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by Brocade
Product Line: Brocade 100G-CFP Series
Product Type: CFP Module
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Product Description

The 100G-CFP-10X10-10KM is a duplex CFP 100Gb/s transceiver, designed for 10 km transmission over single-mode fiber (SMF), operating at a 1590nm wavelength. It supports a data rate of 100 Gbps, is compliant with CFP MSA and IEEE 802.3ba standards, and features SFF-8724 digital optical monitoring (DDM). This module is hot-swappable for CFP LC ports, ensuring seamless integration and maintenance within Brocade networks.

Key Feature for the 100GCFP10X1010KM

  • What is the data rate of the Duplex CFP 100Gb/s 10 km SMF DDM 1590nm?
    The data rate is 100 Gbps.
  • How does the Brocade 100BASE-LX Ethernet CFP ensure compatibility?
    It ensures end-to-end compatibility within the Brocade platform.
  • What is the maximum operating temperature for the 1590nm Duplex CFP Transceiver?
    The maximum operating temperature is 85°C.
  • Is the SFF-8724 Digital optical monitoring feature available in this transceiver?
    Yes, digital diagnostics (DDM) is available.
  • What type of ports is the transceiver hot-swappable for?
    It is hot-swappable for CFP LC ports.
  • What is the wavelength range supported by this device?
    The wavelength range supported is 1523 nm to 1595 nm.
  • Can this transceiver be used for connections over single-mode fiber (SMF)?
    Yes, it is designed for single-mode fiber (SMF) connections.
  • What are the dimensions of the 100 Gigabit Ethernet CFP?
    The dimensions are 0.54" x 3.23" x 5.70".
  • Is the Ethernet 100BASE-LX CFP compliant with any standards?
    Yes, it is compliant with CFP MSA and IEEE 802.3ba standards, and it is RoHS compliant.
  • What is the minimum operating case temperature for this model?
    The minimum operating case temperature is -40°C.

Product Review

The Brocade 100G-CFP-10X10-10KM transceiver offers reliable high-speed connectivity up to 10 km over single-mode fiber, supporting a data rate of 100 Gbps, which is suitable for long-distance networking needs. It includes digital optical monitoring (SFF-8724) for real-time tracking of signal quality and performance, enhancing maintenance capabilities. However, its reliance on the CFP form factor may limit compatibility with newer devices preferring more compact QSFP or SFP+ modules, potentially affecting future network upgrades.


The Brocade 100G-CFP-10X10-10KM is a high-performance transceiver designed to meet the demands of high-speed networking, offering a data rate of 100 Gbps over a single-mode fiber (SMF). This model is engineered to facilitate long-distance communication up to 10 kilometers, making it an ideal solution for enterprises and service providers seeking to extend their network reach without sacrificing speed or reliability. At the core of this device is the CFP form factor, compatible with the LC port interface, ensuring a seamless connection with existing network infrastructure. The transceiver operates within a wavelength range of 1523 nm to 1595 nm, with a specific focus on the 1590nm wavelength, aligning with the 100BASE-LX Ethernet standard. The utilization of ten 10.3 Gbps wavelengths allows for the aggregation of traffic, enhancing the efficiency and bandwidth capacity of network systems. Key features include: - Full duplex operation, enabling simultaneous two-way data transmission - Support for Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) through the SFF-8724 standard, offering real-time access to device operating parameters - Hot-swappable capability, allowing for minimal downtime during installation or maintenance The device adheres to industry standards, including the CFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) and IEEE 802.3ba, ensuring broad compatibility and interoperability with a wide range of networking equipment. Additionally, it is RoHS compliant, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility. Technical specifications highlight its robust performance in diverse operational conditions, with an operating case temperature range from -40°C to 85°C. This wide temperature tolerance ensures reliability in various environmental settings, from data centers to outdoor installations. Furthermore, the transceiver's physical dimensions of 0.54" x 3.23" x 5.70" allow for integration into space-constrained environments, optimizing rack space without compromising performance. The inclusion of an LC port interface and detailed interface specifications, such as support for the 100GBase LR4 standard, underline the device's versatility in connecting with different network segments. The Brocade 100G-CFP-10X10-10KM comes with the assurance of end-to-end compatibility within Brocade platforms, backed by the standard Brocade warranty. This ensures not only the reliability of the transceiver itself but also its seamless integration and operation within Brocade's comprehensive networking solutions. In summary, the Brocade 100G-CFP-10X10-10KM transceiver is designed for networks demanding high-capacity, long-distance data transmission. Its adherence to industry standards, combined with advanced features like DDM and hot-swappable design, make it a valuable component in enhancing network performance, scalability, and reliability.


Item Number Brocade 100G-CFP-10X10-10KM
Manufacturer Brocade
Type 100BASE-LX Ethernet CFP Module
Transmission Speed 100 Gbps
Transmission Distance Up to 10 km on SMF
Form Factor Duplex CFP Transceiver
Monitoring SFF-8724 Digital Optical Monitoring Supported
Compatibility CFP MSA, IEEE 802.3ba Compliant
Environmental Compliance RoHS Approved
Network Standard 100 Gigabit Ethernet
Data Transfer Rate 100 Gbps Operational Speed
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature 85°C
Port Type 1 x LC for 100GBase
Interface Specification 1 x 100GBase LR4
Wavelength Range 1523 nm to 1595 nm
Specific Wavelength 1590 nm
Optical Channels Four Channels at 10.3 Gbps Each
Diagnostic Support Integrated Digital Diagnostics
Fiber Type Single-mode Fiber Supported
Hot Plug Capability Yes
Warranty Standard Brocade Warranty
System Compatibility Guaranteed Compatibility with Brocade Platforms
Physical Dimensions 0.54" (Height) x 3.23" (Width) x 5.70" (Depth)

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