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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Catalyst 8300 Series
Product Type: Edge Platform
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Product Description

The Cisco C8300-1N1S-6T integrates Cisco IOS XE software version 17.3.2 and later, providing advanced networking capabilities. This unit features 8 GB DRAM and 16 GB SSD storage, supporting 1.75 Gbps SD-WAN IPsec throughput and up to 19.7 Gbps IPv4 forwarding throughput. It is equipped with 6 1 GE ports, can manage up to 1.6 million IPv4 routes, and supports 4000 IPsec SVTI tunnels, ensuring comprehensive connectivity and security for large-scale networks.

FAQs for the C8300-1N1S-6T

  • What software version does the device run?
    The device operates on Cisco IOS XE version 17.3.2 and later.
  • How many Service Module (SM) slots are available?
    There is 1 SM slot available.
  • Can you detail the network modules capability?
    It features 1 Network Module (NM) slot for expansion.
  • What is the rack unit height and WAN interface speed?
    The device occupies 1 rack unit and supports 1 G WAN speed.
  • How many 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports does the device have?
    There are 6 1 GE ports included.
  • What are the memory specifications?
    The device is equipped with 8 GB DRAM and a 16 GB SSD.
  • What is the SD-WAN IPsec throughput capability?
    SD-WAN IPsec throughput can reach up to 1.75 Gbps.
  • How many SD-WAN overlay tunnels can the device support?
    It can scale to support 6000 SD-WAN overlay tunnels.
  • What is the IPv4 forwarding rate?
    IPv4 forwarding throughput is up to 19.7 Gbps.
  • How many IPsec SVTI tunnels are supported?
    The device supports up to 4000 IPsec SVTI tunnels.

Product Review

The Cisco C8300-1N1S-6T offers impressive scalability and performance, capable of IPv4 forwarding at up to 19.7 Gbps, supporting up to 1.6 million IPv4 routes, and facilitating a maximum of 4,000 IPsec SVTI tunnels, making it suitable for large-scale deployments. However, its limitation to a single service module (SM) slot and network module (NM) slot may restrict expandability options for some applications. Additionally, the device's operational temperature range is limited to 0 °C to 40 °C, potentially posing challenges in environments with extreme temperature conditions.


The Cisco C8300-1N1S-6T is a versatile and high-performance networking solution designed to meet the demands of modern networks. This model comes equipped with the Cisco IOS XE 17.3.2 and later versions, ensuring compatibility with the latest software features and security updates. It is engineered to provide substantial throughput and capacity for various network applications, from basic office use to more demanding enterprise environments. At the core of the C8300-1N1S-6T's hardware specifications is its processing power and memory capabilities. The device is equipped with 8 GB of DRAM and a 16 GB SSD, providing sufficient memory and storage to handle complex routing tables and extensive logging. This combination ensures smooth operation and reliable performance under various network loads. Connectivity is a strong point for the C8300-1N1S-6T, offering six 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports. This allows for flexible deployment options and the ability to connect multiple devices directly to the router. Whether setting up a WAN connection or local network devices, this router can accommodate various configurations. The router also features: - One Service Module (SM) slot - One Network Module (NM) slot - Compatibility with 1 rack unit spaces, making it suitable for compact spaces without sacrificing performance. In terms of network performance, the C8300-1N1S-6T delivers impressive figures. Its SD-WAN IPsec throughput is rated at 1.75 Gbps, and it can scale up to 6000 SD-WAN overlay tunnels, accommodating large-scale deployments. IPv4 forwarding throughput can reach up to 19.7 Gbps, ensuring fast data transfer across the network. Additionally, the router supports 4000 IPsec SVTI tunnels and can manage 4000 access control lists (ACLs) per system, with 72,000 IPv4 Access Control Entries (ACEs) per system. The scalability of the C8300-1N1S-6T is highlighted by its ability to handle 1.6 million IPv4 routes and 1.5 million IPv6 routes, making it an excellent choice for networks with a large number of routing paths. It also supports 16,000 queues, 1.2 million NAT sessions, 512,000 firewall sessions, and 4000 Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) instances, offering extensive capabilities for traffic management and security. With dimensions of 1.73 x 17.50 x 16.25 inches and a chassis weight of 20 lbs (including power supplies and fan tray), the C8300-1N1S-6T is designed for easy integration into existing rack spaces. Its sound pressure level is measured at 49 dBA, indicating a relatively quiet operation suitable for office environments. The router operates within a temperature range of 0 °C to 40 °C and accepts input voltages of 85 to 264 VAC; -40 to 72 VDC, 48 VDC, accommodating various power supplies and conditions. The Cisco C8300-1N1S-6T is a powerful and scalable networking solution, offering robust hardware specifications and connectivity options for a wide range of applications. Its advanced features and performance metrics make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to upgrade or expand their network infrastructure.


Part Number and ManufacturerCisco C8300-1N1S-6T
Compatible SoftwareCisco IOS XE version 17.3.2 and subsequent versions
Service Module Slots1
Network Module Slots1
Height in Rack Units1U with support for 1 G WAN
Gigabit Ethernet Ports6
Memory8 GB DRAM
Storage16 GB SSD
SD-WAN IPsec Performance1.75 Gigabits per second
Maximum SD-WAN Tunnels6000
IPv4 Routing CapacityUp to 19.7 Gigabits per second
IPsec SVTI Tunnel Limit4000
System-wide ACL Capacity4000
IPv4 Access Control Entries72,000
IPv4 Routing Entries1.6 million
IPv6 Routing Entries1.5 million
Queue Count16,000
NAT Session Capacity1.2 million
Firewall Session Capacity512,000
Virtual Routing and Forwarding Instances4,000
Dimensions (H x W x D)1.73 x 17.50 x 16.25 inches
Weight of Chassis20 pounds (including power supplies and fan tray)
Audible Noise Level49 dBA
Supported Power Input85 to 264 VAC; -40 to 72 VDC, 48 VDC
Operational Temperature Range0 °C to 40 °C

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