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by Avocent
Product Line: Avocent
Product Type: KVM
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Product Description

The Avocent ACS8032DAC-400 is a 32-port Digital KVM switch that allows users to control multiple servers from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. It supports high-resolution video and provides remote access over the LAN or Internet. The switch is compatible with multiple operating systems and supports multi-platform servers, including Windows, Linux, and Sun servers. The compact 1U form factor makes it ideal for use in data centers, server rooms, and other space-constrained environments. The Avocent ACS8032DAC-400 offers a cost-effective solution for data center server management.

Key Feature for the ACS8032DAC-400

1. 32-port Digital KVM Switch
2. High-resolution video support
3. Remote access over LAN or Internet
4. Compatible with multiple operating systems and platforms
5. Compact 1U form factor
6. Cost-effective solution for data center server management

Product Review

The Avocent ACS8032DAC-400 is a reliable and efficient KVM switch that greatly improves server management in data centers. The high-resolution video support is a major plus, allowing to clearly see all connected servers. The remote access feature is also a game-changer, enabling to control servers from anywhere, at any time.


The Avocent ACS8032DAC-400 is a server console switch that provides secure console access to servers, racks and other IT equipment. It combines both KVM switching and remote access features, allowing users to access devices from any KVM station or directly from a PC, laptop or mobile device over the Internet. The Avocent ACS8032DAC-400 offers 32 ports of KVM access and up to 32 port expansion via its enterprise-class daisy-chain technology for managing large numbers of servers. It supports Peripheral Sharing USB up to twelve devices, allowing multiple users to share access to devices such as keyboards, mice and storage devices. In addition, it provides 1,024x768 resolution at 60Hz with auto-sensing native DVI support for digital video capture on connected hosts. The Avocent ACS8032DAC-400 also features on-board secure management tools including local/remote authentication and encryption safeguards to protect against unauthorized access. These tools are supplemented by power control interfaces that provide manual and automated device power cycling without user intervention. Additional features of the Avocent ACS8032DAC-400 include Unicode support for multilingual support, IPv6 support and an embedded web server for quick configuration & monitoring. The Avocent ACS8032DAC-400 is designed for demanding data center environments and offers advanced scalability and flexibility in order to manage multiple servers efficiently and quickly. Its hardware specifications include dual AC power supplies with a single power toggle switch for redundant operation; 32 simultaneous IP users per port; Plug and Play installation; two Ethernet ports for daisy-chaining multiple consoles; 1Gbps host port speed; an LCD source identification display; automatic or manual device power reboot from remote consoles; and integrated Ethernet switch with up to 16 ports, with dedicated console ports for each switches. The Avocent ACS8032DAC-400 is the perfect solution for organizations looking for a reliable KVM solution that can remotely control multiple servers from any location. With its secure management tools, advanced scalability and flexible design, the Avocent ACS8032DAC-400 is the ideal choice for businesses in need of secure, remote access solutions.

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