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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Catalyst 6880-X Series
Product Type: Chassis for Extensible Fixed Aggregation Switch
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Product Description

The C6880-X-LE Cisco delivers high-capacity networking with 128K MAC entries, 256K IPv4 routes, and support for up to 2.5M Netflow entries per system. It is engineered for performance, offering up to 300 Mpps IPv4 routing and 150 Mpps IPv6 routing, with hardware-assisted NAT and support for jumbo frames up to 9,216 bytes. The device accommodates extensive virtualization and quality of service with up to 8192 VRFs, 64K ACL entries, and 4K VLANs, making it suitable for complex, high-demand network environments.

FAQs for the C6880-X-LE

  • What is the maximum number of MAC entries supported?
    The maximum number of MAC entries supported is 128K.
  • How many IPv4 and IPv6 routes can be accommodated?
    The system can accommodate 256K IPv4 routes and 128K IPv6 routes.
  • Can you specify the ACL entries capacity?
    The ACL entries capacity is 64K, shared for QoS and security purposes.
  • What is the Netflow entries capacity per module slot and per system?
    Netflow entries capacity is 512K per module slot, with up to 2.5M per system.
  • How are multicast routes supported for IPv4 and IPv6?
    Multicast routes support is 128K for both IPv4 and IPv6.
  • What is the hardware routing capability for IPv4 and IPv6?
    IPv4 routing is up to 300 Mpps, and IPv6 routing is up to 150 Mpps in hardware.
  • What is the maximum size for jumbo frames?
    Jumbo frames are supported up to 9,216 bytes.
  • How many VLANs and bridge domains are supported?
    The system supports 4K VLANs and 16K bridge domains.
  • What are the capabilities for MPLS and VRFs?
    MPLS supports up to 8192 VRFs at 300 Mpps in hardware.
  • Does the system support hardware-assisted NAT?
    Yes, the system supports hardware-assisted NAT.

Product Review

The CISCO C6880-X-LE offers impressive performance capabilities, notably supporting up to 300 Mpps for IPv4 routing and 150 Mpps for IPv6, alongside hardware-assisted NAT, indicating strong throughput for diverse network traffic types. However, its onboard memory is limited to 2 GB, which might restrict performance under high-demand scenarios, and the ingress and egress buffering could be insufficient for certain high-throughput applications. Additionally, the switch's capability to handle up to 128K MAC entries, 256K IPv4 routes, and support for up to 8192 VRFs at 300 Mpps positions it well for large, complex network environments, yet the oversubscription rate of 2:1 in its default mode might not meet the needs of networks requiring maximum performance without compromise.


The CISCO C6880-X-LE is a high-capacity, scalable, and flexible networking solution designed to meet the needs of demanding enterprise and data center environments. It is engineered to support a wide range of applications and services, providing efficient and reliable network connectivity and performance. The device boasts a comprehensive set of hardware specifications that enable it to handle large volumes of data traffic with ease, supporting advanced networking features and protocols. Key hardware specifications of the CISCO C6880-X-LE include: - MAC Entries: The device supports up to 128K MAC entries, enabling it to efficiently manage and route a large number of devices connected to the network. - Routes: It offers support for up to 256K IPv4 routes and 128K IPv6 routes, ensuring broad compatibility and future-proofing for evolving network requirements. - ACL Entries: With 64K ACL entries shared for QoS/Security, the device provides robust security and traffic management capabilities. - Netflow Entries: The CISCO C6880-X-LE supports up to 512K Netflow entries per module slot, with a system capacity of up to 2.5M, allowing for detailed traffic analysis and monitoring. - Multicast Routes: It supports 128K IPv4 and IPv6 multicast routes, facilitating efficient distribution of data across the network. - IPv4 and IPv6 Routing: The device offers high-speed routing capabilities, with up to 300 Mpps for IPv4 routing and up to 150 Mpps for IPv6 routing in hardware. - Jumbo Frames: Support for jumbo frames up to 9,216 bytes enhances the efficiency of large data transfers across the network. - VLAN and Bridge Domains: The CISCO C6880-X-LE supports up to 4K VLANs and 16K bridge domains, providing flexibility in network segmentation and isolation. - MPLS: With support for up to 8192 VRFs at 300 Mpps, the device is well-equipped to handle complex routing scenarios and virtualized network services. - Logical Interfaces and EtherChannel Hash: The device supports up to 128K logical interfaces and utilizes an 8-bit EtherChannel hash for load balancing. - Additional Features: The CISCO C6880-X-LE also supports VPLs, GRE, and hardware-assisted NAT, enhancing its versatility in handling various network protocols and services. The device's memory and buffer capacities include 2GB of onboard memory, ingress buffers of 1.25MB per 10G port in 2:1 mode (or 2.5MB in 1:1 mode), and egress buffers of 24MB per 10G port in 2:1 mode (or 48MB in 1:1 mode). This ensures efficient handling of data traffic and minimizes latency. Furthermore, the CISCO C6880-X-LE features: - Oversubscription modes, allowing for either 16P 10G at 2:1 or 8P 10G at 1:1, providing flexibility in balancing performance and capacity. - Virtual Switching System (VSS) support, enabling the device to be part of a highly available and resilient network architecture. - EoMPLS Tunnels and VPN NetFlow support, expanding its capabilities in virtual network services and traffic analysis. - CPU Rate Limiters: The device includes 57 rate limiters, offering granular control over CPU resources and ensuring the network remains stable and responsive under various load conditions. With its comprehensive set of features and specifications, the CISCO C6880-X-LE stands out as a powerful and scalable solution for modern networking challenges, delivering high performance, reliability, and flexibility for enterprise and data center networks.


Part NumberCISCO C6880-X-LE
MAC Addresses Capacity128,000
IPv4 Routing Paths256,000
IPv6 Routing Paths128,000
ACL Size64,000 Entries, Shared between QoS and Security
Netflow Records512,000 per Slot, Maximum of 2.5 Million per Device
IPv4 Multicast Routes128,000
IPv6 Multicast Routes128,000
IPv4 Routing PerformanceUp to 300 Million Packets per Second
IPv6 Routing PerformanceUp to 150 Million Packets per Second
Support for Jumbo FramesUp to 9216 Bytes
Virtual LANs (VLANs)4000
Bridge Domains16,000
MPLS VRFsUp to 8192 at 300 Mpps
Logical Interfaces Count128,000
EtherChannel Load Balancing8-bit Hash
Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)Up to 150 Mpps
Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) PerformanceUp to 150 Mpps
NAT SupportAssisted by Hardware
Onboard RAM2 GB
Inbound Traffic Buffers1.25 MB per 10G Port in 2:1 Mode, 2.5 MB in 1:1 Mode
Outbound Traffic Buffers24 MB per 10G Port in 2:1 Mode, 48 MB in 1:1 Mode
Port Oversubscription Ratios16:1 in 2:1 Mode, 8:1 in 1:1 Mode for 10G Ports
Virtual Switching System (VSS) SupportYes
EoMPLS Tunnel Capacity16,000
VPN NetFlow CompatibilityYes
CPU Rate Limiting Mechanism57 Types

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