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by Brocade
Product Line: Brocade
Product Type: Switch
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Product Description

The BR-6505-24-16G-1R is a Brocade-based edge switch designed for entry-level SAN deployments, featuring 24 ports capable of speeds up to 16 Gbps and expandability with an additional 12 ports on demand. This model comes with a single hot-swappable integrated power supply, supports Hot Code Activation, and is equipped for environments requiring up to 384 Gbps switching capacity with a latency of 700 nanoseconds. It is suitable for midsize and small data centers, offering back-to-front airflow in a 1U enclosure and compatibility with Brocade, Cisco, and QLogic switches.

Key Feature for the BR-6505-24-16G-1R

  • What are the available port speeds for the 24P edge switch?
    The available port speeds are 2, 4, 8, and 16 Gbps.
  • How can the switch's port capacity be expanded?
    Port capacity can be expanded using 12 x 16 Gbps SW optics (XBR-SMED12POD-16G) with optional optics (BR-SMED12POD-01).
  • Does the switch support Hot Code Activation?
    Yes, Hot Code Activation is supported.
  • What are the power supply options for the 1 Power Supply model?
    It comes with 1 hot-swappable integrated power supply/fan, with an optional redundant power supply/fan (XBR-5100-0001).
  • Are rack mount kits available for this switch?
    Yes, optional rack mount kits are available, including fixed and mid-mount options.
  • What is the switching capacity of the 16 Gbps SFPs switch?
    The switching capacity is 384 Gbps.
  • What latency can be expected with this switch?
    The expected latency is 700 nanoseconds.
  • What is the maximum frame size supported by the switch?
    The maximum frame size supported is 2112 byte payload.
  • How many frame buffers does the switch have?
    The switch has 8192 dynamically allocated frame buffers.
  • What are the dimensions and weight of the switch with the Enterprise Bundle?
    The dimensions are Width: 437.64 mm (17.23 in.), Height: 43.18 mm (1.7 in.), Depth: 443.23 mm (17.45 in.). The system weight is 7.82 kg (17.25 lb) with one power supply, without transceivers, and 9.16 kg (20.19 lb) with two power supply FRUs, without transceivers.

Product Review

The Brocade BR-6505-24-16G-1R switch is designed for small to midsize data centers, offering reliable performance with its 24 ports capable of 16 Gbps speeds, suitable for organizations looking to virtualize tier 2/3 workloads or manage new SAN storage needs. However, its single integrated power supply, although hot-swappable, presents a potential single point of failure, mitigated by the option for a redundant power supply. Additionally, the switch supports expansion with 12 additional ports on demand, ensuring scalability, but this requires an additional purchase, affecting upfront cost and planning for future capacity needs.


The Brocade BR-6505-24-16G-1R is a Fibre Channel switch designed for entry-level Storage Area Network (SAN) and edge switch deployment, offering a combination of performance and scalability suited for midsize and small data centers, as well as organizations looking to virtualize tier 2/3 workloads or manage new workloads requiring SAN storage. This switch is engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing SAN environments, offering compatibility with Brocade, Cisco, and QLogic switches that operate at 8 Gbps or lower bandwidth. With 24 ports and supporting 16 Gbps SFPs, the BR-6505 enhances network efficiency and reliability. It features a single, hot-swappable integrated power supply and fan unit, with the option to add a redundant power supply for increased reliability. The switch is designed to support a range of port speeds, including 2, 4, 8, and 16 Gbps, ensuring flexibility for various deployment scenarios. Additionally, it offers the capability to expand by 12 ports on demand, utilizing 12 x 16 Gbps SW optics, facilitating growth as network requirements evolve. Key hardware specifications include: - Switching capacity of 384 Gbps, providing ample bandwidth for demanding applications and reducing bottlenecks in high-performance environments. - Low latency of 700 nanoseconds, ensuring swift data transfer and processing, critical for time-sensitive applications. - A maximum frame size of 2112 byte payload and 8192 dynamically allocated frame buffers, optimizing data transfer efficiency and network performance. Other notable features of the BR-6505 include: -
  • Hot Code Activation, allowing for firmware upgrades without disrupting network operations.
  • An enclosure designed with back-to-front airflow (port-side exhaust) and a standard 1U size for efficient cooling and easy rack mounting.
  • One USB port for management and firmware updates, enhancing usability and maintenance.
The switch dimensions are 437.64 mm in width, 43.18 mm in height, and 443.23 mm in depth, with a system weight of 7.82 kg with one power supply unit and without transceivers. The total weight increases to 9.16 kg when equipped with two power supply units, underscoring its lightweight design for a device of its capability. Operating within a temperature range of 0°C to 40°C and a humidity range of 10% to 85% (non-condensing), the BR-6505 is designed to function reliably in a wide range of data center environments. Its included rack mounts (fixed or mid-mount) provide flexibility for installation in various rack setups, catering to different data center designs. In summary, the Brocade BR-6505-24-16G-1R offers a blend of performance, scalability, and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking to deploy an entry-level SAN or edge switch. Its hardware specifications and expandability options ensure it can meet both current and future networking demands, making it a valuable asset for any data center.


Part Number and ManufacturerBrocade BR-6505-24-16G-1R
Configuration24 Ports, 16 Gbps SFPs, Single Power Supply, Enterprise Bundle Included
Usage ScenarioEntry-Level SAN, Edge Switch Implementation
Available Ports12, 24
Port Speeds Supported2, 4, 8, 16 Gbps
Port Expansion Option12 ports can be activated on demand; includes 12 x 16 Gbps short wavelength optics (XBR-SMED12POD-16G)
Hot Code ActivationSupported
Power Supply and CoolingOne integrated hot-swappable power supply and fan, optional redundancy (XBR-5100-0001)
Rack Mount OptionsFixed or Mid-Mount Kits Available
Intended UsersMidsize to small data centers using Brocade, Cisco, or QLogic switches with bandwidth ≤ 8 Gbps. Suitable for organizations virtualizing secondary or tertiary workloads or handling new workload types requiring SAN storage.
Switching Throughput384 Gbps
Latency700 ns
Rack Mounts AvailabilityYes, 1-RU size included
Maximum Frame Size2112-byte payload
Frame Buffers8192, dynamically allocated
USB Ports1
Airflow DesignEnclosure promotes back-to-front airflow (port-side exhaust), with power connectors at the rear, 1U height
Dimensions (W x H x D)437.64 mm x 43.18 mm x 443.23 mm (17.23 in x 1.7 in x 17.45 in)
Weight7.82 kg (17.25 lb) with one power supply unit, SFPs excluded. 9.16 kg (20.19 lb) with dual power supply units, SFPs excluded.
Operational EnvironmentTemperature range: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F), Humidity: 10% to 85%, non-condensing

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