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by Cisco
Product Line: Cisco Series
Product Type: Delivery Engine Base System
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Product Description

The CDE460-K9 CISCO is a voice/video/data server featuring a rack-mountable form factor of 4U with 36 ports and dual Intel 2.3 GHz processors installed. It supports Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet data link protocols and offers wired connectivity with a storage capacity of 108 TB across 36 hot-swap HDDs utilizing SAS interface. Key interfaces include 4 x 10GBase-X - SFP+, 1 x DB-9 serial, and 2 x 1000Base-T (management) - RJ-45, alongside 7 PCI expansion slots and dual hot-plug internal power supplies for enhanced scalability and management.

FAQs for the CDE460-K9

  • What is the maximum number of ports available on this device?
    The device supports up to 36 ports.
  • How many processors are installed in the device, and what type are they?
    There are 2 Intel 2.3 GHz processors installed.
  • Can the device be mounted in a rack, and if so, what is its form factor?
    Yes, the device is rack-mountable with a 4U form factor.
  • What types of data link protocols does this device support?
    It supports Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet protocols.
  • Is the connectivity technology of the device wired or wireless?
    The connectivity technology is wired.
  • How many expansion bays does the device have, and are any free?
    The device has 36 expansion bays, all of which are occupied.
  • What type of hard drive configuration does the device use?
    It uses a HDD Hot-Swap 108 TB x 36 - SAS configuration.
  • How many and what types of interfaces does the device offer?
    The device offers multiple interfaces: 4 x 10GBase-X - SFP+, 1 x serial - DB-9, 1 x remote management - RJ-45, 4 x USB - Type A, 2 x 1000Base-T (management) - RJ-45, and 1 x keyboard/mouse - DB-15.
  • What are the power specifications of the device?
    The power device is an internal power supply with hot-plug capability.
  • What is the device type and how many devices can be supported?
    The device is a voice/video/data server that can support up to 2 devices.

Product Review

The CISCO CDE460-K9 offers a high-capacity storage solution with its 108 TB HDD hot-swap feature across 36 bays, catering to extensive data needs. However, its form factor, occupying 4U in rack space, might be considered bulky for environments with limited physical space. With dual Intel 2.3 GHz processors and multiple connectivity options including 4x 10GBase-X SFP+ and 2x 1000Base-T for management, it supports high-speed data transfer and efficient network management, but the lack of available expansion slots with all seven occupied could limit future hardware upgrades.


The CISCO CDE460-K9 is a voice, video, and data server that serves as an essential component in modern computer networking environments. Designed for rack-mounting, it occupies 4U of rack space, making it a compact yet powerful solution for data centers and server rooms. This device is engineered to support a wide range of networking protocols including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet, ensuring compatibility with most network infrastructures. At the heart of the CISCO CDE460-K9 are two Intel processors, each running at 2.3 GHz. This dual-processor configuration provides the computational power needed to handle demanding network tasks efficiently. The server is equipped with a substantial 108 TB storage capacity, distributed across 36 hot-swap HDDs, each 3.5 inches in size. This hot-swap capability ensures minimal downtime, as drives can be replaced or upgraded without powering down the system. Connectivity is a strong point of the CDE460-K9, with a variety of interfaces designed to meet the diverse needs of network administrators. These include: - 4 x 10GBase-X ports via SFP+ for high-speed network connections. - 1 x serial port (DB-9) for local management. - 1 x remote management port (RJ-45), 4 x USB Type-A ports for external devices, and 2 x 1000Base-T ports (RJ-45) dedicated to management. - Additionally, there is 1 x keyboard/mouse port (DB-15), allowing for direct input devices to be connected. The device supports a total of 36 ports, with 2 already installed, and offers seven PCI expansion slots, all of which are currently occupied, providing ample room for network expansion and upgrades. Power management is handled by an internal, hot-plug power supply unit (PSU), capable of supporting up to two units. This redundancy is critical for maintaining network uptime, ensuring that the server remains operational even if one power supply fails. In summary, the CISCO CDE460-K9 is designed to meet the needs of enterprise-level networking with its high storage capacity, multiple connectivity options, and redundancy features. Its specifications include: - Support for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet protocols. - Dual Intel processors at 2.3 GHz for high performance. - 108 TB of hot-swap HDD storage. This server is an ideal choice for organizations looking to deploy a reliable, scalable, and high-capacity network server solution.


Part NumberCISCO CDE460-K9
Number of Ports36
Pre-installed Quantity2
Mounting TypeRack-mountable
Installed CPUs2 x Intel 2.3 GHz
Rack Size4U
Supported Network ProtocolsEthernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet
Networking TypeWired
Drive Bays Available36 total/ 0 free x external - 3.5" (8.9 cm)
Storage Configuration108 TB x 36 HDD Hot-Swap - SAS - 3.5" (8.9 cm)
Port Types4 x 10GBase-X - SFP+, 1 x serial - DB-9, 1 x remote management - RJ-45, 4 x USB - Type A, 2 x 1000Base-T (management) - RJ-45, 1 x keyboard/mouse - DB-15
Available Expansion Slots7 total/ 0 free x PCI
Power Supply TypeInternal power supply - Hot-Plug capable
Maximum Power Supplies2
Device CategoryServer for voice/video/data

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