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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series
Product Type: Supervisor Card
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Product Description

The C9600-SUP-1-WS features a system switching capacity of up to 9.6 Tbps and a per-slot capacity reaching 2.4 Tbps, powered by 3 UADP 3.0 ASICs, ensuring efficient data processing and forwarding at a rate of 3 Bpps. It is equipped with 16 GB DRAM and 16 GB Flash Memory, expandable with an SSD capacity of up to 960 GB, supporting extensive data storage and fast access. Networking capabilities are enhanced with support for up to 4,094 VLAN IDs, 1,000 PVST Instances, and advanced features like MACsec sessions up to 2,000 and NetFlow entries up to 384,000, housed in a compact size of 1.7 x 15.0 x 13.41 in.

FAQs for the C9600-SUP-1-WS

  • What is the maximum switching capacity of the system?
    The system's switching capacity can reach up to 9.6 Tbps.
  • How many ASICs does the part contain?
    It contains 3 UADP 3.0 ASICs.
  • What is the per-slot switching capacity?
    The per-slot switching capacity is up to 2.4 Tbps.
  • Can you specify the system's forwarding rate?
    The system has a forwarding rate of 3 Bpps.
  • What amount of DRAM is available?
    The system is equipped with 16 GB of DRAM.
  • How many VLAN IDs does the system support?
    It supports up to 4,094 VLAN IDs.
  • What is the capacity of the SSD?
    SSD capacity can be up to 960 GB.
  • How many IPv4 and IPv6 routes can the system handle?
    It can handle up to 256,000 IPv4 routes and 256,000 IPv6 routes.
  • What is the maximum number of MACsec sessions the system supports?
    The system supports up to 2,000 MACsec sessions.
  • What version of Cisco IOS XE does it run?
    It runs Cisco IOS XE version 16.11.1.

Product Review

The CISCO C9600-SUP-1-WS offers a high system switching capacity of up to 9.6 Tbps and per-slot capacity of 2.4 Tbps, supported by 3 UADP 3.0 ASICs, ensuring efficient handling of data throughputs in large-scale networks. With 16 GB of DRAM and flash memory each, plus scalable SSD capacity up to 960 GB, it provides ample storage and memory resources for complex network operations and configurations. However, despite its advanced features, the initial setup and configuration may present challenges for less experienced network engineers, given the device's comprehensive capabilities and options.


The CISCO C9600-SUP-1-WS is a high-capacity, advanced networking module designed to meet the needs of modern, high-demand network environments. It stands as a central component in the Cisco Catalyst 9600 Series, providing the processing power and intelligence required to manage complex data operations and ensure smooth, efficient network performance. With a system switching capacity of up to 9.6 Tbps, the CISCO C9600-SUP-1-WS is engineered to support the bandwidth requirements of extensive network infrastructures. This capacity is complemented by a per-slot switching capability of up to 2.4 Tbps, ensuring that each module within the chassis can handle high volumes of data traffic without bottlenecking. At the heart of its performance capabilities are 3 UADP 3.0 ASICs, which are pivotal in delivering a forwarding rate of 3 Bpps. This ensures rapid data processing and movement across the network, minimizing latency and enhancing the overall user experience. The module is equipped with 16 GB of DRAM and 16 GB of flash memory, providing ample space for operating system functions, applications, and temporary data storage. For more extensive storage needs, it supports an SSD capacity of up to 960 GB, offering flexibility for various network configurations and requirements.
  • VLAN IDs supported are up to 4,094, allowing for extensive network segmentation and improved security and efficiency.
  • It supports up to 1,000 PVST instances and 16,000 STP virtual ports, facilitating robust network design and redundancy to ensure continuous network availability.
  • The ability to handle jumbo frames of up to 9216 bytes enables the efficient handling of large data packets, reducing the need for fragmentation and improving throughput.
The CISCO C9600-SUP-1-WS can manage up to 128,000 MAC addresses, supporting large-scale network deployments. It also supports extensive routing capabilities with up to 256,000 IPv4 and IPv6 routes, allowing for complex network topologies and efficient data routing. In terms of security and network management, the module can accommodate up to 2,000 MACsec sessions, ensuring secure communication across the network. It also supports a significant number of NetFlow entries, up to 384,000, allowing for comprehensive network monitoring and analysis. The packet buffer of up to 108 MB ensures that the system can handle surges in data traffic, helping to prevent packet loss and maintain network performance. The device runs on Cisco IOS XE Version 16.11.1, a modern, flexible operating system that provides the foundation for current and future networking requirements. Measuring 1.7 x 15.0 x 13.41 inches, the CISCO C9600-SUP-1-WS is compact enough to fit into various network environments while providing the power and capability needed for high-performance networking tasks. Whether for enterprise, data center, or service provider networks, this module offers the scalability, security, and efficiency required to support today's network demands and tomorrow's growth.


Part Number and Manufacturer CISCO C9600-SUP-1-WS
Maximum Switching Capability 9.6 Terabits per second
Capacity per Slot 2.4 Terabits per second
Processing Units 3 UADP 3.0 ASICs
Data Processing Rate 3 Billion packets per second
Dynamic RAM 16 Gigabytes
Non-volatile Memory 16 Gigabytes
Solid-State Drive Storage Maximum 960 Gigabytes
Virtual LAN Identifiers 4,094 IDs
Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Instances 1,000 Instances
Spanning Tree Protocol Virtual Ports 16,000 Ports
Maximum Frame Size 9216 Bytes
Media Access Control Addresses Maximum 128,000
IPv4 Routing Entries Maximum 256,000
IPv6 Routing Entries Maximum 256,000
Address Resolution Protocol Entries Maximum 90,000
Neighbor Discovery Protocol Entries Maximum 128,000
IGMP/MLD Snooping Records Maximum 16,000
Multicast Routing Paths Maximum 32,000
Quality of Service Access Control Lists (IPv4/IPv6) Maximum 27,000/13,500
Generic Routing Encapsulation Tunnels Maximum 1,024
MACsec Security Sessions Maximum 2,000
NetFlow Monitoring Entries Maximum 384,000
Internal Packet Storage Maximum 108 Megabytes
Operating System Cisco IOS XE, Version 16.11.1
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 1.7 x 15.0 x 13.41 inches

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