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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Cisco 3900 Series
Product Type: WAAS Bundle
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Product Description

The C3945-WAASX/K9 is equipped with 4GB DRAM, enhancing its performance for handling complex network tasks. This Cisco router supports advanced integration capabilities, tailored for scalable network architectures. It ensures efficient data processing and secure connectivity for enterprise applications.

FAQs for the C3945-WAASX/K9

  • What is the capacity of the memory upgrade compatible with my router?
    The memory upgrade available is 4GB DRAM.
  • How does installing more DRAM benefit my network device?
    Installing additional DRAM can enhance your device's performance, allowing it to handle more simultaneous connections and processes more efficiently.
  • Can I install the 4GB DRAM myself?
    Yes, the 4GB DRAM can be user-installed with proper instructions, though consulting the device manual or a professional is recommended to avoid damage.
  • Is the 4GB DRAM compatible with all routers?
    No, compatibility depends on the specific model and manufacturer. Please check your device's specifications or contact support to confirm compatibility.
  • What is the part number for the memory upgrade?
    The part number for the memory upgrade is 4GB DRAM.
  • Will upgrading to 4GB DRAM void my warranty?
    Upgrading your device with 4GB DRAM should not void the warranty, but it is advisable to check with the manufacturer's policy.
  • What are the technical specifications of the 4GB DRAM?
    The 4GB DRAM is designed for high-speed data processing and is compatible with select routers requiring DDR3 memory.
  • How do I know if my device needs a memory upgrade to 4GB DRAM?
    If your device struggles with slow performance or can't handle multiple applications smoothly, it might benefit from upgrading to 4GB DRAM.
  • Where can I purchase the 4GB DRAM upgrade?
    The 4GB DRAM upgrade is available through authorized hardware distributors and some online retailers.
  • What should I do if my device does not recognize the newly installed 4GB DRAM?
    Ensure the 4GB DRAM is correctly installed. If issues persist, consult the device's troubleshooting guide or contact customer support for assistance.

Product Review

The CISCO C3945-WAASX/K9, equipped with 4GB DRAM, delivers reliable performance for medium to large-sized network deployments. However, its higher power consumption and heat generation may require additional cooling solutions in densely packed racks. Its scalability and support for advanced network services are significant advantages, though the initial setup complexity might challenge less experienced users.


The CISCO C3945-WAASX/K9 is a highly capable integrated services router designed to provide secure, scalable, and flexible performance for large branch offices. It is part of Cisco's 3900 Series, known for delivering unmatched application services and processing power. This model comes equipped with 4GB DRAM, ensuring smooth operation and the ability to handle multiple applications simultaneously without compromise. At its core, the CISCO C3945-WAASX/K9 features three integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, offering high-speed connectivity and support for a wide range of network configurations. This allows for efficient data transfer and reliable connectivity essential for today's high-demand network environments. Additionally, the product includes two service module slots, providing flexibility for expansion and customization according to specific network requirements. This feature enables the integration of a wide range of services and applications directly into the router, enhancing its functionality and allowing for a tailored network solution. The router also boasts a SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) port, further extending its connectivity options. This port supports a variety of SFP modules, allowing for fiber optic and Ethernet connections, which are crucial for networks requiring high bandwidth and longer distance communication. Security is a paramount concern in networking, and the CISCO C3945-WAASX/K9 addresses this with its built-in security features. It includes an integrated threat defense capability, utilizing Cisco’s IOS Software to provide advanced security measures. These measures include firewall protection, intrusion prevention, and VPN (Virtual Private Network) capabilities, ensuring secure data transmission across the network. The device is engineered for high performance, capable of supporting high-capacity DSP (Digital Signal Processor) slots for voice and video services. This makes the CISCO C3945-WAASX/K9 an ideal solution for networks that require reliable voice, video, and data communication services. Its performance is further enhanced by the integration of Cisco’s Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) software, optimizing WAN (Wide Area Network) application performance and reducing bandwidth costs. Here are three key hardware specifications in bullet points: - 3 Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports: For high-speed connectivity and support for various network configurations. - 2 Service Module Slots: Offering flexibility for network expansion and customization. - Integrated SFP Port: Supports a variety of SFP modules for fiber optic and Ethernet connections. In summary, the CISCO C3945-WAASX/K9 is designed to meet the demands of large branch offices requiring high-speed connectivity, flexible network configurations, and advanced security and application services. With its 4GB DRAM, integrated Ethernet ports, service module slots, and SFP port, this router provides a scalable and secure platform for optimizing network performance and supporting critical business applications.


Item Number Brand Memory
C3945-WAASX/K9 CISCO 4 Gigabytes of Dynamic RAM

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