Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, to help protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. Overall, the Avocent ACS6032SAC is a powerful and versatile console server that offers a range of advanced hardware specifications and features. Its combination of multiple serial and Ethernet ports, advanced authentication and encryption protocols, and advanced networking capabilities make it an excellent choice for organizations looking to manage their critical network infrastructure with confidence.

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