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by Avocent
Product Line: Avocent ACS8048MDAC-400
Product Type: KVM switch
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Product Description

The Avocent ACS8048MDAC-400 is a high-performance KVM switch designed for data centers and server rooms. It allows users to control up to 48 servers or devices from a single console, making it an ideal solution for managing large-scale IT infrastructures.

Key Feature for the ACS8048MDAC-400

1. 48 ports with VGA, USB, PS/2 and serial connectivity options
2. Dual AC power supply for redundancy
3. Secure, remote access with built-in authentication and encryption
4. Virtual media support for remote file transfers and software installations
5. Up to 1920x1200 resolution and widescreen support

Product Review

The Avocent ACS8048MDAC-400 is a unique product boasting top-of-the-line hardware features, such as manageable power distribution, remote power control, and advanced cable management. These features allow users to have greater control and visibility into the power performance of their IT systems. The manageable power distribution offers increased resource availability through repeatable configuration settings, reducing maintenance costs. The remote power control feature provides users with the ability to monitor and fix issues from any location. Finally, advanced cable management ensures optimum cooling efficiency and clean operations. These features make the Avocent ACS8048MDAC-400 an ideal choice for users who value convenience and reliable performance.


The Avocent ACS8048MDAC-400 is the premier tool for secure and efficient data center management. It is a KVM over IP (Keyboard Video Mouse) system that provides remote access, control and management of computers and servers in data center environments. The ACS8048MDAC-400 utilizes advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology to enable superior performance and stability of broadband audio and video transmissions. This solution comprises of dual processor chipsets, 8GB RAM memory and a 500GB internal hard drive which enables users to back up critical data, maintain security protocols and store critical applications. An installed RJ45 port provides a redundant means to transmit data through the Ethernet. This system has 10 ports for up to 8 local user consoles that support simultaneous access to 32 computers or servers via Cat 5/6 cable or with an optional 4 port channel switch for cascaded channel installations that support up to 64 computers. It also supports two separate fast Ethernet connections for redundancy, scalability, and increased performance. The ACS8048MDAC-400 supports 256-Bit AES encryption for secure communications. The ACS8048MDAC-400 features an interactive LCD graphical user interface in order for users to access information quickly and easily. The LCD display has a resolution of 1024x768 with a brightness of 400 cd/m2 so that the picture quality is never compromised even when viewing wide angle shots. Also included is a biometric reader to facilitate user authentication thereby ensuring that access is restricted only to authorised personnel. In addition, the software allows admins the ability to limit time and access across multiple channels through predefined profile settings. The Avocent ACS8048MDAC-400 is an ideal solution for ensuring secure and efficient data center management. The combination of advanced processor chipsets, RAM memory, internal hard drive capacity, USB connections, Ethernet connectivity, scalability options and biometric reader features make this product an ideal choice for any enterprise environment.

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