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by Brocade
Product Line: Brocade NI-CER-2048C-AC
Product Type: Router
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Product Description

The NI-CER-2048C-AC is equipped with 48×1 GbE copper (RJ45) ports and includes four combination 100/1000 SFP ports for flexible connectivity. It features a 96 Gbps forwarding performance and a packet forwarding rate of 71 Mpps, supported by a 128 MB buffering capacity. This device operates with a single 500 W AC power supply, offers both internal AC or DC power options, and is designed with 1+1 power supply redundancy and M+N fan redundancy, ensuring reliability and efficient operation.

Key Feature for the NI-CER-2048C-AC

  • What are the port specifications of this networking device?
    The device features 48×1 GbE copper (RJ45) ports and four combination 100/1000 SFP ports.
  • How does the device handle power supply redundancy?
    It supports 1+1 power supply redundancy, allowing for continuous operation even if one power supply fails.
  • Can you detail the forwarding performance capabilities?
    The forwarding performance is 96 Gbps, and packet forwarding performance reaches 71 Mpps.
  • What are the buffering capabilities of the device?
    The device has a buffering capacity of 128 MB.
  • Is there an option for fan redundancy in this model?
    Yes, the device includes M+N fan redundancy, enhancing its reliability and uptime.
  • What are the maximum power consumption figures for AC and DC inputs?
    Both AC and DC power inputs have a maximum consumption of 240 Watts.
  • What thermal output can be expected from the device under maximum load?
    The maximum thermal output is 819 BTU/hour.
  • How are the device's dimensions described?
    The dimensions are 17.4 inches in width, 1.7 inches in height, and 17.6 inches in depth.
  • What environmental conditions can this networking device operate under?
    It operates in temperatures from 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F), with a relative humidity of 5% to 90% at 40°C (104°F), non-condensing. Non-operating conditions include temperatures from –25°C to 70°C (–13°F to 158°F) and up to 95% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing.
  • Does the device support 10 G uplinks?
    No, this device does not support 10 G uplinks.

Product Review

The Brocade NI-CER-2048C-AC offers a solid port density with 48×1 GbE copper ports and four 100/1000 SFP combination ports, suitable for environments requiring a high number of wired connections. However, the lack of 10 GbE uplink options limits its scalability for future network expansions that demand higher throughput. Additionally, while the device includes a single 500 W AC power supply with options for AC or DC power, the lack of standard power supply redundancy could pose a risk for critical network operations requiring uninterrupted power.


The Brocade NI-CER-2048C-AC is a comprehensive networking solution designed to cater to the demanding needs of modern data centers and enterprise networks. This device offers a high level of port density and performance capabilities in a compact form factor, making it an ideal choice for environments where space and efficiency are critical. At the core of its design, the NI-CER-2048C-AC features 48×1 GbE copper ports using the RJ45 interface, complemented by four combination ports that support both 100 and 1000 SFP modules. This array of ports ensures flexible connectivity options for a wide range of network devices and configurations. The inclusion of one 500 W AC power supply highlights the device's focus on providing reliable power under various operational conditions. The hardware is engineered to deliver forwarding performance up to 96 Gbps and a packet forwarding rate of 71 Mpps, backed by a 128 MB buffer. These specs ensure that the NI-CER-2048C-AC can handle high volumes of network traffic efficiently, maintaining optimal performance and minimizing latency across the network.
  • Power supply options are versatile, offering both internal AC and DC configurations, with a 1+1 redundancy to ensure continuous operation in case of a power supply failure.
  • Fan redundancy is implemented with an M+N scheme, ensuring cooling systems remain operational even if one unit fails, maintaining the hardware's integrity under various conditions.
  • Airflow is designed from front to back, optimizing cooling efficiency and supporting the device's deployment in a range of rack setups.
The maximum power consumption for both AC and DC inputs is rated at 240 Watts, with a thermal output of 819 BTU/hour. These figures are critical for planning the power and cooling requirements in the infrastructure where the NI-CER-2048C-AC will be deployed. Dimensionally, the unit measures 17.4 inches in width, 1.7 inches in height, and 17.6 inches in depth, making it a suitable fit for standard 19-inch racks. Its operating temperature range is 0°C to 40°C, with a non-operating range from –25°C to 70°C. Humidity tolerance is set at 5% to 90% at 40°C for operating conditions, ensuring reliability in various environmental conditions. The device can also operate up to an altitude of 10,000 ft, with non-operating tolerance reaching 15,000 ft. Despite its compact size and power efficiency, the NI-CER-2048C-AC does not support 10 G uplinks, focusing instead on offering robust Layer 2 capabilities. This focus makes the device particularly suited for environments where high-speed, gigabit connectivity is essential, but where the ultra-high-speed uplinks of 10 Gbps are not a requirement. Overall, the Brocade NI-CER-2048C-AC emerges as a powerful and flexible networking solution, designed to meet the needs of modern businesses requiring high port density, performance, and reliability in a space-efficient form factor.


Part Number and ManufacturerBrocade NI-CER-2048C-AC
Interface48×1 GbE RJ45 ports, plus 4×100/1000 SFP combo ports
Power Supply QuantityOne 500 W AC unit
Port Quantity48
Speed10/100/1000 Mbps
Combo Ports AvailabilityYes, 4 100/1000 SFP ports
Switching Capacity96 Gbps
Rate of Packet Forwarding71 Mpps
Memory Buffer128 MB
Power Supply OptionsAC or DC Internal
Redundancy for Power Supply1+1
Cooling RedundancyM+N
Cooling DirectionFront to back
AC Power Max Consumption240 Watts (100 to 240 V AC)
DC Power Max Consumption240 Watts
Maximum Heat Dissipation819 BTU/hour
Physical Dimensions17.4 in W × 1.7 in H × 17.6 in D (44.3 cm × 4.4 cm × 44.8 cm)
Operational Temperature Range0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature Range–25°C to 70°C (–13°F to 158°F)
Operational Humidity Range5% to 90% at 40°C (104°F), non-condensing
Storage Humidity RangeUp to 95%, non-condensing
Operational Altitude Limit10,000 ft (3048 m)
Storage Altitude Limit15,000 ft (4500 m)
10 GbE Uplink SupportNo
Layer 2 ServicesComprehensive

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